Hall of Shame II: Crazy Hillary Extremists

I have reached the conclusion that any extremist on any side of the political prism is harmful to the democratic process. Once a person reaches the conclusion that their ideals are the correct ones and solidifies the certainty of their philosophy, they no longer are capable of learning. And to make good decisions, one has to learn and be informed on a continual basis. A person incapable of learning, questioning or investigating has a paralyzed mentality and should excuse themselves from the participatory stage of elections and governing.


And every candidate, every party, every philosophy has their crazies. Whether they are Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Michael Savage OR the Ron Paul Nutters OR self-immolating monks OR rawtarians OR the Elvis Lives Fan Club, there are groups of people who have skirted the limitations of reason and become what we call “The Fringe Element.” Obama has them, too. In the footage of his rallies, you can spot those wily-eyed supporters who see nothing objectionable, offer no criticism and refuse to view the Democratic nominee through the lens of reality. They, however, never threatened to abandon the Democratic party if he did not receive the nomination.

And this is where we address another “Fringe Element” garnering media attention. A man named Ed Hale has launched a website, hcsfjm.com, which apparently represents The National Organization of Hillary Clinton Supporters for John McCain. He essentially wants to unify people who would do their utmost to keep Obama from reaching the White House. Hale claims to be “one of them bible thumping, gun toting red necks and dam [sic] proud of it” who wants his grandchildren to be free from the fear of being killed by a terrorist. Apparently, if Obama is elected, at the very least, our fear of a terrorist attack would skyrocket because his version of security would create another Baghdad here in the USA. Compelling, I know.

Now, I must suspect that Ed – who is a lifelong Democrat – is actually from that demographic element I wrote of in an earlier blog who is a remnant from the days before Democrats and Republicans swapped demographics. We have many of them here in Texas and they are a reason the Oklahoman governor is a Democrat. These are people who are fundamentally conservative and tend to vote Republican, but their pappy was a Democrat and their grandpappy was a Democrat and their grandpappy’s grandpappy was a Democrat, so they’re a Democrat, too.

Ed is also one of those petrified “fringe element” types. Non-negotiable. Security over liberty. Political promises over character and judgment. I support him in his swap to the McCain camp because he agrees with McCain’s politics more than Obama’s. I get it. Not really a big loss for us true lefties and probably should have been a Republican in the first place if he was more concerned with political philosophy than party loyalty and straight-ticket voting.


However, there are many Hillary supporters who are promising to vote for McCain over Obama, not because of political philosophy, but for revenge. They want to see a 2008 McCain victory because they are sure Hillary would run again and win in 2012. These people should be shot.

Exhibit A: In this video, you will see a gay man on the far right, in a brown shirt with a turquoise Hillary signature.

***Currently having technical difficulties embedding the videos.

To view the first one, click here.

He was behind her at the Kentucky victory rally as well:

To view the second one here.

He was also interviewed on the Daily Show episode, which aired June 4, in which he told Aasif Mandvi that he is as gay as the day is long and he’s voting for McCain.

These are not people who disagree fundamentally with Obama, but are simply the sorest of losers. They turned a blind eye to Clinton’s slash-and-burn, flawed campaign which gave Obama a fair and square victory (Michigan and Florida seated or not) and they were not rewarded. Nor should they have been.

Now, they are willing to continue sending our troops to an unnecessary death in Iraq, they are willing to allow our government to continue using warrantless wiretaps, make tax cuts for the wealthy permanent, squash the idea of universal health care and give their vote to a monumental flipflopper all in the name of political revenge.

I have no respect for these people who would allow their emotions to dominate a decision that requires the most educated and informed of all logic. Bush has proven that the election of the U.S. president has global consequences. Yet these people prioritize their selfish, self-centered demands over funds for AIDS in Africa, preventing a war of choice on Iran, the increase in unfair trade, environmental protection, and the plethora of detrimental Bush policies McCain would either continue or worsen.

They will have blood on their hands if McCain wins. When polar bears go extinct and children sew soccer balls and the situation in the Middle East continues to devolve, it will be their fault.

Suggestion to all you revenge voters: Pull your heads out of your asses. Thems the breaks. Vote Nader. Vote Bob Barr. But don’t relegate the rest of us to four more years of inanity and tragically pandemic destruction just because your girl couldn’t get her shit together and cared more about her candidacy than unity of the Democratic party – you being the prime example of her political selfishness.

People died and gave their lives for our right to vote. It is no small matter. Obama is most politically similar to Hillary than any other candidate. If you are going to use your right to vote not to express your political opinion, but rather your spite, you are a morally reprehensible being and dishonoring all those who fought for our freedoms.

And if you vote for McCain, fine, you’ll just be a loser again. How’s them apples?


3 Responses to “Hall of Shame II: Crazy Hillary Extremists”

  1. 1 Mandy
    June 7, 2008 at 2:45 pm

    NO way!!! You Obama freaks have called Hillary and her supporters names for months. Now it is time for you to pay the price. There is no way in hell Obama is getting my vote. He has pulled the race card numerous times during the campaign. He and his wife are pathetic Americans.

    My family of 12 are voting for McCain.

  2. 2 Paige
    June 7, 2008 at 5:40 pm

    I’m not sure that Meredith can be considered an Obama FREAK, as she also has considered voting for Nader.

    Secondly, you would be saying that Obama had his henchmen play the race card, since he himself never whined about it, unlike HRC and sexism. To bad that she had loose-cannon hubby to do the race-baiting for her, even though he probably didn’t really mean half those things the way that they sounded or were taken.

    And why is Obama’s wife a pathetic American? Because she wasn’t a born jingoist?

    OK, so Obama can’t bowl, and we don’t know if he can hold his hard liquor, but what are his policies? From what I can tell, most of them aren’t that different from say…HRC’s! And they are WAY different from McCain’s. So, you have decided that because your candidate did not win, and in fact was stunned because a year ago,the media had practically unrolled the carpet for her, that you are ready to throw out most of your principles and vote against your own best interests. I don’t think that’s what Jefferson had in mind when he wrote about an educated electorate.

    Support democracy. Use your brain, not your ego. Think before you vote.

  3. 3 Meredith
    June 9, 2008 at 1:23 pm


    Are you pro-choice? Anti-Iraq War? Are you against tax cuts for the wealthy and actually doing something about the atrocities going on in Darfur? Are you against an unconstitutional concentration of power at the Executive level? I could go on an on, but I’m sure you get the picture. If you are all of these things and vote for McCain, you are also a hypocrite.

    “Time for us to pay the price”? Obama and his wife are pathetic Americans? Wow, those are the words of an intelligent thinker.

    Voting is the means by which we make our world better and you just want to make it worse because you are selfish and bitter, as are your 12 family members.

    Well, the only price we’ll be paying is for the champagne when Bush leaves office. Also, the incumbent party has never won in modern history when the economy is in a recession. So, you can vote for McCain all you want, darling, but the odds are you’ll be saying “President Obama” next year.

    I simply find it insane that people would doom this country for four years because their candidate ran a shitty campaign. Who are all these people?? Thankfully, I don’t actually know any of them personally. They’re like those mole people. Scary!

    And I’m not an Obama freak. I’m still considering voting for Nader. I use reason and research when deciding on a candidate to support.

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