Reaction to Night 3 of the Dem Convention

Lackluster. I really thought it was lackluster. Bill’s speech was okay and he did a good job. Apparently, the Obama team sent a speech writer to work with Biden and it showed, in a bad way – I even zoned out a couple times. Beau Biden almost had me in tears, I have to say. BUT, nothing was transcendent. Nothing really stuck it to McCain. I will be regaling no one with momentous tales of last night. It was good. Like Mike Murphy said on Morning Joe this morning, it was “adequate.”

I hear everyone saying Bill knocked it out of the park, but why is the sound bite the stations keep playing saying something like, “I support Barack Obama and I’m here to warm up the crowd for Joe Biden.” Who cares? We know you’d support Obama. Where are the great zingers he always gives that make the Repubs look like dufuses and doddering fools?

I want over the top. I want to jump out of my chair and wave my fist in the air (like I just don’t care! kidding…) and shout, “We’ve got ’em by the balls this year, goddammit!!!” And I expect it. This is the Democrat’s biggest chance to get the country fired up and you know what they were? They were careful. There were no risks taken. Only a lot of “John McCain is my friend, but…” Well, John McCain is NOT my friend and you are speaking to ME, not John McCain’s momma.

Sure, the Dems may be focusing their messages on swing and independent voters. But, remember during the primary when Obama was courting the Democratic base? That was when he was a candidate for change. That was when he was exciting and presented to us a picture of a future that could make the last eight years seem like just a bad dream. That was hope and excitement that made us all hold our breaths and pinch ourselves.

The direction toward the middle, pulling back from being out on that limb, and the simple over-handled, formulaic, un-spontaneous capitulation to the middle is sucking all the air out of Democratic Opportunity.

I still think Obama will win. As far as the report card for the Convention goes, however, I give it a B. Not a B+, not a B-. B. Milk toast. Milhouse.

Suggestion: Dems need to cede more of this planning to the younger members who are galvanizing around Obama and can bring the freedom and excitement back to the Democratic Party. It feels like the old, normal, same ‘ol same ‘ols are the ones pulling the strings. It makes me feel like I’m at a bad art film instead of a blockbuster.

I disagree that the celebrity, rockstar attack against Obama is the cause of the poll numbers between McCain and Obama closing. McCain experienced a bit of a shot in the arm because he starting saying something – anything. Before, he was just an old man in a grocery store cheese aisle. Even if all he has to offer is an empty attack of Obama, it’s more than he was doing before. It’s not the celebrity attack that’s working. And these attacks will fizzle during the debates when Obama makes McCain look like an out-of-touch, senile diaper-wearer. So, Obama shouldn’t shy away from being the rockstar. We want a rockstar! We’ve had a buffoon for eight years! Give us the Rock Star and stop letting McCain dictate your words and actions and defining you! Sheesh!

When everyone is talking about “red meat” and the fact that it’s missing from the Dem. Convention, the translation is that these Dems are not speaking to their base. Focus your message on the base and the swingers will see why the Dems can promise a better president and the Republicans can promise continued failure.

I feel like I’m always saying, “Hello! McFly!!!”

David Shuster is now saying Obama’s speech won’t be the type of speech everyone is expecting; it won’t have as many “rhetorical flourishes” and it will be more circumspect, not rip-roaring. Great. Fantastic. YAWN.


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