Wesley Clark Replaces John Edwards In Debate With Karl Rove

In the last few weeks, I had completely forgotten about the debate scheduled between John Edwards and Karl Rove in the University of Buffalo’s Distinguished Speaker Series.

The debate was scheduled for tomorrow and, according to UofB, General Wesley Clark has replaced John Edwards. Smart move.

I wonder how many people they had to ask to face Karl Rove before Clark said yes. I do think Clark will handle Rove better than Edwards even though he will not have a grasp on statistics as much as Edwards. Rove, however, tends to respect men with military experience and quite possibly could be more deferential than he would have to a former trial lawyer who cuckolded his wife.

There is still no word as to the broadcasting of the debate and now that Clark is Rove’s opponent, I don’t know how much I’ll want to watch it anyway.

Still, the whole thing makes me want to start a betting pool predicting when Edwards will crawl out of his cave and try to piece together the tattered remains of his reputation. Hopefully never.

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