No Repubs in House Vote for Stimulus

It’s funny when Rush Limbaugh said the Republicans are expected to bend over and grab their ankles for Obama. That’s exactly what the Democrats did for Bush. And I’m all for the Republicans presenting a reasonable opposition to a stimulus package with a lot of government spending. It drives debate and discussion and after 8 years with a federal government that shat out one bad policy after another, it’s good to see both parties sitting across the table from one another.

But not one Republican in the House voted for the stimulus package. And Obama made some concessions for the Republicans. Some family planning spending was taken out. Tax cuts were strengthened – despite numerous data indicating that infrastructure spending strengthens the economy much more quickly than tax cuts.

And yet not one Repub said Yea. The Republicans didn’t give an inch, not a millimeter. They demanded their way as if the majority of the American people voted to support them. I don’t know, perhaps they were all smoking crack together on Nov. 4. At least that would be a logical explanation for their current behavior.

So, now we’re looking at a future in which the Democrats give a bit to appease the constipated blowhards on the right – something the Repubs never did for the Dems did during the failed Bush Era – and Republicans still withhold every ounce of support. Obama will extend the olive branch again and again and make concessions and the Republicans will bat it away like the immature dittoheads they are.

How many concessions will Obama give before he finally says, if you are not willing to cooperate in the most minute manner, I will stop asking for your opinion entirely? Obama is not a small man, so I doubt he will never say these words that would make my inner child gleeful.

I prize common sense decisions and reason and it goes without saying that to do the same thing over and over expecting different results in an exercise in insanity. We tried it the Republican way for eight years. Bush met with the Democrats only three times during his administration. Obama has already met with the Republicans twice. If that doesn’t tell you who has more character and is a better decision-maker, then we likely disagree about much, much more.

The Repubs had their chance and failed immeasurably. They are now the party of yesterday. On the wrong side of history, as Obama says. Dying off. Rush looks like he could keel over any minute – then the Repubs would have to get some actual leadership. It doesn’t surprise me that the party would try to stay relevant by being obstructionists. They’ve been doing it the last two years.

As they are now, Republicans are shameful and harmful and pitiful, broken and soon-to-be-forgotten. And I am so thankful I am not one of them. I doubt they will change, put down the crack pipe and join the rest of us acknowledging and responding to reality. I have hope that the younger generation of Republicans are not the brittle crackers of a ruinous ideology the current leadership reveals themselves to be.


4 Responses to “No Repubs in House Vote for Stimulus”

  1. 1 carefulfish
    January 29, 2009 at 10:45 am

    Your statements aimed at republicans at large, though seemingly deserved, are rather broad. Are you sure the rejection of the stimulus was only a symbolic act of antagonism when perhaps there is a real reason republicans rejected it? Perhaps the “concessions” Obama made weren’t the “concessions” they seek. Isn’t it possible that with the money going to schools and roads, etc. that there are some out there who simply want checks in the mail so they can go save their favorite store? Isn’t that how economy works, from the bottom up?

  2. January 29, 2009 at 11:00 am

    My statement is broad and applies to the Republican leadership. I haven’t seen one in recent times present a logical, coherent reaction to current economic situation or the need to change strategies in dealing with the problems we face. They want to continue the same failed policies even after the American people have spoken and demanded otherwise.
    Obama’s concessions were a direct answer to Republican criticism of the package he had received. They had specifically mentioned the family planning components as among those to which they were opposed.
    The checks in the mail last year didn’t work because everyone either saved the money or paid of debt. Republicans aren’t asking for more checks directly to to people. That doesn’t stimulate the economy. I agree that the economy works from the ground up – which is what infrastructure projects do. They employ people directly, quickly and allow them to earn the money that can be used in the housing and consumer sectors.
    Republicans simply want more and more tax cuts for wealthier Americans. There are already tax cuts for small businesses in the stimulus package, but they want the tax cuts to outnumber the infrastructure projects – which is not good policy in the current economic climate. Tax cuts do not put people to work. That is a trickle-down monetary policy which has proven to be a failure again and again. The Repubs are calling for failed economic policy based on ideology, not hard data.
    Furthermore, they are being obstructionists because this country is so gerrymandered that every district is either hard-core conservative or hard-core liberal. A lot of the inability of Washington to get anything done is that politicians are always looking toward the next election. If we had reasonable term limits, we could get some people in with testicular fortitude who care more about good policy than their careers.

  3. 3 Providence Candlelight
    February 3, 2009 at 9:09 am

    You are absolutely correct PM.

    What about Daschle?

    He ought be ashamed and run out of town.


  4. February 3, 2009 at 11:29 am

    PC – no joke! What is it with everyone saying Daschle is the only person for health secretary?! What about Rahm Emanuel’s brother? I’m sure there are plenty decent candidates for this position. I think it’s just Obama trying to pay back favors since Daschle has been on the Obama bandwagon since day one. Disappointing!

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