How Obama Can Beat McCain II

I’m going to make this clear and simple.

Obama Campaign,

Create an advertisement using clips from Bush’s campaign speeches and debates. Find clips from McCain’s speeches and debates. Show a Bush sound bite. Then show a McCain sound bite saying the same thing. Repeat as necessary.

Play it in Florida. Play it in Ohio. Play it in Michigan.

Easy as pie.

Shooting fish in a barrel.

Do it.

UPDATE 09.05.08: Good Job!


1 Response to “How Obama Can Beat McCain II”

  1. September 24, 2008 at 10:53 am

    How Obama Can Beat McCain: If intelligent people go to the polls and leave the Fox News watchers at home. Smart people recognize the “spin” that Fox and their “ilk” put on the real news. And we know, too, we don’t want another warmonger in the White House!

    Note: McCain has done little but use personal attacks on Obama. And Barack does not personally attack McCain.

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