Spy Arrested for Selling NATO Secrets to Russia

Herman Simm

Herman Simm

An Estonion ministry of defense official, Herman Simm, was arrested Sept. 21 of this year after having spied for Russia since the late 1980’s. As the investigation into Simm’s past activities it is becoming clearer the breadth of his espionage, potentially including handing over secrets of U.S. missile defense and the protection of secret data flow.

Now, I’m not surprised in the least at the uncovering of a tentacle of Russian spy endeavors. The West wants to place missiles pointing at Russia around the country’s borders, isolate the country into good behavior and bring all of Russia’s neighbors into NATO, an organization born from Cold War tensions meant to counter Soviet military threats. If Russia had the capabilities to threaten the U.S. similarly, we would be going ballistic. Literally.

What shocks me is that the mainstream media hasn’t issued a peep, let alone aired a decent profile of these events that most certainly rocked the intelligence world in the last couple of months. The U.K.’s Times Online is comparing Simm to Aldrich Ames, yet American audiences are largely unapprised of this potentially catastrophic development for U.S. security.

The International Herald Tribune carried The Associated Press’ write-up the story. And while The IHT may be well-read internationally, it is not here in the U.S. and the only publication outside of our borders, besides the Times, to substantially cover the story is The Baltic Times, it seems. And I saw it on The Drudge Report. So what gives?!

Sure the media has fed our insatiable appetite for all coverage relating to our recent historic election – but when secrets of life-and-death importance are traded to Russia at a time when Putin is strengthening his autocratic hold on his hydrocarbon-rich nation, WE DESERVE TO KNOW.

Could it be that our government is trying to keep this quiet? It is well known that our executive administration has waived their dicks all over our mainstream media in an attempt (successfully) to influence coverage – which is why the internet and its ubiquitous bloggers have become such an inevitable tool for enhancing transparency necessary to the health of a democracy.

In any case, Tom Brokaw, Andrea Mitchell, Wolf, Anderson, Bob Schieffer, Politico, Brian Williams, Steve Kroft, Chris Wallace, Bueller, anybody, GET ON THIS! Tell us what the hell is going on over there! This is a major, important news story, for chrissakes!


2 Responses to “Spy Arrested for Selling NATO Secrets to Russia”

  1. December 1, 2008 at 12:59 am

    Americans only care about this stuff (sadly) when it’s really sexy.

    This is about an Estonian. Go find 10 random folks to find Estonia on the map.

  2. December 2, 2008 at 3:17 pm

    GF – haha! They can’t even find Nebraska on the map, so my hopes would not be that high.

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