Meghan McCain’s Blogette Fan Mail – So Worth A Read

When McCain admitted he doesn’t know how to get on the internet himself and said he never really felt the need to email, his wife did remind him that when he does get on the internet, he checks his daughter’s blog, McCainblogette.com. Hooray.

Obviously, I had to check it out for myself. The Columbia grad and former Newsweek intern is obviously more world wide web literate than her father and garners quite a bit of fan mail, apparently, which she posts from time to time.

It would be hard for any self-respecting non-McCain voter to get through these fan letters, but I gave it the good college try. And, since I’m a giver, I thought I’d share with you the interesting tidbits I could cull from these sentiments that will most likely amuse, if not confuse, those of us who do not support McCain and find it difficult to understand why others would.

FYI, the description of the blog is “Musings and Pop Culture on the Political Trail” and she provides her own soundtrack to her experience in the form of Playlists. The list she currently displays is of blues songs that help her when she suffers from insomnia. Personally, I resort to wine – I mean, isn’t it just the perfect cure-all?!

I worked hard to get through the Meghan McCain fan mail and the only reward I ask is that you enjoy these samples fully. And, if for some reason, you so wrongfully suspect these emails for fakes – ruses I cooked up in a drunken effort to gain readership – please feel free to access them in their entirety here.

Tim from Houston, Texas writes: Being a Veteran myself and knowing what it takes to be in your fathers shoes, I am completely impressed with how you and your family deal with day to day living while on the trail. I have and always will stand in awe of Senator, soon to be President McCain and all he has been through and what kind of a man he has turned out to be as well as How his daughter has turned out. Very impressive.

Wendy from Bainbridge Island, Washington writes:
Hi Meghan! My name is Wendy. I have been a Democrat all my life and was a Clinton supporter. Now that that does not seem to be a possible option, I am throwing myself 100% behind John McCain and will do everything in my power to assist him in defeating Obama. …

Lane from Great Falls, Virginia writes: You have inspired me,a young girl, to follow the trail and become interested in the government of our country….which before i thought was impossible!!

Dan from Seattle, Washington writes:
I am extremely impressed with the quality of your playlists. The broad range of your tastes shows that you have a keen ear and sharp intellect. I am an independent voter and know that a man who raises a daughter to enjoy and respect many types of music is worth listening too about many issues.

Andrew from Boston, Massachusetts writes: It sometimes shocks people that Republicans like myself care for (and work for) the environment. Republicans care just as much about the protecting the heritage of their land as anyone (I might argue even more).

Gerald from Columbia, Missouri writes: This has given me the boost I needed to vote for him in the presidential election.

Colleen from Pflugerville, Texas writes: If all of America could read what you write and what your pictures show, there would be do doubt about voting for your father.

Sean from Clovis, New Mexico writes: There is no question that Senator McCain has always put the country we love ahead of partisanship or politics. I have not always agreed with Senator McCain on every little issue, but have always respected the fact that he says what he really thinks, honestly, without pandering. Our generation needs someone like John McCain who inspires us — the way JFK did our parents — to “serve a cause greater than self.”

Sue from Loudon, New Hampshire writes:
Your site is great! I just bookmarked it. A different perspective on John McCain. I am now planning on backing your dad (I am a former Hillary backer)…

Elizabeth from Coeur d alene, Idaho writes:
Hi there!! Just found your blog and as a former Hillary Clinton supporter, since she’s no longer an option to go with, I will be voting for McCain– I plan to work as hard for him as I did for Hillary. While some views and beliefs are different I believe many are similar—

Jon from Commack, New York writes:
Meghan, I am jealous!!! SONIC advertises on TV, and Cable here in NY, but alas NY has no SONICS!! The next campaign lol should be… WE WANT SONICS IN NY. Peace, Jon

Hope from Little Boston, Pennsylvania writes: Thank you so much for the post about inner beauty. I printed it out and stuck it on my mirror. You’re an inspiration to young women everywhere. (:

Will these people really be surprised when Obama wins? Most of the Repubs I know plan on voting for McCain, but know it will almost certainly be an exercise in vain futility.


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