Lieberman Continues Playing Politics with Our Troops

Alright, Liberals, time for that famous anger. And anyone who else who thinks that decisions regarding the military should be measured and reasoned.



As I’ve written before, the “success” of the Surge actually has more to do with the U.S. government paying of the Sunnis and new secret ops strategies than manpower. The added troops helped undoubtedly. When discussing a war, however, it is of grave importance to acknowledge and understand the entire picture – which we have yet to see from McCain, Lieberman, or their third butt-buddy, Lindsey Graham.

I’ve almost beaten it into the ground, but I’ll provide the links here:

Decreased Violence in Iraq and Finally, Honesty About the Surge

I love it when you talk dirty

Furthermore, I have previously written that Joe Lieberman is playing politics with our troops with his proposed legislation ” which expresses the sense of the Senate recognizing the strategic success of the troop surge in Iraq.” Earlier, Lieberman had defended this amendment by quoting General Petraeus, “‘Iraq is still viewed as the central front for al-Qaida.’ Let me repeat that: ‘Iraq is still viewed as the central front for al-Qaida,’ which is to say by al-Qaida. Not Afghanistan, Iraq; not Pakistan, Iraq.”

According to Think Progress, Lieberman introduced the amendment Sept. 10, S. Amdt. 5368 to S. 3001, which states, among other things:

(18) In 2007, General Petraeus described Iraq as “the central front of al Qaeda’s global campaign”.

(19) In 2008, as a consequence of the success of the surge, al Qaeda has been dealt what Director of Central Intelligence Michael Hayden assesses as a “near strategic defeat” in Iraq.

(21) As a consequence of the success of the surge, sectarian violence in Iraq has fallen dramatically and has been almost entirely eliminated.

(22) As a consequence of the success of the surge, overall insurgent attacks have fallen by approximately 80 percent since June 2007 and are at their lowest level since March 2004.

(24) As a consequence of the success of the surge, the Government of Iraq has made significant strides in advancing sectarian reconciliation and achieving political progress, including the passage of key benchmark legislation.

Now, if the amendment said, “As a consequence of the success of government payoffs to Sunnis, new special operations strategies and the surge…yada, yada, yada,” this amendment would would be truthful.

The problem with the amendment stems from a basic principle of logic. Correlation does not prove cause between two variables. The surge is a variable and decreased violence in Iraq is a variable. That the surge happened at the beginning stages of the decrease in violence means the surge correlates to the surge, but it does not mean the surge caused it. More in-depth study of the decrease in violence in Iraq will outline Sunni payoffs (Sunni Awakening) and special operations programs more as causal factors. I learned this basic principle of logic as part of my education at an evil liberal university. Apparently, Lieberman didn’t.

Somebody's gotta chip on their shoulder....

I will repeat my opinion of this amendment. By introducing this piece of legislation at this time, Lieberman is politicizing the war and politicizing our military and politicizing our troops. He merely wants the Senate to agree to this 25 percent-true amendment so that McCain has ammunition to fire at Obama should Obama avoid the vote, vote no or vote yes. They want to pigeon-hole Obama into agreeing to a typical Republican slant on reality. It is shameful and reprehensible.

You can email Joe Lieberman at correspondence-email@lieberman.senate.gov to tell him your thoughts. I know I will. I haven’t decided if I’ll be incendiary or not… (NEVERMIND, I can’t get any of these email addresses to work… Still on the search for the right address!)

Furthermore, Lieberman is the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. I know, it’s freaking crazy. If you’d like to sign the petition to have him removed, visit liebermanmustgo.com. I’m proud to say I’m one of 53,050 signers, but hope many more will join the effort. I can’t imagine they’d let him stay after this ridiculous behavior.

And, Connecticut, I know…I know… We’re saddled with him until 2012. Can I just suggest that you please, please remove him from office when you get the chance? I mean, for the love of pete! I know this comes from a Texas resident – but I swear, I SWEAR, I have not voted for Kay Bailey Hutchison or John Cornyn (at least after the age of 20 – kay bailey’s been around a looooooooonnnggggg time).

Update: I decided to go ahead and go with slightly incendiary language. Here’s the email I sent Lieberman’s office (at least, I tried to send him and will continue to do so until I find the correct email!)

Lieberman –

Your amendment to acknowledge the success of the surge without acknowledging Sunni payoffs or the new military strategic operations strategy is misleading and partially false.

You are only introducing this amendment with Senator Graham as a tool to attack Senator Obama should he vote “no,” “yes,” or avoid the vote altogether.

It is shameful and reprehensible that you would use our military for your own petty political games. It is easy to see through this charade and you know it.

I gladly anticipate your removal from your Senate chairmanship for you have lost your honor and integrity. I have signed the Lieberman Must Go petition with pleasure.

I’m sure the minions in your Senate office won’t let you read this, but at least they will know that there are plenty of us out there who see through your lies and bullshit. We’ll be watching.

Shame on you,


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