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Meredith VETO: Blanket Statements by Politicians About the American People

It’s been a while since I’ve issued a Meredith VETO, but I’ve come to notice one phrased used by many a politician or politician commentator: “Americans think” or “Americans want” or “Americans feel.” Americans this, Americans that! Stop the madness!

I disagree with quite a few of my fellow Americans on quite a few issues and I know they disagree with me (when the jackasses comment on my blog. kidding!). When a politician bunches together a population which is commonly in discord and brandishes us as a verbal missile with which to pulverize political opposition, I take exception. The person usually making the statement is claiming “America” thinks or feels or demands something I am totally against and, many times, the majority of Americans are against.

Unless you’re talking about someone named America, stating cited poll numbers or an easily recognizable demographic observation – stop lumping Americans together. Start saying “many Americans” – even “most Americans” would be better.

Politicians forget that we’re not the dumb little kid sitting on the curb, easily bribed by ice cream and don’t know what you’re saying when you spell out words (i-g-n-o-r-a-m-u-s). We are in the game and paying attention as much as the blowhards on radio and TV or corporatocracy bitches in Washington. When you hear someone use the broad stroke of “Americans” improperly, it has the awkward feeling of hearing someone talk about what a cunt you are behind your back.

So, in conclusion: Americans are different. Americans disagree. Americans are not one contiguous borg marching in lockstep into some benign asshole’s ideological black hole… Those are Republicans.



While I have never issued a sympathetic MEREDITH VETO, when my husband was being driven nuts by the media’s continual reference to “red meat,” meaning “substantive attack,” I decided I could make an exception.

First of all, it’s just nasty. The visual image of raw, bloody flesh being hurled by speakers is obviously grotesque on any level.

Secondly, and most importantly, I’ll openly admit I have a dirty mind, while most people keep it to themselves. As a result, each mention of “red meat” immediately goes through a translator in my brain and comes out “penis” or “wiener.”

So, when ever a commentator on any of the networks (they all use the term) says, “She was really giving the red meat to the crowd!” or “He had no red meat in his speech,” I immediately hear, “She was really giving the wiener to the crowd!” or “He had no penis in his speech!”

You know you think it too.

I know they want to use colorful language, but I vote for sticking with “substance.”

Okay. I just looked up synonyms for “substance” and “meat” was listed. I might be out-voted on this one.

But it’s still distracting. So it gets a PENIS! I mean a VETO!


MEREDITH VETO: Comparing the Obamas to the Huxtables

I cannot believe it is already time for another MEREDITH VETO! But, people, I cannot sit silent while an inane and cheesy analogy is bantered about incessantly by the talking heads comparing the Democratic first family hopefuls to a fictional sitcom family.

It’s easy to understand why the comparison is drawn: the first potential black family in the White House and the first successful black family on television. I get it. I’m not retarded.

But how generic! How Kraft cheese or vanilla ice cream or khaki pants! Every time there’s a successful black person or family making headlines, the inevitable Huxtable metaphor is cheaply brought up once again. Yawn. The sitcom went off the air in the early 90’s and you guys have the commentating creativity of a pea.

Not every successful black man is Bill Cosby, so expand your minds and stop pigeon-holing an entire race of people.

Okay, now I can get off my soapbox.

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