McCain To Suspend Campaign To Handle Financial Crisis

McCain said he is directing his campaign to work with Obama’s campaign to postpone Friday’s debate (which would postpone my previous blog).

Rep. (D) Rahm Emanuel is saying the Congress can handle the bailout issue and the debate should continue as planned because there are still many other important issues facing this country, like the Iraq War, that require discussion and debate.

McCain also called upon Pres. Bush to convene a meeting of legislative leadership because McCain believes they can form a consensus on the bailout package before markets open Monday morning.

This looks very presidential of McCain – being the first one to propose such a drastic step to handle this crisis and issuing demands to Bush. Excellent move on his part.

It will be interesting to see how Obama handles this situation. He’s either following McCain’s lead or failing to understand the importance of the financial crisis.

Gotta give you this one, McCain Camp – way to take the upper hand and knock Obama off the airwaves.

UPDATE: MSNBC is reporting that at 8:30 this morning, Obama called McCain and asked him if he would like to join Obama for a joint statement of their view of the bailout situation. McCain called Obama at 2:30 this afternoon to say he would join him for the statement and they are currently working on their presentations.

Obama will also speak shortly.

McCain, however, jumped the gun on Obama with this speech he gave moments ago, which makes him appear as if he took the leadership role in this situation. That’s not setting politics aside. But that does make McCain look very good.

This is most likely McCain’s best chance at getting off the bailout hotseat, as many of people have placed the possibility of legislation passing on McCain’s shoulders.

UPDATE II: Despite McCain’s suspension of his campaign, Nancy Pfotenhauer was just on MSNBC talking about political priorities, basically campaigning for McCain. Hmmm.

Also, Norah O’Donnell asked her why when presidents need to multitask, McCain can’t address this financial crisis and conduct a debate. Pfotenhauer again said it goes back to priorities.

This is McCain’s way of politicizing the financial crisis, but he still looks good doing it.

UPDATE III: Obama speaking. He says he initiated the call, but gives Rep. Sen. Tom Coburn the credit for the idea of a joint statement.

Obama almost has one speed. Plod. Plod. Plod. He never gets fired up, only serious. His lack of expression bothers me.

“Senator McCain returned my call this afternoon.” He’s really trying to bring home the idea that he was the “Maverick” on this one. Too late. McCain bluffed enough to get the first word out.

Obama wanted to get the joint statement out first, before calling on a Congressional leadership meeting. Barack, remember, you’re dealing with dirty tricksters – you have them an inch and they took you for a fool. Strategic blunder, though the voters’ memories are quite short.

Obama is going to take the “Presidents need to be able to do more than one thing at a time.” This probably means the debate is on. Prepare for the spin about to be unleashed by McCain on this. Furthermore, Obama says Washington should be not be infused with presidential politics. Good line. Don’t know how it will play with voters.

Did anyone notice Obama is taking questions and McCain, surprise, surprise, did not? Taking questions is presidential…

CONCLUSION: McCain politicized the political crisis in the act of saying he was not going to politicize the political crisis. He gave Obama the impression that they would issue a joint statement before any further procedures and then ran to the cameras to call for a suspension of campaigns & the debate and beat Obama to the punch. What a dick. Not playing politics, my ass.

McCain puts himself first when he decides to place a female George W. Bush in the #2 seat and now he’s putting himself first by getting in front of the cameras before the joint statement. I’m not whining – I recognize the benefit to this strategy – but call a spade a spade: it was a dishonorable move that only a losing political shyster would make.

I am so glad I am not voting for that excuse for a man. I couldn’t feel better than I do about that decision.

UPDATE IV: The debate commission says the debate’s on. Suck it, McLoser. Orrin Hatch is saying McCain is willing to risk being president to fix this financial crisis. What a load – this is one of the biggest strategies of his presidential campaign yet. McCain just wants to stay away from media questions as much as possible and run a campaign on a myth rather than policy. McCain’s campaign is a hollow shell and avoiding the debates is just one piece of that baseless facade.

haha. Barney Franks says this is just a stunt by McCain and that he just wants to airdrop himself in the middle of the negotiations and take credit for something that’s happening without him. He said much progress is being made on the bailout package and for McCain to come in with his entourage would simply complicate the situation. Damn, Barney looks tired.

Who wants a calm, measured president? Anybody? Just me?


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