McCain Advertising in Texas

McCain with Texas Political Dirties

McCain with Texas Political Dirties

Along the lines of the things that make you go “hmmmm…” is McCain’s television adversing in Texas. He started showing ads before Obama did and shows more of them. Now, for Obama to take Texas away from McCain would be highly unlikely – even with Obama’s support among Hispanics.

Furthermore, I hear McCain isn’t pouring any money into Florida – a state he’ll really need to concentrate on before November AND a state already Obama is funneling money into and making headway in the polls.

Much of McCain’s strategy has seemed misguided and unfocused and seeing these ads here in the DFW metroplex only furthers my belief that his campaign is being led by people who don’t quite know how to do what they do well. They even flub attacks against Obama and the Right Wing has the smear tactic down to an exact science.

Odd, very odd.

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