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Republicans, Adultery and Hypocrisy AGAIN

Politicians need to stop criticizing each other for having affairs. You know the ones who protest the loudest are in the back room boning their secretary or their friend’s wife or some prostitute when they’re not in front of their precious cameras.

And I really don’t think having an affair makes you a bad legislator or should immediately designate your pink slip.

But, for chrissakes, Republicans! All the bastions of morality who spewed faux indignation after Clinton’s Cigar Adventures with Lewinsky are, one-by-one, revealing themselves card-carrying members of the Scarlet H club – Hypocrites.

Sanctity of marriage, my ass. Newt Gingrich, Larry Craig, David Vitter and now John Ensign have all emerged as pathetic boobs committing the same sins for which they’ve ordered others’ political executions.

Furthermore, these are all men (old and white) who have called for the preservation of the their version of marriage and would keep same-sex marriage from being legal. Yet, they grind their own marriages to a pulp. How they think adultery should remain legal while same-sex marriage not, according to their own logic and dogma, is beyond explanation.

It is always the Christians, always the right wingers, the Sarah Palins, the Carrie Prejeans and now the John Ensigns who make the Religious Right-Wing Hypocrites-R-Us Party so unpalatable. They hold everyone else to a standard they themselves cannot meet.

Every week, another of my Republican friends (mostly white and 30) tell me they are abandoning the Red Party and heading over to the Libertarians. And you can thank, in large part, the never-ending, vomit-inducing mountain of hypocrisy that eminates from the right side of the aisle. It’s beyond grotesque.


Fun and Interesting News

  1. I could not tear myself away from the Clemens/McNamee hearings today! And I had a lot of shit to do! While never a big fan of soap operas, I’m sure those hearings would beat out General Hospital for a daytime Emmy with those satisfying fireworks. As a Longhorn and former Houstonian, it was bit of a punch in the gut to hear Clemens named in the Mitchell Report and to see his incredible (as in, not-credible) behavior subsequently. While I doubt perjury charges will go all the way (and Clemens would sooooo be the husband in a prison cell if they ever did), Rog is lying like a mofo. Buh-Bye. You suck.
  2. According to Think Progress, Goober Bush’s fiscal year 2009 budget is insanely high. Do we need more proof that Repubs have abandoned the fiscally conservative ship? If that’s a priority for voting Republican, many a head needs to be pulled out of many an ass.
  3. The Senate admonished Larry Craig today for “men’s room incident” as MSNBC calls it. Wow, that took soooooo long for no reason. And he’s still a senator. And he’s still creepy creeperson. Come on, you either committed the crime of disorderly conduct (and while sex in the bathroom is nasty, it’s not nearly as bad as pretending to be hetero so you can be a senator from Idaho and attack B.Clinton for getting his goodies off) or you committed the crime of pleading guilty when you were actually innocent. Either way, you committed a CRIME. And you’re still a SENATOR. Makes me want to move to Fiji and wear a sarong. BTW, has anyone noticed that most of the congresspeople convicted of a crime are Repubs?? Or is that just me?
  4. Too bad Romney dropped out of the race before he could really launch into McCain‘s record of flip-flopping (Bush tax-cuts, immigration, etc.) – an argument to which I really looked forward. Well, his holier-than-thou declarations during past Republican debates that waterboarding is torture and should never be used to collect intelligence were simple, hollow slurs of a drunken man. Drunken with desire to be president! He voted no, that’s N. O. Feb. 12 to ban (as in NOT USE) the use of waterboarding and other “harsh interrogation methods” by the CIA. It would take a miracle of biblical proportions (and I’m not even christian) for the Repubs to win the election, but his action today is lubing the already-slick road to the presidency for the Dems like a prostitute on the Vegas Strip!
  5. Kudos to Steven Spielberg for relinquishing his post as artistic advisor to the 2008 Beijing Olympics in response to China’s involvement in the relentless and brutal violence in the North African country of Sudan. Now, I had harbored a undiminished resentment toward Steve-O for leaving Amy Irving for Kate Capshaw back in the 80’s, but this certainly raises his honor capital with moi.
  6. Fun!!! The Feb. 24 CNN Democratic Debate will be held at the Univ. of Texas inside the LBJ Auditorium. Hook ’em.
  7. AND, last but not least, if you like real news and hate funny, sometimes a little mean news (why the hell are you reading this blog?), then look away cause this 23/6 post on the Huffington Post is frigging hysterical, “Inappropriate Hottie Rundown: Prominent and/or Pimped-out Children of Presidential Candidates. I laughed so hard, I almost coughed up a lung – those writers are talented!! For real, read it.

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