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Rick Perry is a Schmuck of Infinitesimal Proportions

Normally, I wouldn’t give this shit-fer-brains Texas Blagojevich the time of day, but in the interest of my pride as a Texan, I have to comment on Perry’s lastest episode of cerebral diarrhea.

Admitting you live in a state that has elected (excuse me, reelected) Rick Perry as governor and whose senators are Kay Bailey-Hutchinson and John Cornyn must be like admitting you have herpes. While I have no cause to admit the latter, I imagine great scorn emitting from those who are audience to my admission.

perry-douchebagAnd now, with Governor Imbecile saying Texas might have to secede, it is vein-poppingly frustrating to watch the national media equate his statements with me. (Though I shouldn’t talk, having blamed Alaska numerous times for the immersion of Sarah Palin into the national spotlight). Ugh.

Dictator Perry

If Texas were to secede, Perry would try to turn this state into a dictatorship as he is the poster child of political hypocrites giving figurative blow jobs to the corporate industry for cash. In 2007, Perry tried to issue an executive order forcing schoolgirls across the state to be vaccinated with Gardasil. Now, it seemed a bit “conflict-of-interesty” that Merck, the maker of Gardasil, had contributed to Perry’s PAC and some of his staff was on their payroll. Hmm… Very odd.

So, one man, one stupid, megalomaniacal idiot presumes he can dictate the health care of the state’s children. And what is so illuminatingly funny about this episode in relation to his comments yesterday is that the bastard said (while speaking here in Fort Worth, gag me):

I believe it’s (the government) become oppressive in its size, its intrusion into the lives of its citizens..

What a dick!!

So, forcing girls to receive a vaccine that has had widespread, proven negative side effects on numerous females isn’t an intrusion by the government into the lives of its citizens. Risking our daughters’ health for money. He’s not just a dipshit, he’s unethical and immoral. Never before had I actually wished an incurable, acute case of dysentery on someone. Unfortunately, I discovered I had no magical powers of the cursing persuasion. Poo.

The executive order was rescinded after the legislature was threatening action and every rick-perry-merck1demographic of every political persuasion forged a collective anger that grew intensely threatening to the governor. Right wingers were afraid the vaccine would turn all our innocent girls into whores on Main Street and the left wing was seething at the thought of such a violation of civil liberties. I would have been picketing until my extremities bled had the order really gone into effect.

And the man is running for reelection in 2010. Yes, my blood pressure has a visceral reaction to a potential Perry victory.

However, certain realities allay my fears that we will once again see Perry carry the mantle of leadership in our red, but improving Lonestar State.

First, Kay Bailey-Hutchinson is running and will hopefully best the sonofabitch in the Republican primary. While I would normally oppose such a objectionable use of a vote, I may vote in the Repub primary for Kay just to help knock Perry on his keister.

Second, and this is awesome, every major county in Texas went Democrat on Nov. 4, 2008 – Harris County (Houston), Dallas County (obviously, Dallas), Travis County (Austin), Duval County (San Antonio), and El Paso County (um…El Paso). Now, of course, the election of Obama drew many minorities to the polls that don’t normally turn out to vote. Still, the tides may be a-changing here in Texas and Republicans better take notice. Perry doesn’t want to take much of the stimulus money available to us and his policies are all capitulations to big business, like Bush. How surprising.

We’re tired of it. We’re over it. It’s time for a new chapter. We do, however, need strong, worthy left candidates to stand up and those are in short order because the oil and gas industry has such a stronghold on electoral results.

And if you think Perry is a scourge just us Willie-listeners have to deal with, he has national ambitions. He wasn’t going to run for governor again because he threw his lot in early with Giuliani before the ’08 election, bidding for a VP spot on the national ticket. Well, everyone saw Mayor 9/11 implode last year and Perry had to turn to the governor race in 2010 to stay relevant. Now, he’s making outrageous comments, like the secession crap, to assert himself nationally. If you can imagine, I’m not wishing him the best. In fact, if he loses in 2010 – especially in the primary – there’s a good chance his influence will evaporate and he’ll be just another nightmare in the past like his predecessor, Bush The Unequaled Disaster. I’m crossing my fingers.

All The Way With Kay!!! (for primary purposes only, that is)


Rick Perry: Big Business Bitch

Rick Perry is by far one of the worst governors Texas has every seen for a myriad of reasons.

And now, by rejecting part of the federal stimulus money, Perry proves once again that he is ankle grabber prostrating himself ass-up to the wishes of big business. Who cares if the Texas unemployment fund could be operating at a deficit later this year?! Just like all these other no-solution right-wingers, he cares more for his electoral prospects than helping Texans through tough times.

Perry has never considered the interests of Texans over his own relations with big biz, whether its helping to fast-track the building of coal plants ahead of new environmental regulations or attempting to issue an executive order requiring the vaccination of pubescent girls with Gardasil – a medicine proven to have serious side effects in many recipients and made by a company who has given Perry money.

The man’s overdue for some “Texas Justice” and I’m not just talking about branding his ass (though, that’s worth considering as well).

I’m tempted to vote in the Republican primary next year for Kay Bailey Hutchinson even though I would never vote for her in the gubernatorial election – I just want Rick Perry out and I don’t have confidence in the intelligence of Texas voters to wake the hell up. Of course, voting against a candidate instead of for another violates my unwritten code of ethics, as does voting for douchebags. And there is hope – with Harris Country going blue in the last election, it’s a start.


Politicians: Corporatocracy Whores

It seems most politicians are members of three clubs: former big biz, lawyers, and academics. Of course, there are exceptions. Ron Paul, Bill Frist, Howard Dean, and Tom Coburn were also doctors. California offers up actors from time to time, and Jesus give us his peeps:  Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Mike Huckabee. Sarah Palin crawled out from under a rock in White Trashville, as will have Joe The Plumber when he undoubtedly attempts to run for some public office.

Maybe we need to take a closer look at where our politicians come from and what type of background offers the most successful selections. By successful, I don’t mean longest-serving or highest-ranking. I mean most effective, the politicians that benefited the American people the most.

In pondering this topic, the most pessimistic observation regarding the state of our government is that there is an undeniable rotating door between government and big business. As I’ve said, this is not a democracy, but a corporatocracy. Lobbyists and politicians are one and the same and this is true of both Republicans and Democrats.

Sure, this is a well-known reality. So, what could have triggered my need to blog on the topic today? Well…

On Morning Joe this a.m. Joe Scarborough, in his usual pithy tone of egotistical disgust and certitude, derided Obama who, just like Bernanke, Joe said, is a professor. They’re just professors. And this is true. But maybe, just maybe, it’s not a bad thing.

Yesterday, Robert Scheer pointed out in his Huffpo blog entry, Runaway Wallstreet, that Geithner’s choice for top aide is Mark Peterson, Goldman Sachs VP and lobbyist. “It was confirmation that Goldman Sachs runs the Treasury Department–no matter which party is in power.” He also sites The NYTimes’ “The Guys From ‘Government Sachs'”, which details Goldman alumni in the government – Paulson, of course, but also Joshua B. Bolten, Neel T. Kashkari, Robert Rubin, World Bank Pres. Robert Zoellick, New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine and a BUNCH, bunch more.

Goldman Sachs is one of the many Wall Street, financial institutions with a revolving door between itself and the Treasury Dept., the Fed, the SEC and more. What about Rahm Emanuel and Michael Bloomberg? And, most recently John McCain was greatly considering naming shamed former Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain – you know the one who spent $1.2 million redecorating his office – for his Treasury Secretary. How can our government be expected to enact the best policy when they are all big biz wankers who have no priority over increasing wealth among their ranks?

The financial industry isn’t the only extreme conflict of interest in the government. Remember Dick Cheney? Yes, that ex-Halliburton CEO called in major energy execs to help write the government’s energy policy. No wonder Bush thought Kyoto was a bad idea. No wonder Bush wouldn’t let California set high fuel emissions standards. No wonder Detroit refused to acknowledge the growing demand for greener autos. No wonder Halliburton, its subsidiaries, and other companies close to Bush & Cheney received no-bid contracts in Iraq worth billions while our underfunded military continued to fight wars on two fronts. Nothing new – former head of Enron Ken Lay would trip over himself licking the heals of Bush I, leaving little surprise that the company was able to get away with manipulating the California energy market before its bubble collapsed.

Where do you think Tom Daschle went after his senate career? Yeah, a lobbying firm with clients in the health care sector. He would have made a great health care secretary. No conflict there. And you know how recruited him? Bob Dole. Even Bill Frist went to work for a health care investment firm after leaving the senate.

And there’s always a new crop of big biz lackeys knocking at the door all the time: Mitt Romney, Carly Fiorina, and  Meg Whitman are biding their time, waiting to make their big break on the national circuit. But it’s not just the politicians – it’s their spouses, their children, congressional aides, government inspectors for the FDA, SEC, CDC and more – everyone around these politicians are in bed with lobbying firms and corporations. Lower level government employees, eying big dollar jobs in the private sector, push their bosses toward pro-biz legislation and deregulation. The mainstream media, dependent on sponsor dollar, rarely publicize the siamese twins our government and big business have become.

And the American people suffer for it. In Texas, Gov. Rick Perry mandated the vaccination of teenage girls with Gardasil – interesting because of his ties to Gardasil’s maker, Merck. The governor thinks he can issue executive orders regarding the health of our children, ordering them to take a new drug with multiple questions regarding its side effects. The man should be jailed. He also tried to rush the building of coal plants before new “clean coal” (cough, cough lie) regulations were put in place. Yeah, we got a winner down here in Texas. Hey Perry – this isn’t a fucking autocracy! Asshole.

Now, sure most of the Democratic politicians are lawyers  – funny how they want to study law before becoming professional legislators. And many other government participants are academics. The main attack line against these people – and we heard it quite a bit this last election – is that they never ran anything. Somehow the recent big biz execs are winning elections to become today’s politicians on platforms that they were in charge in the business sector. And the last eight years have been the most pro-biz in recent history. Do you see what I’m getting at?

Maybe before we jump to criticize these professors and lawyers, we should take a look at how well the big biz peeps fared. Last I looked, our civil liberties were greatly reduced, we spent far more on a war sold with lies than we did on education the children of our country, a credit bubble formed and popped, health care costs became astronomical, unaffordable and the leading cause of bankruptcy, speculation drove oil & gas prices sky high and unemployment reached record levels.

At least the top 400 richest people doubled their wealth while Bush was president. The poverty sector grew by leaps and bounds, but who cares about those people? We have a corporatocracy on our hands and until we establish policy on data, information, evidence and reality and leave ideology and theory in the books where they belong, we will continue to suffocate the middle class. And without a healthy middle class, a healthy American economy cannot exist. The idea of a free market has become a joke, a myth. There’s nothing free about our market. It’s very, very expensive. And it’s not the rich who are paying for it.


Let’s Talk Scott McClellan

I waited to comment on the whole Benedict McClellan issue until I seen a few of his interviews and how the media reacted and, I have to say, I’m disappointed in our journalistic brethren – but when am I not, really? He’ll be on Hardball later today and I’ll watch that without expectation that Chris Matthews will somehow cunningly extract new revelations from our little Texas pudge muffin.

scott mcclellan

One of the most important, yet eentzy facts when addressing What Happened? has only reached my ears once amid the media and political brouhaha the book has stirred. He repeatedly says he’s from a political family and, as a Texas resident, allow me to offer you a little history. His mother is Carol Keeton Strayhorn, a well-known politician in our state having served as first female mayor of state capital Austin, state comptroller of public accounts, as well as the first woman on the Texas Railroad Commission (which largely regulates the oil and gas industry) and, lastly, having run for governor in our last election. She started out as a Democrat (most rural Oklahomans and Texans are old-school Democrats from the times before the parties swapped demographics decades ago), but caught up with the times and became Republican in the 80’s. Recently, she opted to break from the state Republican party, who currently suckles at the teat of Gov. Rick Perry (Bush’s Lt. Governor and arguably one of the worst governors in TX history) and register her gubernatorial campaign under the Independent banner. She claimed she wanted to set partisan politics aside. Now we’ve been hearing that theme from her son as one of the main reasons he served Bush and continued to serve Bush while disagreeing with him on weighted issues such as the war of choice that has developed into the quagmire of Iraq.

carole keeton strayhorn

I’m not questioning the sincerity of their claims of detestation of the partisan politics – in fact, I’m glad to see long-established Republicans breaking from the good ‘ol boy system we have in Texas. However, those in search of an understanding of the motivations behind What Happened? as well as McClellan’s seemingly openness to an Obama vote must look to his status as mamma’s boy, rather than as former press secretary for Bush.

keeton-mclellan celebration

(that’s scott on the left – found the photo in The Austin Chronicle)

One of the assertions I have found helpful in my few efforts to understand Scott McClellan is that he was misused as press secretary and simply wasn’t a good candidate for the position. I concur. Having watched many of his press conferences, his inability to communicate effectively with the press corps and adversarial relationship with it made it painful to watch as he inartfully dodged question after question. Robert Draper, author of Dead Certain (I’ll submit a review of this book soon), characterized Scott McClellan as, “looking like nothing so much as a terrified if well-fed koala bear as he peered out from behind the press room podium and recited his message lines as if at gunpoint.”

While it is true the administration simply used the position of press secretary as merely a buffer from the intrusion of the media and not as a way to effectively reach the American people, Scott still clearly misunderstood the priority of the podium. He repeatedly, almost certainly, used plausible deniability as a justification not to push for information from the administration and clearly underestimated his responsibility as message-deliverer. While he states in his book that Bush convinces himself of whatever he needs to in order to stick to his guns, Scott obviously did so as well.

The mere fact that there is so much “pot calling the kettle black” in this book is quite unsettling. Also, upon hearing the style of speech and grammatical mistakes in McClellan’s interviews, I am almost positive he used a ghostwriter as the quotations I’ve read from the book are incredibly poignant and well-written. Many people write much better than they speak (especially with the help of an editor) and it is not a huge deal to use a ghostwriter, but it is an issue I think he should address in his media campaign. While many of these memoirs use ghostwriters, I doubt Dee Dee Myers, George Stephanopolous, Doug Feith or Ari Fleischer relied so heavily on someone else’s pen. As a writer, I feel this makes a difference in the sincerity of the book.

I do agree that Scott McClellan should have had the fortitude of character to leave the administration, or raise his voice, if he felt so out-of-step with the direction toward warfare Bush and Cheney so vehemently veered. Having not done so, the publishing of his critical memoir before the exit of Bush (and I’m no fan of the guy) is questionable. Obviously, he’s angry about the whole Plame debacle, as well he should be. But his memoir delivers no new evidence of the wrong-doings by the snakes in the White House. It’s simply a case of too little, too late, bubba. Anti-climactic and irrelevant.

The reaction out of the administration and its former members is so paltry and fake, however, it only lends credence to the memoir itself. Even those no longer in the employ of the administration stuck to the set talking points so deliberately, they should have just put Perino’s comments on replay. The reaction, no doubt planned during the month the White House had access to the memoir before its existence was leaked, only issued meager character assassinations of Scott rather than refuted a single fact in the book. Gag.

The subject is a tired one and won’t remain in the top news categories much longer, if it still is. I have no idea where Scott goes from here besides aiding his mother’s possible run for Austin mayor next year. It’s still undecided if he’d be an asset to anybody at this point.

I suppose I’m glad Scott decided to write openly about his misgivings during his tenure in the Bush administration. Better late than never. This however, shouldn’t be a celebration for us lefties, but more a sad realization that the plague of acquiescence in the government during run up to the Iraq War has cost hundreds of thousands of lives, untold collateral damages as illustrated in the rise of commodity prices, and should never, ever be duplicated by anybody in the government or military claiming to have a spine and the ability to reason.


Rick Perry – Sayonara, Jackass!

My favorite moment watching the Florida primary unfold was a short media clip showing TX Gov. Rick Perry give Guiliani and introduction on the day he was so lose his biggest political bet. Perry endorsed Giuliani back in October when Giuliani was still the inevitable Republican nominee. The early endorsement was an unabashed attempt by arguably Texas’ worst governor to throw his name into the hat of Vice President candidates.

Oh what a difference a day and disastrous political strategy makes!

As politically cartoonish and empty as Romney, Perry has committed enough blunders that would seemingly eliminate him from such national political echelons.

A smidgen of the blunders Mr. Veto himself has committed: issuing a governor’s mandate requiring girls to receive the HPV vaccination while former members of his staff worked for the vaccination’s producer, Merck, and the company had donated money to Perry AND trying [and failing] to fast track the permitting process for the building of coal plants before the application of stricter environmental restrictions, receiving donations from “interests associated with the projects“.

Well, now Perry’s horse is out of the race and, hopefully, any avenues for his political advancement die their rightful death. Of course he’ll be looking for that next opportunity to enhance his power portfolio and the next donation dollar for which he will undoubtedly perform “services.”

Personally, I wish Romney and Perry would simply be banished to Old Spice or Just For Men commercials where they belong.

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