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Lieberman Using Surge Resolution for Shady Politics

I almost laughed out loud this morning when my daily news sweep revealed McCain minions Senator Lindsay Graham and Senator Joseph Lieberman plan on introducing legislation that will praise the success of the surge (which happened in Iraq), as Lieberman put it, in a central front of the war on terror against the enemies who attacked America on 9/11/01.

Obvious Points of Contention

The obvious points of contention with such an imbecilic statement are as follows:

  • Al Qaeda operated out of Afghanistan, not Iraq. Hussein had no contact with Al Qaeda, according to THE PENTAGON. In other words, Afghanistan, not Iraq is the central front to the war on terror. Iraq was Bush’s war of choice, not war on terrorists.
  • The success of the surge is largely to do with the payoffs of the Sunni death militias and buying the loyalty of previous insurgents and enemies. The increase in troop levels would likely not have had as significantly a positive effect on the violence in Iraq without the influx of cash in violent areas. Where’s a Lieberman and Graham resolution celebrating paying off the enemy? Cause there’s your success in the reduction of violence.
  • The situation in Afghanistan has intensely devolved – a situation which might have been alleviated had the surge happened in the actual central front of the war on terror. Perhaps at this point, we wouldn’t have troops deaths in Afghanistan on the rise.

Ulterior Motives

I must, however, bring up another note that speaks to Lieberman and Graham’s ulterior motives for introducing such a resolution, which does not come from the bottom of their hearts and is not ultimately designed to praise the troops.

In recent days, McCain has stopped mention the surge’s success in every other sentence and criticizing Obama’s failure to recognize the strategy’s “accomplishment.” It wouldn’t be PC for Obama to forcefully interject the correct assertion that many other factors, especially bribes, have more to do with the improved situation in Iraq.

The resolution would force a vote in the Senate, calling on Obama to capitulate to the Republicans on their surge rhetoric, potentially offending the Democratic base, or avoiding the vote (I highly doubt he’d cast a Nay), opening himself up to a Republican-concocted media storm full of loaded missiles underhandedly referring to Obama’s lack of loyalty.

It’s clear the McCain Campaign, especially under the direction of Steve Schmidt, will leave no mud unslung in their attempt to wrench this election from Obama. I doubt this legislative strategy by Graham and Lieberman (sure…they came up with it themselves) will have any lasting negative effects on Obama should they succeed. Still, it reeks of the distaste yet to come as the days between now and the election dwindle.

Spineless Joe

On another note, I checked a number of Connecticut news sites and not a one of them had a note about these new tactics proffered by their shamed senator and his incorrect geographical assertions. Lieberman’s behavior and increasing lack of character almost makes me glad Gore didn’t win in 2000. What a complete lack of spine to switch parties mid-election simply to win. And ever since, Lieberman has felt extremely comfortable abdicating any appropriate political standards to stay relevant and on the national stage. And he could be our vice president right now! Yikes.

I hope the voters in Connecticut are paying attention even if their news is not. While we’ll have to put up with this politically ambiguous fall-for-anything, stand-for-nothing senator until 2012, at least he’ll be largely silenced after Obama wins and the Senate kicks him out of his chairmanship of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. That’s right. The chair of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security thinks the central front of the war on terror is in Iraq.

We need to start administering IQ tests to our national leaders. Anybody with me?

If you’d like to participate in the effort to encourage the Democratic Steering Committee to remove Lieberman from his chairmanship, visit

The Senate floor should serve as the stage solutions to the grave problems our country faces at this moment, not for shifty political strategies.

UPDATE: 08.04.08 Beautiful. Tom Brokaw asked Lieberman on Meet the Press yesterday if he was going to the Republican Convention. Lieberman predictably would not answer the question directly but intimated he would go. Before asking about the convention Brokaw suggested theĀ  next Democratic Caucus might be uncomfortable for Lieberman and brought up the website to him as well! The signatures on that website are increasing rapidly, which is so amusing to my inner political child. Click here if you’d like to read the transcript of yesterday’s show; or, if you just want to read Think Progress’s note on the show, click here.

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