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Rad: The IRS Targets Tony Perkins’ Organization

Don’t make fun of me for saying Rad. It’s a rad word. I’m bringing it back. One blog at a time.

But what’s even more rad than that comes from Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody’s “Brody File” on Sept. 12, Sarah Palin was going to shoot a video for the Value Voters Summit, but was turned down by VVS

president Tony Perkins. You know, Religious Douchebag who runs the Family Research Council, Tony Perkins.



Why did Perkins refuse Palin’s video? Well, it’s a funny story as Perkins related to Brody:

“Values voters have been excited by the pro-family and pro-life content of the 2008 GOP platform. It is a model we want to see all parties embrace. The excitement over Gov. Sarah Palin has spread across the country and is undiminished. As this hectic campaign got underway, we renewed our invitations to the major party tickets to address our Summit for 20 minutes each. That standard format was done to ensure fairness and to spare us another round of intrusive IRS inquiries regarding favoritism toward any candidate or party. Though we prevailed against an unwarranted complaint last year, winning an all-clear from the IRS cost us thousands in legal fees and staff time. Accepting any video from one campaign would have violated a proven format and exposed us to a complaint that all the candidates did not receive this option. We expect to have a tremendous event the next two days.”

This means that the IRS is actually conducting investigations of religious institutions, who receive tax-exempt status, for playing politics – which is illegal. Gorgeous!!

Really, I never actually thought the IRS was good for much aside from being the bureaucratic clusterfuck assigned to take our money. However, Perkins – who sat on a committee helping to decide McCain’s running mate – is deeply involved in politics, along with James Dobson. That these men should receive the same not-for-profit status as, say, The Red Cross, is a crock. Perkins says his organization “prevailed” against the IRS, but at least their theocratic business has been put on notice. Maybe that’ll learn ’em. Not likely, but I say pat on the back for this one, IRS. None of these religious businesses and churches should have tax-exempt status. Not-for-profit, may ass….

Just thought I’d put this encouraging blog up Sunday night. Have a wonderful week!

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