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Politicians: Corporatocracy Whores

It seems most politicians are members of three clubs: former big biz, lawyers, and academics. Of course, there are exceptions. Ron Paul, Bill Frist, Howard Dean, and Tom Coburn were also doctors. California offers up actors from time to time, and Jesus give us his peeps:  Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Mike Huckabee. Sarah Palin crawled out from under a rock in White Trashville, as will have Joe The Plumber when he undoubtedly attempts to run for some public office.

Maybe we need to take a closer look at where our politicians come from and what type of background offers the most successful selections. By successful, I don’t mean longest-serving or highest-ranking. I mean most effective, the politicians that benefited the American people the most.

In pondering this topic, the most pessimistic observation regarding the state of our government is that there is an undeniable rotating door between government and big business. As I’ve said, this is not a democracy, but a corporatocracy. Lobbyists and politicians are one and the same and this is true of both Republicans and Democrats.

Sure, this is a well-known reality. So, what could have triggered my need to blog on the topic today? Well…

On Morning Joe this a.m. Joe Scarborough, in his usual pithy tone of egotistical disgust and certitude, derided Obama who, just like Bernanke, Joe said, is a professor. They’re just professors. And this is true. But maybe, just maybe, it’s not a bad thing.

Yesterday, Robert Scheer pointed out in his Huffpo blog entry, Runaway Wallstreet, that Geithner’s choice for top aide is Mark Peterson, Goldman Sachs VP and lobbyist. “It was confirmation that Goldman Sachs runs the Treasury Department–no matter which party is in power.” He also sites The NYTimes’ “The Guys From ‘Government Sachs'”, which details Goldman alumni in the government – Paulson, of course, but also Joshua B. Bolten, Neel T. Kashkari, Robert Rubin, World Bank Pres. Robert Zoellick, New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine and a BUNCH, bunch more.

Goldman Sachs is one of the many Wall Street, financial institutions with a revolving door between itself and the Treasury Dept., the Fed, the SEC and more. What about Rahm Emanuel and Michael Bloomberg? And, most recently John McCain was greatly considering naming shamed former Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain – you know the one who spent $1.2 million redecorating his office – for his Treasury Secretary. How can our government be expected to enact the best policy when they are all big biz wankers who have no priority over increasing wealth among their ranks?

The financial industry isn’t the only extreme conflict of interest in the government. Remember Dick Cheney? Yes, that ex-Halliburton CEO called in major energy execs to help write the government’s energy policy. No wonder Bush thought Kyoto was a bad idea. No wonder Bush wouldn’t let California set high fuel emissions standards. No wonder Detroit refused to acknowledge the growing demand for greener autos. No wonder Halliburton, its subsidiaries, and other companies close to Bush & Cheney received no-bid contracts in Iraq worth billions while our underfunded military continued to fight wars on two fronts. Nothing new – former head of Enron Ken Lay would trip over himself licking the heals of Bush I, leaving little surprise that the company was able to get away with manipulating the California energy market before its bubble collapsed.

Where do you think Tom Daschle went after his senate career? Yeah, a lobbying firm with clients in the health care sector. He would have made a great health care secretary. No conflict there. And you know how recruited him? Bob Dole. Even Bill Frist went to work for a health care investment firm after leaving the senate.

And there’s always a new crop of big biz lackeys knocking at the door all the time: Mitt Romney, Carly Fiorina, and  Meg Whitman are biding their time, waiting to make their big break on the national circuit. But it’s not just the politicians – it’s their spouses, their children, congressional aides, government inspectors for the FDA, SEC, CDC and more – everyone around these politicians are in bed with lobbying firms and corporations. Lower level government employees, eying big dollar jobs in the private sector, push their bosses toward pro-biz legislation and deregulation. The mainstream media, dependent on sponsor dollar, rarely publicize the siamese twins our government and big business have become.

And the American people suffer for it. In Texas, Gov. Rick Perry mandated the vaccination of teenage girls with Gardasil – interesting because of his ties to Gardasil’s maker, Merck. The governor thinks he can issue executive orders regarding the health of our children, ordering them to take a new drug with multiple questions regarding its side effects. The man should be jailed. He also tried to rush the building of coal plants before new “clean coal” (cough, cough lie) regulations were put in place. Yeah, we got a winner down here in Texas. Hey Perry – this isn’t a fucking autocracy! Asshole.

Now, sure most of the Democratic politicians are lawyers  – funny how they want to study law before becoming professional legislators. And many other government participants are academics. The main attack line against these people – and we heard it quite a bit this last election – is that they never ran anything. Somehow the recent big biz execs are winning elections to become today’s politicians on platforms that they were in charge in the business sector. And the last eight years have been the most pro-biz in recent history. Do you see what I’m getting at?

Maybe before we jump to criticize these professors and lawyers, we should take a look at how well the big biz peeps fared. Last I looked, our civil liberties were greatly reduced, we spent far more on a war sold with lies than we did on education the children of our country, a credit bubble formed and popped, health care costs became astronomical, unaffordable and the leading cause of bankruptcy, speculation drove oil & gas prices sky high and unemployment reached record levels.

At least the top 400 richest people doubled their wealth while Bush was president. The poverty sector grew by leaps and bounds, but who cares about those people? We have a corporatocracy on our hands and until we establish policy on data, information, evidence and reality and leave ideology and theory in the books where they belong, we will continue to suffocate the middle class. And without a healthy middle class, a healthy American economy cannot exist. The idea of a free market has become a joke, a myth. There’s nothing free about our market. It’s very, very expensive. And it’s not the rich who are paying for it.


McCain ’08 Campaign Obituary

In 3 1/2 months, the 24-hour cable news channels, the major newspapers, the sea of blog-happy political junkies and basically every Republican voter will be speculating ceaselessly over “what went wrong” with the McCain Campaign. Remember the week of rehash after rehash of Rudy Giuliani’s failed primary strategy skipping Iowa and New Hampshire? Remember all the talk of Hillary hitting her stride too little, too late? That’s what we’ll be going through just as soon as the election returns present a modicum of decisiveness on that first Tuesday in November. This time, the focus of all the pity, all the shoulda-woulda-couldas, all the tsk-tsks will be McCain and the campaign managers he bet his lot on.

Presently, the McCain campaign is ridiculously painful to watch – he has become the Britney Spears of presidential nominee trainwrecks, complete with a tawdry adulterous past the press and leftie-527’s have graciously left outside of their coverage – if for no other reason than that they haven’t needed it. In much the same way Britney chomped on her gum and cried over her treatment by the paparazzi (despite having courted those very photographers while in search of Madonna-esque pop fame), McCain – through his surrogates – stomps his feet and shamelessly whines over a media lack of concern that is only seen by those who want to see it.

It is already clear this Grand Old Candidate and his crippled elephants will lay the blame at the feet of everyone but those with scarlet “M”s on their chests. The question, however, of the day seems to be “Is McCain even capable of presenting the political passion and potential even us lefties once worried would challenge our chosen candidate?” Well, that’s my question.

To be clear, despite his Mav reputation, his presidential hopes seemed DOA last year. And, yet, miraculously enough – he pulled off a primary victory; though it is still unclear whether he would be representing the Right had Giuliani not perpetrated one of the worst political fumbles in recent history.

In truth, I was hoping McCain would bring it home on that side of the aisle. Of all the Repub candidates, McCain – incorrectly or not – seemed to have a shred of character the other front runners lacked. My husband and I gave serious consideration to moving abroad if Romney or Huckabee clenched any shadow of success.

Perhaps I was being naive, but I truly thought he would give the Democratic nominee a run for their money. Sure, with this political atmosphere, almost ANY Democrat could beat a Republican – Hell, I’d put my 7 year-old Quaker nephew up against any of those pretend “limited government” schmoes – but this ain’t McCain’s first rodeo. And despite the fact that he’s separated from much of the team he worked with in the past, I thought the septuagenarian would be primed for this contest. But, it is unendingly surprising what a terrible candidate John McCain has turned out to be for the Republicans.

And, dammit, I’ll say it: Romney would have been an exponentially better candidate (speaking in a politically scientific manner). Even with all of Romney’s hollowness and cheap mix of flip-flopping and pandering, he would have been new, hopeful and, at the very least, coherent.

But here we are and, face it, Republicans, you have hit the motherload of crappy campaign candidates.

They would have lost in November anyway, but at least Republican hopes would still be alive at this point in the game. With McCan’t, all the Republicans in my vicinity (which is quite a bit, being in Fort Worth) reluctantly sigh that it looks like Obama’s gonna win. And they’re right.

The first sign that McCain wasn’t up to snuff was his failure to take advantage of the lengthy Democratic primary. Instead of presenting a litany of hopeful ideas, solutions and alternatives to the reality presented to the American people by Bush, he cozied up to our failed leader in a predictably bungled effort to curry favor with evangelists and Bush family donors.

Though it was difficult to compete with the press and voter obsession of the duke-out between Hillary and Obama, McCain didn’t even try to be a transcendent page-turner. With a plethora of problems assaulting the assumed American way of life – housing crisis, decreasing dollar, increasing gas prices, attack on civil liberties, growing concern for the environment, disapproval of the Iraq War – McCain’s answer was nada, nada, nada, nada AND nada. Without exaggeration, McCain had every opportunity in the world to own the forefront of the presidential race.

Instead, his focus was in the rear view mirror – the 2000 loss to Bush (sign Rove up even after all his evil shenanigans), the lack of command of the evangelical base (even with his pro-life stance) and his stubborn refusal to cede national security to the economy as the most important issue of the campaign.

This past week, more than any other before it, has brought to the surface McCain’s inefficacy and inability to present a galvanizing and motivating political force. The obvious geographical and historical gaffes need no explanation. Certain realities should be so inherent in a presidential nominee’s subconscious, one should NOT say “Iraq/Pakistan border.” Nor should they mistake the chronology of the single subject upon which they are basing their credentials.

And, worst of all, at a time when his opponent is out of the country and he has been served on a silver platter an unchallenged opening to present a unique, original and energizing plan to take this country beyond the reality before us and heal the deep wounds wrought by Bush and Cheney, he and his campaign resort to nitpicking at Obama’s heels and pettily chant “I was right. He was wrong.” about a topic Americans relegated to “who cares?” a long time ago.

At this point, surge, surge, surge is to McCain as 9/11, 9/11, 9/11 was to Giuliani. And none of us believe – including the least informed of Repubs – that he authored the surge; so his incessant claiming of credibility for the strategy is old, stale and distasteful. At least he’s off the teleprompters that just ruin any ability for the audience to perceive McCain as vibrant and presidential.

McCain is over. So over a VP announcement can’t save this clusterfuck. Even if it is Old Spice Romney. Ain’t nothin gonna help this political Titanic. The Convention in LarryCraigSexInABathroom Headquarters of Minnesota won’t even provide a blip on the electoral poll radar. And, let me let you in on a little secret. When polls routinely suggest that Obama is only 6 points ahead of McCain, they are not polling just REGISTERED VOTERS or those likely to vote. Merely polling Americans of voting age does not provide a proper sample upon which to base candidates’ likelihood of success. It’s easy to SAY you’d vote for McCain, but to actually do it is a different thing altogether. He’s done. I’d say stick a fork in him, but I don’t know that he’d survive it.

The bottom line is that, as a presidential nominee, you have to give Americans a reason to get off the couch, walk through the rain, wait in line and deal with the volunteers from the old folks’ home to practice a voting power they have long taken for granted. All told, this is not an easy feat. I would suggest $50 gift certificates to Wal-Mart, but I believe that may violate some obscure ethics laws.

My main concern now is the potential development of a new vocabulary of verbs, nicknames and childish titles referring to the McCain campaign failure. Political junkies well know “Willie Horton” and “Swiftboated” without any context whatsoever. Gaffe-gate? Gaffe-o-rama? Gaffe-a-rusky? The Night the Lights Went Out in Old Timersville? Smackdown of the Septuagenarian? Obama’s Octagon of Hurt on the Old Man?

I have no idea. We’ll probably have to leave it to the results of a top-secret meeting between the nude, bald leaders of cable news in an intensely foggy steam room of some exclusive health club in Manhattan. Apparently, their most recent meeting yielded an abdication of any mention of Sunni payoffs by the American government. Good times.

Perhaps this obituary is presumptuous. I don’t care. This is reality blogging, baby, and I’m through retching over “reputable” news agencies failing to acknowledge the current state of this election. It’s time we realize which direction our future is headed and start holding Obama’s feet to the fire of political righteousness. And let’s start with a rethink of the FISA vote. The clean-up of W. will call into question many Constitutional breaches and Obama needs to remember that we are through with unaccountable Executives.

UPDATE: 07.28.08 – Every sound bite the media plays of McCain is McCain criticizing Obama. He went to the gym instead of visiting troops (McCain campaign ad). Obama’s meeting today with economic leaders was just a photo op. Obama doesn’t want to drill. Obama this, Obama that.

Who are the yahoos in McCain’s campaign who think this is helpful? Any political neophyte would know that McCain is allowing Obama to determine the discussion because all McCain does is “respond” to Obama developments. McCain must try and LEAD the discussion. And, yet, every time he’s in front of a microphone, he’s yapping about Obama.

This is a LOSING strategy. He should know this. His surrogates should know this. And his campaign staff sure as hell should know this. Pathetic.


Hillary Is The New Huckabee

Doesn’t it seem like eons ago that we were (perhaps I should say “I was”) thinking what a tool Huckabee was for staying in the Republican Primary when it was clear McCain was going to bring it home? Speculative theories were tossed around among those of us without television careers as to what could possibly motivate such a political buffoon to stay in a race he had so handily lost. My Republican associates (ahem, family members) conjectured that a continued Republican contest would keep them in the news and relevant as the battle between Obama and Hillary threatened to eclipse their party’s attempt to retain The White House.

Personally, I felt Huckabee was simply a media whore trying to ensure he had a post-election spotlight to bask in once his ridiculous run for leader of the free world (can we even call the president that anymore?) was over. I still think this is the case.

Moving on. We now have another candidate who has cement ear plugs and is shouting inanity about electability to drown out the fat lady’s aria, “Reality.” Granted, I suspect Hillary is staying in the race until May 20, when Oregon and Kentucky hold their primaries. She’ll have won West Virginia (May 13), satiating her political ego enough to leave while declaring victory. It’s still fun to see her practice one of her best skills, lying, as she continues to claim her intentions to be the president. Eating crow is certainly not her strong suit and I doubt she’ll sidle up to the table and order a serving. It’s all very delicious to watch.

As the superdelegates slowly meander over to Obama’s side, I’m reminded of the childhood game Kick the Can (was this only played in the South? If you don’t know what it is, you can visit the Wiki entry on it). The supers don’t want to get too much attention and risk maddening their electorate or alienating their colleagues, so they bide their time, hide in the shadows and – just when it’s safe, when no one’s watching – BAM! They sprint to the Obama can, giving it a swift punt and saving themselves from the evil nighttime troll of political regret.

The next two weeks will be fun. More fun than if she just packed up after Indiana/North Carolina. I’ll relish watching the charade, hearing criticisms of her continued candidacy and punditry ponderings of her campaign loans and losing the primary just as she had begun to truly resonate as a candidate (by mimicking George Bush). It’s almost a reward for those of us who feel an almost-desperation to have the Republicans banished, ending their ruinous rule, and yet have to sit powerless in front of the spectacle of Democratic cannibalism.

I will repeat, potentially for the last time, I never took issue with Hillary remaining in the race. I took issue with her praising McCain over Obama and the unwarranted attacks she and her husband lobbed for the sake of ambition. Well, the stakes are too high this year to put up with such divisive tactics. And political karma, for once in a long while, is rearing its necessary head and decapitating the deserving. So now, that’s all Hillary is. A chicken with its head cut off. Just like Huckabee was a couple months ago. Ain’t life grand?


Chuck Norris Chops Into Self-Help Author

Now, here’s one good for a laugh. Let me preface by saying I didn’t know Chuck Norris was literate. I mean, I knew he could karate chop some shit, but read? That’s a surprise. NOW, I find out not only can he read, but he can write. Or at least he has an assistant who can write. In any case, he submitted this article to, criticizing Oprah Winfrey’s endorsement of Eckhart Tolle’s book “A New Earth.”

In the article, Chuck laments a gathering with people being held by Oprah and Tolle at the same time as Easter and says “it is more evidence of the paradigm shift in our culture from its moral absolute and Judeo-Christian basis to a relativistic worldview, in which anything goes and everything is tolerated.”

Like most self-help spiritual texts of this type, it is a blend of half-truths and half-fabrications. One easily could save the purchase price of ‘A New Earth’ — and subsequently avoid its misleading remarks — by reading the Bible, which gives a much more thorough and accurate picture of life’s purpose and the methods for overcoming its obstacles.”

Yeah – because there are NO fabrications in The Bible.

My battle is not with Oprah; she has her guru (Tolle), and I have mine (Jesus). The real war is between those who assert to be bearers of the truth, such as Tolle and Jesus. And the question is: With contradicting truths, will we believe a mere man or one who claimed to be so much more?” He then goes on to quote C.S. Lewis, one of the only atheists in history to head over to Christianity and, therefore, sort of a folk hero to many of the Jesus followers.

I must say, I do share Norris’ skepticism of self-help books as they require the same credentials as a religious leader – nil. And the certainty they express in their ideas relegates them to the “suspicious” file.

Nevertheless, it’s laughable that Chuckie thinks our culture ever had a moral absolute or that that absolute could be found in a text such as the bible. Are there meaner characters in literature than the god of Abraham? Not bloody likely! I’d never want to be like him. If anyone should be smited or smit or whatever, it’s these religious blindmen who want to assert their beliefs as TRUTH and cage the rest of us with their ignorance.

FYI, if GOD were a god of love, he wouldn’t have sent his only son (and no one would have actually believed Mary was a virgin in those days) to be tortured to “save” everyone while the majority of humankind goes to spend eternity in hellfire. Can we say fable?

What do you think of that, Chuckie? I’ll have a beer for you and your celebrated intolerance. And when I die and I don’t go to hell, I’ll think of you then too. You and Huckachuck really deserve each other, don’t you?


News of the Day 080215

  1. This is seriously the best piece of news I’ve read all week: Tom Scholz of the band Boston wrote a letter to Huckabee’s campaign, asking them to cease using their song “More Than A Feeling” at rallies, saying, “Boston has never endorsed a political candidate, and with all due respect, would not start by endorsing a candidate who is the polar opposite of most everything Boston stands for.” Scholz goes on to say he is an Obama supporter. Hey Yuckabee – go back to Arkansas already and quit using your presidential campaign to audition for Television show!
  2. When are we going to insist people’s rights quit being trampled on under the guise of protection from terror? Lotfi Raissi, an Algerian pilot who was wrongly accused of training the 9/11 hijackers has won the right to sue the British government for compensation. He was arrested 10 days after 9/11, but the British government overturned the charges in 2002. He has been blacklisted from all airline jobs and says his life is ruined.
  3. Bush today again admonished Congress as though they were toddlers to approve the extension of the FISA legislation that covers wire-tapping, saying the Senate is preventing the government from protecting Americans by dragging their feet. Hmmm. What violence threatens American more than terrorism right now? Gun violence. Why don’t you protect me by getting semi-automatic weapons off the street and instituting gun control?? We face much more danger at home because of all the crazies with all the guns. Does Bush actually think we believe the words coming out his mouth? Retard.
  4. The White House, surprise, surprise, is asking the Supreme Court to review a legal decision requiring extensive evidence to classify the 180 Guantanamo detainees as enemy combatants. First, the administration creates a new word for “prisoners of war” so they don’t have to abide by the Geneva Convention in their treatment of these “detainees.” Skirting the law through semantics. I’d want bad things to happen to Bush if it didn’t mean Cheney would inherit the presidency. There is, however, one silver lining. And that’s #5.
  5. You can download a clock on Firefox for free that counts down the days until Bush is booted. We’re at 11 months and 6 days, people.
  6. Best gaffe: Jack Cafferty called Roger Clemens “Roger Steroids” by accident today. heehee.
  7. I love stuff like this: test your news retention on this MSNBC news quiz.

Huckabee Plays to the Bass

Can anyone tell me how Huckabee playing bass guitar with really wretched (and I mean terrible) cover bands will help the man in his futile quest to become leader of the free world? This morning, he was playing “Brown-eyed Girl” and now I’ll never be able to listen to that song again without thinking about how a Dumbo with a degree in religion can become a viable U.S. presidential candidate because he’s read the bible more than your average schmo and has the most theocratic policies of all the tom, dick and hillaries in the race.

Really. Who gives a shit that the man can play bass? And if you think that the most important policy on which to base your vote for president is that he would force poor people across the land to have babies they can’t afford, while reducing access to sex education and condoms, better health care, and poverty-reducing programs such as literacy campaigns, you deserve to be robbed by that would-have-been-aborted-fetus after it grows up to a life of drugs and crime. Or you deserve to pay for its health care after it become an obese, poor adult forced to have babies of it’s own.

The realities (actual realities, not philosophical realities) of the impending results of policies of this man should, in the considerations of voters, far outweigh his attempt to gain a few “cool” points by playing bass. Of course, the man deserves to try to improve his coolness or whatever after having been born to a name like Huckabee. God must have been really mad at him for whatever he did in his past life to give him a name like Huckabee and a wife who looks a lot like Shrek. Seriously, that woman should never wear green.


The Jan. 24 Repub Debate in Florida

Next Tuesday will be fun. Slowly watching the death knell toll for Giuliani’s presidential campaign will give me a bit of satisfaction. Who knew that McCain and Giuliani would essentially trade positions in the polls between August of last year and now? It amuses me to no end to see inevitability turned on its head – and for campaigns for president proceed without Ben Franklin determining who emerges as the victor. Romney is basically diarrheaing cash into his campaign, but I still think enough voters are smart enough to recognize his severe, late-in-life political 180’s prove he’ll proffer whatever ideals and promises necessary to win an election. Blech. If offends my political senses to no end. And not much offends me. Really, ask anyone I know.

Every pundit said Romney won the debate last night, though, but only because the other candidates weren’t dog-piling on him and he was able to shed his ankle-grabber status of previous debates. Last night was like watching the Teletubbies or a bunch of men massage each other in a steamy Japanese bath. What was that about?

This is what I heard:

  • Oh yeah, right, the downturn of the economy is serious! I mean, everyone, knows that. We just haven’t talked about it before because Tim Russert only wanted to ask about troops or gays or something.
  • Giuliani, you’re so cute and we’re so glad you’ll be getting out of the race soon. Then we won’t have to look at your mistress and wonder how many times you banged her before you actually got divorced.
  • Hillary Clinton is the devil and we will all suffer a severe case of the terrorismitis if she’s elected.
  • I can be funnier than the other guy.
  • Abortion is no longer the big issue (hallelujuah and praise jeebus!).

Republicans wanted to rise above the fray (how many former Republican Congress people are in the pen right now?) and be a little better than thou democrat, but I was unimpressed and would likely forget every word uttered last night if I wasn’t blogging about it.

Listen, maybe the inoffensive, non-confrontational American friendliness that I do enjoy cringes to see Clinton and Obama scrap a bit, but I thought we actually were hearing some substantive conversation. Wolfie should have sat back and popped a beer like the rest of us and revel in the relevance of some actual DISCUSSION about some ISSUES. Yes, at first, the jabs took a little getting used to, but in the end I felt like we were closer to seeing what kind of candidates these people really are. Admittedly, I’m not sure the arguments changed anyone’s mind or rearranged any voting blocs, but us political junkies loved it and you know it!

I’ll continue to watch the debates of both parties and toward the end of the season, they’ll be easier to turn into drinking games. Hopefully, Nader will jump in and maybe Bloomberg and possibly some family values candidate and we’ll witness some Political Ultimate Fighting Champion and philosophies and ideals and characters will emerge from behind those particle-board podiums! Actual political discussion.

One can only hope.


Do I Have to Watch Tonight’s Republican Debate?

McCain: (paraphrasing) Americans wouldn’t mind if we had a troop presence in Iraq for 100 years if there were not military casualties.

Huckabee: “[Some of my opponents] do not want to change the Constitution, but I believe it’s a lot easier to change the constitution than it would be to change the word of the living God, and that’s what we need to do is to amend the Constitution so it’s in God’s standards rather than try to change God’s standards,”

Romney: “Freedom requires religion just as religion requires freedom.”

Giuliani: “…we’re going to carry a 50-state campaign…” (which is why he’s only focusing on Florida and losing to Ron Paul in the other primaries….)

Ron Paul:  “The world’s elites are busy forming a North American Union. If they are successful, as they were in forming a European Union, the good ‘ol (sic) USA will only be a memory. We can’t let that happen. The UN wants to confiscate our firearms and impose a global tax. The UN elites was to control the world’s oceans with the Law of the Sea Treaty. And they want to use our military to police the world….I am writing to you today to ask you to recommit yourselves to this battle. I need your help now, more than ever, in this fight to save the country we love…for the people we love.”

Do I? Do I HAVE to watch tonight’s Republican debate? Maybe some wine will make it bearable…

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