Non-Political MUST SEE: Hitler Rants About Aggie Football

I apologize – I feel very strongly that this blog should comment strictly on political events only. Nothing about ego-maniac Christian Bale going diva berserko on the set of “Terminator Salvation”, nothing about Jessica Simpson deserving to be noticed for gaining weight after building a career solely on her appearance (seriously. name one of her songs. right. i can’t either), and nada about the nutter lady who recently had octuplets as a single, 33 year-old who already has six children and lives with her parents who are divorced, but cannot afford to live separately – one of them having filed for bankruptcy last year. Nothing about any of that.

But I have to make one teeny, tiny exception when a viral youtube video makes me laugh my ass off – especially because I am a Longhorn with a penchant for college football and the video virtually slays the Aggie program. Seriously, watch it. It’s m-fing hilarious.


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