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Meredith VETO: Blanket Statements by Politicians About the American People

It’s been a while since I’ve issued a Meredith VETO, but I’ve come to notice one phrased used by many a politician or politician commentator: “Americans think” or “Americans want” or “Americans feel.” Americans this, Americans that! Stop the madness!

I disagree with quite a few of my fellow Americans on quite a few issues and I know they disagree with me (when the jackasses comment on my blog. kidding!). When a politician bunches together a population which is commonly in discord and brandishes us as a verbal missile with which to pulverize political opposition, I take exception. The person usually making the statement is claiming “America” thinks or feels or demands something I am totally against and, many times, the majority of Americans are against.

Unless you’re talking about someone named America, stating cited poll numbers or an easily recognizable demographic observation – stop lumping Americans together. Start saying “many Americans” – even “most Americans” would be better.

Politicians forget that we’re not the dumb little kid sitting on the curb, easily bribed by ice cream and don’t know what you’re saying when you spell out words (i-g-n-o-r-a-m-u-s). We are in the game and paying attention as much as the blowhards on radio and TV or corporatocracy bitches in Washington. When you hear someone use the broad stroke of “Americans” improperly, it has the awkward feeling of hearing someone talk about what a cunt you are behind your back.

So, in conclusion: Americans are different. Americans disagree. Americans are not one contiguous borg marching in lockstep into some benign asshole’s ideological black hole… Those are Republicans.


U.S. Voters Are Default Republicans

The vast majority of Americans in the recent past, now, and for the foreseeable future are and will continue to naturally lean Republican. As a country, our immediate political tendencies are to side with the Republicans and only when we feel the Republicans have screwed it up enough, do we vote Democratic. However, we will always default in favor of Republicans when our lives are not extraordinarily painful and there are no wide-sweeping movements in favor of civil rights of one group or another.


We are a nation of consumers. Pro-business government, incorrect free market assumptions and the quelling of consumer protections have largely given way to a corporatocracy in which corporations are not accountable for legal violations or unethical activity as long as they put enough cash in the pockets of the decision-makers. These corporations have spent oceans of dollars studying how best to target American buyers, purchasing every morsel of information on every purchase and convince us the world is our oyster – leaving out that we’re selling our soul and justifying their behavior with claims of free will.

The television tells us from the time we are young we can have whatever we want. International trade has flooded our markets with cheap goods, encouraging those on the lower economic echelons to live high on the hog like those rich people across town. The credit industry has convinced people that the size of their paycheck should have no bearing on their lifestyle. And our natural inclinations toward competition, narcissism and self-centeredness has evolved into an ostentations consumerism and a culture toward monetary dominance over ones’ neighbors.

Republicans naturally feed our desire to have the biggest, best and brightest of everything by claiming (falsely, most of the time) they will not tax us and the Democrats will. Republicans call upon the politics of personal responsibility, convincing voters that their hard-earned money should never be taken by the government only to be wasted in amidst the bureaucracy or dolled out to the undeserving poor who are actually just lazy drug addicts who want to mooch off society.

Despite the growing wealth gap and widespread publication of wealth statistics indicating the top one percent of Americans earn far more than those in lower economic classes (the top one percent of Americans earned more than the total income of the bottom 20 percent of Americans from 2003-2005), the majority of Americans are convinced that they could make as much money as they want easy as pie and the Democrats simply want to tax them into poverty and ruin their chances to achieve the American dream.

Disturbingly, term after term, Republicans insist on policies that make the rich richer and give businesses more powerful tools to vacuum money right out of American pockets. Republicans are vastly responsible for legislation that weakens the dollar and helps to grow the impoverished population. Yet, time and time again, these voters fall for Republican machinations of representing and protecting the working class.


Democrats, on the other hand, tend to lay claim to the more educated, community-minded and globally exposed voters. While many votes are determined by familial culture, most Democrats become enlightened that coexistence is inevitable and, thus, adopt the philosophy that we must think of others and not just ourselves when casting a ballot or were taught this philosophy as a child. In basic terms, the competing presidential considerations are “Who would be the best president for the country and the world?” vs. “Who would be the best president for me?”

In times of peace and economic prosperity, the move across political lines is most likely from Republican to Democrat. Many are born Republican – especially in the South – but grow and go farther for college and work. Travel has become cheaper and easier, allowing more and more Americans to discover foreign nations and appreciate cultures across borders. The isolationist nature of Republican doctrine becomes short-sighted and distasteful to them.

Certainly, there are abdications. Many professional athletes who may have grown up in poorer neighborhoods or belong to minority demographic groups begin to vote Republican as their income grows. The same development applies to business people. Also, Republican “philosophy” of limited government draws many uninformed voters who believe the party’s false promises of protecting basic American freedoms – even now as a Republican administration stompes on one civil liberty after another.


In times of war or danger, the gut reaction of Americans is to protect their own and vote for the Republicans, who follow “might makes right,” invasion of democracy, sealing our borders and market their ideas with utterly ridiculous notions like “Freedom Fries” and patriotism = character, encouraging their uneducated followers to viciously attack and morally assassinate anyone who should utter an opposing viewpoint (2006’s Shut Up and Sing about the Dixie Chicks is shocking and infuriating).

This reactionary culture of Americans plays right into the Republican’s hands as they take advantage of the politics of fear, whispering about attacks around the corner as Lieberman did in June and using verbiage indicating it is because of Bush and Bush alone the U.S. has not sustained another terrorist attack since 9/11.

The politics of fear, however, doesn’t simply pertain to physical insecurity, but also cultural attacks. Republicans, who are largely populated by white-bread, uneducated or very rich, christians, scurried to the polls when convinced that the possibility of gay marriage would somehow reduce the value of their own marriages (again, the voting mindset that only takes into account the ballot-casting individual rather than the community as a whole) and is a danger to the basic foundations of American culture. While it wasn’t surprising that Republicans would stoop to such levels to win elections, it is dreadfully disappointing for the rest of us to watch these unenlightened Americans play right into their hands without so much as a second thought.

Certainly, when a demographic group has felt oppressed enough to risk their lives in the creation of a national movement, as the African-Americans did in the 60’s, the result is widespread education and information proliferation among voters, driving up Democratic numbers. Because the gay community cannot rely on the organization of the religious institutions to aid in their battle, as African Americans could, their attempt to educate and reach voters will progress much more slowly. But take into consideration the decades and decades of injustice faced by African Americans and it easy to understand that progress may be slow, but it is inevitable.


Democrats could counter this American gut culture more than they do if they were more concerned with governing well and speaking loudly and passionately for that which is right. Instead, as with Republicans, Democrats are singularly concerned with winning and join the ranks of lobbyist-dominated degenerates. They allow the shadows of polls and assumptions of voter whims to lead them into capitulation and, subsequently, domination by the Republicans as the Democrats’ hypocrisy and weakness become palpable. Democrats try to stay out of Republican mud, but never fully grasp their ability to claim victory on the issues with cleverness and clarity. Each election becomes a theater of errors and disheartens those of us who want to fight the good fight, driving us to register as Independents.

And so the United States will always lean Republican. And when the Republicans screw things up enough, the voters look to the Democrats to clean up the mess. Which they do. And once the country is enjoying smooth sailing, Americans fuck everything up again by voting with selfishness and refusing to acknowledge the complete discord between Republican promises and the actual results of their leadership.

The pendulum may swing back and forth, but it will always linger on the right. I try to counter this by raising my voice and refusing to be afraid of offending people. That annoying bumper sticker “If you’re not angry, you’re not informed” is right, though. Education is the key to altering the immediate reaction of the U.S. to look to Republicans for answers. Because the Republicans will never do right by everyone – only by themselves.


Live Blogging of Obama’s Speech in Berlin

Chris Matthews said yesterday that Obama’s trip had gone so well, he just skip Germany and just come home. This has to be one of Matthew’s larger brain farts. Can you imagine how pissed the Germans would be if Obama canceled on them last minute? Furthermore, the speeches given by JFK and Reagan in Germany will be remembered throughout history. For Obama to squander such an opportunity at such an exciting time would be a massive mistake. Minus 10 points, Chris!

Here we go,

  • Speaker is echoing. If this goes on the whole time…let’s just say, “Chinese Water Torture.”
  • Speaking not as a candidate, but as a citizen of U.S. and World.
  • He just laughed at a crazy yell from an audience member. So perfect that show of humor.
  • Talking about his father dreaming of a better life and someone in American answered his calls.
  • Recalling when U.S. & Germany histories became intertwined 60 years ago.
  • All that stood in the way of the Soviets marching across Europe and perhaps starting another world war was Berlin. The airlift began.
  • “People of the world, look at Berlin. Where Germans and Americans learned to work together and trust each other.” And make good beer!
  • NATO – the greatest alliance ever formed to defend our common security. Take that, isolationists!!
  • Good speech writing, Good delivery cadence.
  • The 21st Century has revealed a world more intertwined than at any other time in history. (paraphrasing) This new closeness also brings new dangers.
  • The terrorists of 9/11 plotted in Hamburg.
  • Climate problems.
  • The poppies in Afghanistan come to Berlin as heroin.
  • We cannot afford to be divided… No one nation can defeat these challenges alone.
  • Sometimes, on both sides of the Atlantic, we have drifted apart and forgotten our shared destiny.
  • In America, there are voices that deny Europe’s role in our security and our future.
  • Global citizenship.
  • “Greatest danger of all is to allow new walls to divide us from each other.”
  • We must tear down walls dividing rich/poor, races, religions.
  • I hope Americans are remembering that Germany is having massive race/religion issues. Their lax immigration laws have created tension with their growing population of Arabs and Muslims. In many ways, America has outpaced European in progress of race relations – I noticed while living over there.
  • Now is the time to join together across the globe.
  • “This is the moment we must defeat terror and dry up the well that supports it.”
  • The camera has closed up on his face – good staging.
  • NATO’s first mission beyond Europe’s borders, Afghanistan, must be accomplished.
  • He said tal-ee-ban again. One of his handlers needs to get on that.
  • “We must renew the goal of a world without nuclear weapons.” Ahmadinejad, can you hear me?
  • We need a strong European Union.
  • If I were a betting person, and I am, I’d say he’s obviously going to win the election if, for not other reason, than he’s the polar opposite of George W.
  • Passing responsibility to Iraqi govt. and finally bring this war to a close.
  • Crowd started chanting Obama! Obama! with a European accent. giggle.
  • Must reduce the carbon we send into our atmosphere.
  • “This is the moment to give our children back their future.”
  • The world will watch and remember what we do with this moment.
  • He’s addressing problems in more countries than George W. can probably name.
  • When we reject torture and stand for the rule of law.. (attn: Rummy, Cheney, McFlipFlop etc. etc.)
  • There are time when U.S. actions do not live up to our best intentions. — Is he saying W. and Cheney had good intentions? Objection!
  • All free people everywhere became citizens of Berlin. Jeez, that’s a good line!
  • Conclusion: I come before you to say that we are heirs to a struggle for freedom. We are a people of improbable hope with an eye toward the future, with resolve in our heart. Let us remember this history and answer our destiny and remake the world once again. Thank you, Berlin!

Andrea Mitchell is reporting German officials say the crowd is more than 100,000 strong.

Compete with that, McCAN’T. Booyah.

McCain says he’d like to give a speech in Berlin as president (suggesting it’s inappropriate for Obama to give the speech as just a candidate). Won’t happen, John. Sucks to be you today.

UPDATE: Huffpo is reporting the Foreign Service barred it’s employees from attending the Obama rally. Is there any freedom left the Bush administration hasn’t tried to curtail?? There has never been an administration in the history of the United States that has so strongly attacked our freedoms, liberties and right to pursue happiness. How does that man Bush hold his head high every day as he marches our country toward an autocracy? I have never been more thankful for term limits than I am at this moment. Of course, I suppose it wouldn’t matter if Bush could run for reelection. The landslide would smother any hope he would have of continuing his disastrous political career.

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