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Minnesota, Where’s the Anger?

If I lived in Minnesota, I’d be pissed. Norm Coleman as virtually no chance of winning the senate seat he and Al Franken are contesting through the courts. Furthermore, Coleman is under investigation over political donations that were illegally funneled through his wife. And, he has egg all over his reputation after saying he would step down if he in Franken’s position right after the election when the vote was too close to call. Now, the recount and numerous court decisions later, Franken is ahead and Coleman refuses to bow out. He probably has every prominent Republican in the state and in D.C. cheering his self-gratifying speed-bumpery to the democratic process because all are fearful of even more Democratic power on the Senate and none of them care if Minnesotans go years without fair representation.

The Repubs would be like pigs in mud to watch this thing play out for the next 6 years until the next election when they undoubtedly hope Obama’s poll numbers have waned and the field is ripe for Republican victory. John Cornyn (as a Texan, I never voted for him and never will) says the Repubs will launch WW III if the Dems try to see Franken and even the Minnesota seat could take “years” to resolve. What a lame-ass, piece of shit. At some point, you’d think people who claim to be of integrity would say enough is enough, acknowledge Franken’s victories and the likelihood that Coleman will find himself on the losing end of this stick and give the people of Minnesota their right to two freaking senators.

No big whoop. Unless you’re from Minnesota and you pay your taxes like every other of the 50 states. And you’re Sen. Amy Klobuchar, whose work has doubled during this debacle.

Now, yes, yes, the left is still and will ever-more be smarting over the 2000 election in which Al Gore won the popular vote. However, if Franken were losing all these recount battles, I’d hand the war over to Coleman – investigation or no investigation. The Repubs need to learn the value of fair representation and end their childish political games.

If this were happening in Texas – you’d be damned sure I’d be organizing demonstrations and protests or demanding a decrease in my taxes. No way in hell I’d sit by politely while political dickwads try to throw a wrench into my right to have my vote acknowledged.

Minnesotans should find their inner Cajun and start taking Coleman and his posse to task for clogging their democracy. Team N.C. would so collapse if the pressure grew strong enough.

Get angry, Minnesota! Get loud and demand what is rightfully yours! Make the news! Get your freaking second senator!!


Alaska Calls It For Begich!!

Right on! Now Palin can’t appoint herself senator and attempt to skyrocket her limping credibility.

Mark Begich

Congratulations, Alaska, here’s to not electing a seven-count felon. Let’s move on to your 2010 gubernatorial election…

With the Alaska election concluded, I’m going to cross my fingers so hard they fall off in hopes Franken in Minnesota and Jim Martin in Georgia. Sober logic hints at Republican victories in those on-going races, but a girl can hope for a little icing on her cake.

Congrats, Mark Begich! Suck it, Palin!


Congrats to Al Franken!

He won his Democratic Primary to be the Democratic nominee in the Minnesota Senate race. He’ll compete against Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman.


Fun News On Friday

Former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura is pondering a run as senator for the state, a race in which Al Franken is currently competing.

Ventura with Kinky:

ventura with kinky

If you’re bored, here are some interviews of the former governor as the former governor did his cable news rounds. I find myself agreeing with a few of his comments. Scary!


Al Franken Gaining Ground in Minnesota Senate Race

Won’t that be fun? To have a Senator Al Franken? I love it when people put their money where their mouth is. He’ll definitely inject some change on Capitol Hill. And I say we need more Saturday Night Live alumni taking the lead in the steering our nation. Chevy Chase! Rob Smigel! Tina Fey! If nothing else, politics will be more entertaining for those who are not junkies. At least Franken will have the cajones to say what’s on his mind – hopefully he won’t be infected with the virus that causes long pauses on only politically correct speech to emerge from one’s mouth.

Scarlet Letter of Atheism


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