Rick Perry is a Schmuck of Infinitesimal Proportions

Normally, I wouldn’t give this shit-fer-brains Texas Blagojevich the time of day, but in the interest of my pride as a Texan, I have to comment on Perry’s lastest episode of cerebral diarrhea.

Admitting you live in a state that has elected (excuse me, reelected) Rick Perry as governor and whose senators are Kay Bailey-Hutchinson and John Cornyn must be like admitting you have herpes. While I have no cause to admit the latter, I imagine great scorn emitting from those who are audience to my admission.

perry-douchebagAnd now, with Governor Imbecile saying Texas might have to secede, it is vein-poppingly frustrating to watch the national media equate his statements with me. (Though I shouldn’t talk, having blamed Alaska numerous times for the immersion of Sarah Palin into the national spotlight). Ugh.

Dictator Perry

If Texas were to secede, Perry would try to turn this state into a dictatorship as he is the poster child of political hypocrites giving figurative blow jobs to the corporate industry for cash. In 2007, Perry tried to issue an executive order forcing schoolgirls across the state to be vaccinated with Gardasil. Now, it seemed a bit “conflict-of-interesty” that Merck, the maker of Gardasil, had contributed to Perry’s PAC and some of his staff was on their payroll. Hmm… Very odd.

So, one man, one stupid, megalomaniacal idiot presumes he can dictate the health care of the state’s children. And what is so illuminatingly funny about this episode in relation to his comments yesterday is that the bastard said (while speaking here in Fort Worth, gag me):

I believe it’s (the government) become oppressive in its size, its intrusion into the lives of its citizens..

What a dick!!

So, forcing girls to receive a vaccine that has had widespread, proven negative side effects on numerous females isn’t an intrusion by the government into the lives of its citizens. Risking our daughters’ health for money. He’s not just a dipshit, he’s unethical and immoral. Never before had I actually wished an incurable, acute case of dysentery on someone. Unfortunately, I discovered I had no magical powers of the cursing persuasion. Poo.

The executive order was rescinded after the legislature was threatening action and every rick-perry-merck1demographic of every political persuasion forged a collective anger that grew intensely threatening to the governor. Right wingers were afraid the vaccine would turn all our innocent girls into whores on Main Street and the left wing was seething at the thought of such a violation of civil liberties. I would have been picketing until my extremities bled had the order really gone into effect.

And the man is running for reelection in 2010. Yes, my blood pressure has a visceral reaction to a potential Perry victory.

However, certain realities allay my fears that we will once again see Perry carry the mantle of leadership in our red, but improving Lonestar State.

First, Kay Bailey-Hutchinson is running and will hopefully best the sonofabitch in the Republican primary. While I would normally oppose such a objectionable use of a vote, I may vote in the Repub primary for Kay just to help knock Perry on his keister.

Second, and this is awesome, every major county in Texas went Democrat on Nov. 4, 2008 – Harris County (Houston), Dallas County (obviously, Dallas), Travis County (Austin), Duval County (San Antonio), and El Paso County (um…El Paso). Now, of course, the election of Obama drew many minorities to the polls that don’t normally turn out to vote. Still, the tides may be a-changing here in Texas and Republicans better take notice. Perry doesn’t want to take much of the stimulus money available to us and his policies are all capitulations to big business, like Bush. How surprising.

We’re tired of it. We’re over it. It’s time for a new chapter. We do, however, need strong, worthy left candidates to stand up and those are in short order because the oil and gas industry has such a stronghold on electoral results.

And if you think Perry is a scourge just us Willie-listeners have to deal with, he has national ambitions. He wasn’t going to run for governor again because he threw his lot in early with Giuliani before the ’08 election, bidding for a VP spot on the national ticket. Well, everyone saw Mayor 9/11 implode last year and Perry had to turn to the governor race in 2010 to stay relevant. Now, he’s making outrageous comments, like the secession crap, to assert himself nationally. If you can imagine, I’m not wishing him the best. In fact, if he loses in 2010 – especially in the primary – there’s a good chance his influence will evaporate and he’ll be just another nightmare in the past like his predecessor, Bush The Unequaled Disaster. I’m crossing my fingers.

All The Way With Kay!!! (for primary purposes only, that is)


31 Responses to “Rick Perry is a Schmuck of Infinitesimal Proportions”

  1. 1 Maria
    April 16, 2009 at 4:59 pm

    I came here hoping you would write something about this dipshit of a governor we have and, Meredith, you did not disappoint! I’m so disgusted with this pig that I can hardly stand it. I’ve been listening to talk radio all day (the Left channel on Sirius) and all I’ve heard are people saying, “Let them secede, damn bunch of right wing rednecks! We don’t need Texas anyway.” I hate being lumped in with all these redneck idiots! If Texas were to secede, I’d be on the first bus out of this hell-hole! Don’t these conservative morons realize that all Rick Perry’s doing is trying to put himself back in the spotlight so he can be governor once again? Of course not! These conservative nutjobs spend their days watching Fixed News and clinging to their guns and religion and screaming about Socialism, Communism and Fascism…not knowing what any of those words really mean.

    This whole teabagging thing (I have to giggle everytime I hear this!) has nothing to do with taxes or how our government is spending those taxes. It has everything to do with the fact that Republicans lost and GOD forbid (or Flying Spaghetti Monster…whatever) a black man won the presidency. Racism is still alive and well in the good old south! Would these same people be out at their tea parties if McCain would have won? I can guarantee you things wouldn’t be any better, but the right would be happy because “B. Hussein Osama” didn’t win and there wouldn’t be “no Muslim non-citizen” in the White House. Can’t they just admit defeat and try to help this country get better instead of trying to tear it apart? I just don’t get it. Aren’t these people supposed to be good Christians? I know – that’s an oxymoron. There’s no such thing.

    When will the ignorance cease? Like Rodney King said – Can’t we all just get along?

    Thanks for letting me rant. I feel a little better now. 🙂

  2. April 16, 2009 at 5:18 pm

    haha!! right on, maria! and that’s so funny cause i posted this right before you made the comment.

    what i want to know is why the lefties can never get together to protest for health care reform, for assault weapons bans, for keeping religion out of government and so many worthy causes. we just don’t have that group-think mentality and fall in line so easily and simply do what we’re told without asking questions. still, democrats and left-leaning independents need to start finding their feet and raising their voices because the Right will shout us all down if we let them.

  3. 3 essenceofamerica
    April 17, 2009 at 10:17 am

    Meredith, I am your right-wing counterpart at essenceofamerica.wordpress.com. I was drawn to politicalmpressions after reviewing my stats page. Obviously, we are worlds apart on our beliefs, convictions, and political affiliations. While I’m sure we both love our country, I’m also certain we have different priorities.

    However, I’d like to extend to you an opportunity to go back-and-forth with me on the political issues of the day. I love a good argument, especially when it comes to putting the smack down on your kind.

    Listen, I hate liberalism as much – or more – as you do conservatism. So let’s talk about it. Maybe for once a liberal and a conservative can have a debate while being somewhat civil.

    As for this whole Texas seceding from the Union thing, I agree it’s wholeheartedly stupid. But to address Maria’s comments, not everyone who dislikes Obama or his policies is a damn racist or a bigot or filled with hate because the GOP screwed up on a grand scale and lost out to a bunch of liberals.

    I’m so tired of people calling people racist just because they don’t like a black Democrat. And, yeah, racism is very much alive in the South, where I’ve lived most of my life. I’ve seen it up close. I’ve survived it. So I take to task anyone who calls me racist because I don’t like Obama. If he were completely white, I’d still not like him and I would criticize him just as much.

    I’m also a Christian, Maria. And you’re right. Believing in God and trying to live by the Bible’s words does not make you a freaking saint. Indeed, it does not make you perfect. I have just as many faults as the next person. If you are not a Christian, if you have never seen the inside of a church, if you have never prayed and meant it, if you have never been the recipient of or have otherwised witnessed a miracle, if you have not walked in my shoes, if you have not lived the life of a minister’s child, you cannot judge those who have. You cannot persecute me.

    It might even surprise you to learn I have some big problems with today’s Christian church and that I do not attend church regularly now because of them. But I still love God. I still pray. I still listen to others and care about their needs.

    So let’s all have an honest discussion about who we are, why we believe this way or another, any what we can do to help our country – regardless of the party in power at the time.

    Finally, I do know that not all liberals are bad people. They might be wrong most of the time, but they are not bad people. And conservatives like me are not a bunch of ignorant bigots hell-bent on the destruction of the Democratic Party. I also don’t care to force my beliefs and convictions on you. The meaning of your life is between you and the Almighty.

    I have a close friend who considers himself a libertarian. It frustrates me during our debates, because he can’t seem to align himself with anything. He attacks everyone and everything. But I know he loves America. And, yeah, he is a damn intelligent person.

    So let’s have a talk, shall we? We’ll always have time to call each names on our respective blogs. I’ll keep watching FoxNews and you’ll keep watching those lesser networks. You will vote for liberals and I will vote for conservatives.

    But can we still talk and, at the same time, be civil about it? Too much anger going around these days, and some of it is void of any logic. We can all disagree, I think, without wanting to wish dysentery on each other.

    I welcome all challengers. Who’s with me?

  4. April 17, 2009 at 10:42 am

    Essence of America – I’m always up for a spirited discussion. While I generally don’t address people with whom I’m communicating in a derogatory fashion, I certainly reserve the right to use inflammatory, irreverent language when discussing political and social leaders, groups and policies.

    Secondly, in defense of anti-religion comments made by myself and Maria, we are both former christians, we have seen the inside of church, we have prayed and meant it and we have woken up and discovered what a false premise this and ever other organized religion is. We live in a country where the word “christian” is synonymous with “good” when the vast majority of domestic criminals are christian. This notion of christianity is something we feel the need to oppose and we will do so with fervor. When we make comments about christians, we are not specifically talking about you, but the group as a whole. Your specific views and experiences do not apply to the entire group (especially the FLDS, I hope). It’s like Jim Cramer trying to defend CNBC by talking about himself. The story ain’t about Cramer and christianity ain’t about you. We’re talking about the bigger picture.

    Now, let me say that I see Republican and Conservative as two different things. When referring to Right Wingism, I am talking about social AND fiscal Conservatism. I have many lovely, wonderful friends who are Conservative and Republican. However, many of my Republican friends are not socially conservative. I understand that many people think of Democrat and Liberal as the same thing, however, I would disagree. I would call Chris Matthews a Democrat, but not Liberal, while Rachel Maddow is a liberal defined. I just wanted to point that out so you don’t mistake my meaning and don’t think that I use Republican and Conservative interchangeably.

    It’s odd that your Libertarian friend doesn’t have an organized argument to present. I know plenty of Libertarians (there are quite a few in my free thinker group of friends) and they have a pretty well-formed idea of where they’d like to see this country go and what they disagree with at present. I do see what you mean when you say he’s against everyone. They’re against almost all forms of federal government, which is a modern necessity in our everyday lives.

    Also, I don’t think just because some “loves” their country or is patriotic, they have good character. I disagree with these competitions over who loves their country more. If you like, please see my blog “How Great is the U.S.?”


    While I do love this country, I see a lot of room for improvement and feel it is incumbent upon all U.S. citizens to make our community a better place.

    So, let’s have a discussion! I think intellectual debate is a necessity and the mother of progress and was so disappointed in Bush’s refusal to participate in such discourse.

    FYI – I have family visiting from out of town for the next week, so forgive me if my responses aren’t prompt.

    Thanks for the invitation! It is a wonderful idea!

    P.S. I was looking over your blog and noticed you referred to “Obama’s evil henchmen.” This is so funny because I’ve said “Bush’s (or Cheney’s) evil henchmen” I don’t know how many times!

  5. 5 essenceofamerica
    April 17, 2009 at 1:03 pm

    And so it begins. I’ll start this magnificent dialogue between us by briefly addressing each of your points. Then we’ll go from there.

    Have you ever been kicked out of a church because your family, as foster parents, was taking care of black children for an adoption agency? Did people who call themselves Christians ever threaten you because they didn’t like the way your dad preached? Have you ever had a cross burned in your yard and been called nigger lover? Have church members ever stood in your front yard and record your conversations in some ill-advised attempt to set you up for a fall?

    If anyone is pissed off about what church has become, it’s me. You have no idea. I’ve struggled for years with this, having to balance my love of God against my bitterness for His church.

    But it’s the church’s fault. Denominational theology is more important to them than Christ’s teachings. If you attend a Baptist church, you are taught to believe this or that. If you attend a Methodist church, you are taught something else. If you go to a Presbyterian church, it’s one way, and if you attend a Pentecostal church or non-denominational one, it’s something else. And don’t even get me started on Catholicism or those other branch-off churches I consider to be cultic.

    I will say I have been more comfortable in the non-denominational church, where people of all backgrounds and races are generally welcomed and the focus is on worship, not theology.

    Still, I don’t like going anymore. It feels fake to me, like people are not there for the right reasons. So if anyone understands how you feel about church and her people, it’s me. We’ll talk more about that later.

    I know what you’re saying, and I know the difference in terminology. I am a Republican politically and a conservative socially. In just about every way possible, you’re going to get a right-winger with me. I can attribute much of that to my upbringing, and I’m not ashamed of it.

    As a member of the GOP, I am not a blind supporter. I don’t go gently into that good night. When my party is wrong, it’s wrong. I did vote for and supported President Bush. But I did not like every single thing he did. I can think for myself and talk for myself. The fact remains, though, I am on the right side of the aisle and it always will be that way – unless, of course, my fellow right-wingers lose their damned minds and they do go gently into that good night. If that happns, I might just have to take over the party myself.

    I haven’t read your post about this yet, but just let me say I am patriotic, I do love my country, and I am a good person – though not perfect. I’m the kind who gets chills during the singing of the national anthem and seeing the American flag wave. I like a good war story. I enjoy talking to members of the U.S. armed forces. I think you can love your country but not like the direction it’s headed. I think you can disagree with or even hate what the president of the United States is doing and still be patriotic. And I think you can want a different kind of change without being hateful.

    I just don’t get them. I like to make fun of them precisely because of what I told you about my libertarian buddy. The guy is good people, but I never can grasp what he’s really about. I can’t even remember who he voted for in November. I do remember, though, how he kept talking about how he just might write himself in as president because no one he liked was on the ballot.

    I just can’t respect that kind of thinking. Hell, I would have respected him more if he had voted for Obama. At least then I could understand the rationale.

    I’ve been called “passionate” and “hardcore” and “crazy” about my politics and beliefs. So I do appreciate when someone of a varying opinion brings the same passion to an argument. I respect those types. I cannot, on the other hand, abide by people who believe in something but can’t explain why they believe that way.

    About a year ago, I was hosting my own birthday party when the brother of my best friend started talking about his affection for Bill Clinton and other Dems. By this time, we both had plenty of drinks in us, and the argument became exceedingly spirited. People were laughing. We spent half an hour insulting each other, defending each other’s parties and beliefs, and threatening bodily harm to each other.

    But when it was over, we shook hands, laughed it off, and got back to the business of celebrating life and freedom and America.

    So, finally, here’s to an ongoing discussion about right-wingers and left-wingers and why we are so freaking different. Feel free to drop by essenceofamerica at any time to get your daily dose of conservative awesomeness. And if you ever decide to come to the other side, we’d be glad to have you!

    “Cause God blessed Texas with His own hand
    Brought down angels from the promised land
    Gave ’em a place where they could dance
    If you wanna see heaven brother here’s your chance
    I’ve been sent to spread the message
    God blessed Texas”

  6. 6 The Other White Meat with a Y
    April 20, 2009 at 5:33 pm

    Wow, essence’s “debate” seemed so full of glittering generalities, red herrings, and false dilemmas that I almost thought it was written to exemplify fallacies in argument. My bad…

    Anyway, you go Maria and Meredith! Personally, I am thoroughly enjoying the show; watching the death throes of the republican party and crazy, right winger xtians. Here’s to a bright future of decisions (even bad ones) being made by common sense, striving to better our future generations, and not on whisperings of imaginary friends.

  7. 7 essenceofamerica
    April 20, 2009 at 7:24 pm

    Hey, Other White Meat, don’t you have an unborn baby to kill or a church to burn somewhere?

    “Inasmuch as liberals have no morals, they can sit back and criticize other people for failing to meet the standards that liberals simply renounce. It’s an intriguing strategy. By openly admitting to being philanderers, draft dodgers, liars, weasels and cowards, liberals avoid ever being hypocrites.”
    —Ann Coulter

  8. 8 The Other White Meat with a Y
    April 21, 2009 at 8:11 am

    Appeal to questionable authority AND ad hominem all in two sentences! Brava!

    I just love civil, reasoned debate 🙂

  9. 9 essenceofamerica
    April 21, 2009 at 8:48 am

    Liberals know nothng of “civil, reasoned debate.” For them, it’s all about demonizing conservatives, those peoople who actually believe in something bigger and better than themselves. Liberals believe in nothing but themselves.

    And besides, I don’t remember inviting you to this debate, white meat. If you want to engage me, I’m all for it. But be warned: I’ve never lost a fight. And stop using those stupid emoticons. They make you look like some 13-year-old kid who spends all their time on the Web instead of doing their homework.

    For now, I’ll leave you with this from essenceofamerica ally IMAO, assuming you are older than 13:

    “The left is a bunch of impotent sissies; on their best days they could never aspire to be anything more than a pest. In fact, the right could easily wipe out the left any time we felt like it. That’s objective proof right there that the right is infinitely more tolerant than the left: Each day we make a conscious decision to let the left continue to exist. It’s really rather magnanimous of us. Hey, we’re nice guys… if maybe a little extreme.”

    You have a good day, white meat. I really mean that; I’m not just saying it.

    Because, you know, I’m so freaking awesome.

  10. 10 The Other White Meat with a Y
    April 21, 2009 at 3:02 pm

    I have no interest in your form of debate. Real argument follows certain rules and forms of reason, which you have shown no interest in, as of yet, in your previous responses. I will certainly not say that you are incapable of an honest debate, as you have accused me, just that I have not seen it of yet.

    Nor will I attack your character,as you have mine, because I do not know you or anything about you. I have no interest in hurling ad hominem attacks when real debate is needed. Nor will I quote others who have no better credentials than I do. This only fosters more ignorance, hate and intolerance.

    Perhaps, other will see that arguments, like yours, may be full of emotion, popular opinion, and appealing words, but they crumble on closer inspection. Real debate does not allow you to attack another’s character instead of their arguments. Real debate does not allow you to use evidence supplied by a non-authority. Real debate appeals to the intellect of other’s, not their emotions.

    So, when you call me a 13 year-old, baby-killing, fire-bombing liberal, you may be misunderstanding the formal process of argument. While these type of attacks and fallacies are often entertaining in the form of a blog, they can not be used in a real discussion.

    So, I will have a great day, as is always my goal. I hope that you are able to have an honest debate with Meredith without resorting to the name-calling and hate speech you have aimed at me. It is an eye-opening journey when one has to examine all sides of an argument with open and honest intentions.

  11. 11 essenceofamerica
    April 21, 2009 at 4:06 pm

    Okay. You’ve had your tantrum. Now get up, whipe your face, and carry on with your liberal cause.

  12. 12 essenceofamerica
    April 21, 2009 at 4:10 pm

    I spelled “wipe” wrong just then. See, my conservatism apparently makes me illiterate. It is quite impossible for it to have simply been a mistake.

  13. 13 Providence Candlelight
    April 26, 2009 at 4:23 pm

    Not to be lectured?
    Perhaps it is your unwillingness to be lectured rather than your conservatism that makes you ignorant.
    My question is: are you only ignorant or stupid and immoral as well?

    Perhaps you are just another coward with a big mouth.


  14. 14 essenceofamerica
    April 27, 2009 at 8:08 am

    Thank you for that, Providence. Your comments lend credence to liberals’ argument that they are tolerant, compassionate, bipartisan, and understanding people.

    Still, we’re used to the persecution, my friend. It’s something we must endure as believers.

    I’ve been attacked like this since I was a child, by ignorant racists and people filled with nothing bute hate and apathy.

    That’s quite alright. I’ve got more fight and determination in me than all you liberals combined. My whole life has been a fight, mostly against your kind, those who preach tolerance and compassion but live by opposite standards.

    You think you’re hurting me by casting aspersions? Think again. It only makes me stronger. Enduring a life of adversity, racism, and prejudice will do that.

    So keep it up. I’m a fighter, a survivor. I’m not ashamed of who I am. I’m not ashamed of my belief in God, in real marriage and real families, and of my opposition to murdering unborn babies. I’m not ashamed of how I was raised and how I have lived my life.

    So go ahead. Persecute me. Judge me. Call me ignorant and stupid and immoral and cowardly, because my life proves otherwise. God is with me.

    That’s all. I’m done with you.

  15. 15 Providence Candlelight
    April 27, 2009 at 5:21 pm

    Are you having difficulty with interpreting what you read?
    Or is it that the Socratic method is a bit too demanding?
    It gets to the truth (rather quickly in this case); doesn’t it?

    On a lighter note – what is it like to be attacked by a person filled with both brute hate and apathy? You cracked me up with that one!! (must have been schizoids hahahahahah)

    Anyway, thank you for brightening my day.


  16. 16 Maria
    May 3, 2009 at 9:57 am

    Sorry for the delay! I didn’t realize I would come here and see so many additional comments. I don’t guess essenceofamerica will be back, but I’ll respond just the same. I was going to defend my viewpoints and try to explain what us “liberals” are all about, but the only thing I can say is that when you start quoting Ann Coulter, you have lost ALL credibility in any debate.

  17. 17 essenceofamerica
    May 4, 2009 at 10:27 am

    Right, Maria, because the progressive left is the epitome of credibility. And I’m sure you’ve noticed Ann Coulter does not aspire to be liked by liberals.

    Well, neither do I. ****http://essenceofamerica.wordpress.com/2009/04/27/conservative-liberal-friendship-dont-mix/****

    Although, I think Meredith does like me, and I’m fine with that. I submit to you that being friendly with ONE liberal isn’t going to corrupt my conservative awesomeness.

    So this reply is dedicated to politicalmpressions.wordpress.com. Here’s to our coexistence, my friend! Peace!

  18. May 4, 2009 at 1:32 pm

    haha! i must admit, i do like Essence. while i’m a political junkie and have very strong opinions on various issues – when it comes to interacting with people, if you’re fun, you’re fun, regardless of your political leanings. alcohol helps the co-minglings as well.

  19. 19 Scott
    May 5, 2009 at 2:57 pm

    It’s funny how a lot of people are writing on here I hate being lumped in with the (other) Texans that believe/are doing _______ while they hang on to their guns and religion. I guess that is because you don’t like being judged and criticized for something you did not believe in or didn’t do. Ironic since if you judge somebody for being religious or having a gun that doesn’t change the fact that you are judging somebody else because you think they believe differently and your beliefs are better. I also heard people criticize Perry for being a hypocrite. I agree Perry is a loon but why don’t you try that hat on and eat it? This blog gives new meaning to the term artificial intelligence. It is better not to be educated than to learn and become a fool.

  20. May 6, 2009 at 3:56 pm

    Oh, scott – there is a very large difference between having to take the responsibility for the actions of one man in one instance, in this case Perry, versus belonging to a group that has long sought to control and benefit themselves, i.e. Christianity. I judge Christians as a group because there are many characteristics and actions of this group repeated for centuries. i know many christians personally and love them, but christianity has been used by many to do harm and it is the number of people in the group that makes it powerful and gives it them ability to do harm.

    i do think my beliefs (lack of, really) are better. if i thought some other beliefs were better than mine, i’d believe those. i am not, however, trying to change other people and do not think everyone should believe as i do. i am merely expressing myself. everyone should believe as they wish. if, however, those believing people wish to legislate their beliefs into laws that government me, i will fight those efforts. i will never, however, try to have my beliefs legislated. and this is a big difference. christians want the government out of their own lives, but into everybody else’s. it’s despicable.

    when i make blanket statements about groups, i am referring to the majority of their members. this should be self-explanatory, but i see many christians trying to defend themselves against my statements when i am generally referring to the group as a whole. humans group themselves. they are biologically programmed to do so. and we will forever more make blanket statements about groups (democrats, republicans, liberals, actors, athletes, etc., etc.). most of the time we do qualify these statements with “the majority of” because that is implied. there are always exceptions to the rule. some blanket statements are deserved, some are not. i try to make ones that are.

    and also, i have to disagree with your contention that “it is better not to be educated than to learn and become a fool.” no one becomes a fool by learning. sure, there are plenty of learned fools and unlearned people who are not fools. but, generally, the “fool” part was there to begin with and, hopefully, through learning many can leave their fool days behind. plenty do. and i prefer to make informed decisions – better decisions tend to be those based on evidence, consideration and, egad, learning.

    you may think me a fool and that is fine. at least i’m expressing myself and participating in the conversation. i didn’t see a link to your blog. might you have one to share?

  21. 21 essenceofamerica
    May 6, 2009 at 8:26 pm

    Meredith, Christians and Christianity are always easy targets for secular society. Many people, particularly those who know nothing about Christians and our faith, are quick to persecute us. It’s always been that way and will always be that way. However, I’m not going to debate theology here because it’s a terrible waste of time if your heart’s not open to it.

    I will ask you this, though: Where’s this hate for people of other faiths, namely Muslims? If you despise Christians as a “group” for their faith, then wouldn’t you also despise people of other faiths?

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not at all advocating Islam. I’m simply asking that, based on your rationale, wouldn’t you lump all other religions or faiths into the same category as Christianity? Or is everything else okay so long as it does not involve Christians?

    In other words, is it just Christianity you hate, or is it every group that believes in something not secular?

    Also, do you understand the hypocrisy in hating us as a group but then as part of the liberals’ group, you routinely preach tolerance and compassion and understanding? How about this: You stop spreading this bitterness for us Christians as a group, and we Christians will stop criticizing you for believing in, well, nothing.

    Furthermore, who the hell is trying to legislate their beliefs into law? Are you talking about anti-abortion efforts or opposition to gay marriage, or both? This argument doesn’t go far with me, and here’s why:

    Those Congressmen you despise institute at least some of their beliefs when writing legislation every day. Senators and representatives on the state level also do it. And I’m talking about Democrats, Republicans and Independents. So I assume you are talking about stuff like abortion and gay marriage, both of which are rather disgusting.

    In most states, when a pregnant woman is murdered, the suspect is charged with two counts of murder. When a woman causes herself bodily harm and in turn kills her own unborn child, she is charged with murder. All abortion does is give us legalized murder – of an innocent child, no less, and this is an issue that will forever separate conservatives and liberals.

    It’s not about telling women what to do in the bedroom. Personally, I don’t give a shit about your uterus. It’s your uterus. But killing a child is killing a child. There’s no way to sugar-coat that. You guys call it pro-choice, but that’s simply another way of saying, “I got pregnant by accident and this little child inside me is an incovenience so I’m just going to get an abortion.”

    Rationalizing abortion is pathetic. It’s sick. Ever heard of adoption or, better yet, birth control? Ever heard of just keeping your legs closed?

    Now, as far as gay marriage goes, that’s also sick. But if you want to live with a gay person or screw a gay person or play house and dress up with a gay person, that’s all on you. It’s your life, and you’ll have to answer to your Creator one day. As long as I don’t have to be around such filth, I don’t care.

    However, I very much care about the legalization (thanks for that, liberal activist judges who show no regard for the sacred principles and traditions of America) of gay marriage. It’s not normal. It’s not right. And, yeah, I get that from my Bible, which mentions homosexuality a dozen times.

    One of my friends says it best with this: “Putting your dick in an anus cannot get someone pregnant.” What he means is that God first created a man, then a woman. That thing between a woman’s legs serves two main purposes: sexual pleasure and child birth. That thing between a man’s leg also serves two main purposes: sexual pleasure and helping create a child. We call it procreation, and it’s perfect.

    But hey, Meredith, you don’t have to worry about this argument since you don’t believe in God and His inspired Word, the Bible. Rather convenient for you, don’t you think?

    I’ll go even further here. I don’t, and the majority of Christian conservatives don’t hate gay people. We very much dislike their lifestyles, but we don’t hate them. Hell, I’ve had gay friends. The same can be said for women who get abortions. It’s a terrible thing for them and for their dead babies, but we don’t hate them.

    One more thing. You liberals can keep your science and be one with the Earth or universe or that tree in the backyard or whatever the Hell you worship or admire. Who do you think created that tree and this planet and the universe and that “big bang?” You think it all just created itself?

    Holy shit, that’s stupid.

  22. 22 Providence Candlelight
    May 7, 2009 at 6:04 pm

    How wonderful of you to return and entertain us.

    I still chuckle when I conjure that person “filled with nothing bute [sp] hate and apathy”.

    Today you have provided us: “However, I’m not going to debate theology here….” followed by a tome of theology.

    Not to mention content that is nothing if not hilarious.

    You are incredibly funny whilst being simultaneously oblivious.
    You have a talent my friend.
    Please continue. 🙂


  23. 23 essenceofamerica
    May 7, 2009 at 6:33 pm

    Providence, you wouldn’t know theoloy if it bit you in your liberal ass.

  24. 24 Providence Candlelight
    May 8, 2009 at 9:22 am

    Essence, LOL. “Theoloy”???? It is too early in the morning for jokes.

    I raise my hand. Lecture me. hahahaha What exactly is “theoloy”?

    Likely, I would know theology whether or not it bit my liberal ass. (Is theology also given over to biting asses? or is it mostly sucking? – who knew?)

    I can also spell theology correctly.

    Slow down, Essence (it will help your spelling problem – it might help you clarify your thoughts). Take it easy; all of us have grown fond of you.


  25. 25 essenceofamerica
    May 8, 2009 at 9:49 am

    Excuse me, Providence. Obviously, I meant to write “theology.” You see, you vex me to the extent I am prone to such spelling errors when addressing you. This is a problem with which I am unfamiliar.

    However, my thoughts need no clarification. As a conservative, my thoughts are perfect. My words are wise. My spirit is strong. I am awesome, as Meredith’s comments will attest.

  26. May 11, 2009 at 4:55 pm

    Hey Essence – finally, I have time to respond. I am against all organized religion. It is a tool used for personal gain and to control masses. Simply because someone may be a good person and a follower of religion does not defend the religion as a whole. In my hundreds of blog entries, I have written my opposition of other religions. However, because Christianity so immediately affects my life and the lives of almost all Americans, I must write in opposition to it quite frequently.

    Furthermore, I think many of the ills of the Islamic religion are readily apparent and not worth commenting on with and degree of regularity. I do, however, like to point out to Christians that Christianity was once an abhorrent religion. The spread of Christianity much of the time was by force and scores lost life and limb in opposition. For Christians to claim superiority of their religion over any other is ridiculous, self-blinding.

    That said, I will once again point out that most of us who deride religion have very intimate experiences with religion, most likely Christianity, and know of what we speak. We are not some outside fringe group making uninformed judgments. We know the Bible, we’ve belonged to churches and prayed at the dinner table with our family. For years.

    Most atheists and agnostics in this country who are 30 or over were probably Christian at one point. You don’t see nearly as many Christians who were once atheist or agnostic. Progress tends to move in one direction.

    And in response to your gay marriage comments, the marriage law is not about procreation. This is a falsehood used by the right quite a bit. This is why many single people have children or many married people remain childless. Marriage is a legal and financial union between two consenting adults. Procreating and love are not prerequisites.

    Homosexually has been a part of human culture since it began. The fact that it has been accepted in a few cultures and condemned in others has no bearing on the continual existence of homosexuals – regardless of what some religions book of fairy tales might say.

    In a society that wishes to progress, the acceptance of the desire for two consenting adults to wish to protect each other through a legal union is natural. Which is why you are married to your wife. Why is it that religioners obtain government-issued marriage licenses instead of simply marrying in the church before god and being done with it? For the legal protection. Gay couples are entitled to this protection as well and should not have to be subject to a culture’s rejection of them.

    Furthermore, marriage should not be defined as the bible defined it. First of all, the bible (thankfully) has no bearing on my life. The god of abraham is a vengeful, spiteful, petty god. Would I really believe that an all-loving god is also a jealous god? hell no! The tenants of christianity are so far outside reason, i would never base anything on it, let alone whether to legalize gay marriage.

    Opposition to gay marriage is shrinking – more rapidly every year – so, this is not something i feel compelled to debate a lot. either you agree with it or you don’t and if you don’t, that’s fine – legalization will happen anyway. you can’t stop progress (one of my main mantras).

    i don’t hate christians and i really don’t hate christianity. i don’t think i HATE anything, really, because that hate would make me an ugly person on the inside. i am OPPOSED to organized religion. and, in my opinion of christians with whom i personally interact, i think back to that adage “hate the sin, not the sinner.” i’m opposed to christianity, but not christians (at least not them being in my life).

    also, when i say that you want to legislate your beliefs into a cage, i say that because christians want their religious beliefs to become law. now the bible says not to have an abortion, the bible doesn’t say to prevent everyone else from having an abortion. the bible also says to have sex with your wife, it doesn’t say to go and make sure everyone else is having sex with their wives. the bible says not to be obese, it doesn’t say to make sure no one else is obese.

    christians like to parcel out the parts of the bible they want to inflict the rest of us with, yet ignore the parts they themselves don’t like. John Hagee is extremely obese – yet he wants to prevent gays from getting married. who is he to go against the bible while saying others should not do so. the bible says not to alter your body, yet miss california thinks gays should not get married.

    christians are so worried about preventing non-christians from doing unbiblical things while they themselves unapologetically commit unbiblical actions constantly. you’ll find the hippees in austin far more christ-like than all the church-goers inhabiting the bible belt. christians tend to be the most unchrist-like people of all.

    christians should worry whether their lives are holy and stop trying to make the rest of us abide by their freakish beliefs.

    and i am intolerant of christian hypocrisy, which is part and parcel of the religion, so i right about it. and christians are seriously on crack when they claim persecution.

    i’m not advocating the closing of any church, the criminalization of christian commercials, the tearing down of christian billboards. hell, my sister’s kid’s public school had a christian display during the talent show. would the principal and parents have approved an atheist or muslim display? hell no.

    my speaking out about christianity is not persecuting anyone or anything. christians with their victim complex are so sickening. i disagree with the religion and many of its followers and am merely stating an opinion. if you want to call that persecution, i doubt many would agree with you. christianity is everywhere in this country and helped elect some sorry politicians with terrible policies. the fact that the rest of us have decided to raise our voice and stand against this influence is not persecution. it’s democracy. it’s freedom of speech, freedom to congregate. it’s progress.

  27. 27 essenceofamerica
    May 11, 2009 at 6:59 pm

    Meredith, we’ve exhausted the Christianity debate. You’re not going to change your heart unless you’re led by God to do so. Therefore, I’m not going to waste any more time arguing about it.

    I will pray for you, regardless of whether you despise that or mock it. God gave us all free will – the freedom to blaspheme the Holy Spirit and reject Him or the freedom to accept Him and live victoriously. As for me, I know God is real and could not imagine living without Him, living without meaning and purpose.

    So I’m done with this.

  28. 28 FFFffffafafaueee
    June 13, 2010 at 8:37 am

    Infinitesimal / infinite. know the difference.

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