MEREDITH VETO: Comparing the Obamas to the Huxtables

I cannot believe it is already time for another MEREDITH VETO! But, people, I cannot sit silent while an inane and cheesy analogy is bantered about incessantly by the talking heads comparing the Democratic first family hopefuls to a fictional sitcom family.

It’s easy to understand why the comparison is drawn: the first potential black family in the White House and the first successful black family on television. I get it. I’m not retarded.

But how generic! How Kraft cheese or vanilla ice cream or khaki pants! Every time there’s a successful black person or family making headlines, the inevitable Huxtable metaphor is cheaply brought up once again. Yawn. The sitcom went off the air in the early 90’s and you guys have the commentating creativity of a pea.

Not every successful black man is Bill Cosby, so expand your minds and stop pigeon-holing an entire race of people.

Okay, now I can get off my soapbox.


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