Doctors’ Business Ties To Be Disclosed

In Cleveland, at least – but it’s a good start. The Cleveland Clinic has announced it will reveal the relationships between its doctors/researchers and pharmaceutical companies and device makers. The objective of the disclosure it to prevent conflicts of interest in its health care system. It gives my such a warm feeling inside to witness an increase in corporate transparency. Well, that increase in transparency and the glass of white wine I’ve poured for myself while awaiting Top Chef to start. Love that show.

Seriously though, how many people do you know who can recite stories about a visit with a doctor who prescribed unnecessary medication or recommended a superfluous procedure? Though these Hippocratic Oath defiers are few and far between – when you’ve had an experience with one, it’s downright diabolical.

These greenback-hungry tricksters must be stopped!

And if The Cleveland Clinic turns out to be a trendsetter, they will. If I lived in Cleveland, I’d definitely have them administer the tetanus-diptheria booster I’ve been avoiding.


2 Responses to “Doctors’ Business Ties To Be Disclosed”

  1. 1 Rob
    December 4, 2008 at 12:28 pm

    It does sound really good, but I’m afraid that the people who need to find out this information will be unable to because they’re older and not linked into where the information will probably be posted or be able to be searched, on the internet, know what I mean?

    I heard about this on NPR yesterday and wondered the same thing about how it will change any of the relationships that have already begun, now it will just be in our face and for those who are hurting and in pain at a doctors office, I don’t know how many will question what the doctor says due to the fact that they’re in a vulnerable position.

    Hope for the best, plan for the worst kind of situation…

  2. 2 Marc
    December 5, 2008 at 9:48 am

    I grew up around Cleveland, and while every other major industry in the city continued to fall in on itself, the health industry, led by Cleveland Clinic’s reputation for excellence, kept the town afloat, in a very real way.

    I think that with their usual foresight they’ve seen that there are going to be major reforms in the healthcare industry here soon, and they want to be out in front of them when they come.

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