Reaction to DNC Rules Committee Meeting


That was AWESOME! They should televise all these political committee meetings. Especially so we voters can see first-hand when we’re getting screwed. This time, however, I thought the DNC Rules Committee did a good job with the task they were given. Hell, it was better than the Super bowl for us political junkies.

Michigan/New Hampshire Squabble

Let me say first I learned an extremely important historical fact that altered my opinion of the Michigan Primary leapfrog and I wish I had known it sooner. Senator Levin, speaking on behalf of Michigan explained that back in 2004, the DNC Rules Committee decided that New Hampshire would go third in the primary schedule and the second spot would rotate among the states. According to Levin, New Hampshire decided they would not abide by these rules, as you can view here, and scheduled their primary in the second primary position. From what I have researched, in 2006, the DNC Rules Committee recommended New Hampshire hold their primary January 22, 2008 and Nevada take the number 2 spot by holding their caucus January 19. Obviously, New Hampshire decided it did not have to follow DNC recommendations and did whatever their politically privileged little hearts desired.

This is extremely important. New Hampshire received a waiver from the DNC and was allowed to sidestep the “rules” – which angered Michigan who then opted to advance their primary anyway. Well, obviously, with the machine politics that somehow inserts itself into our system and poisons the well of sincere democracy, the DNC – probably not wanting to encourage primary scheduling chaos – refused an egalitarian solution to the issue and banished Michigan to the netherworld of irrelevancy whilst grabbing their ankles and giving spoiled little New Hampshire their second place lest Concord pitch a grand mal and thrust the party into primary warfare that could allow the Republicans to ride the wave back into the White House.

Got it? Didn’t think so. It’s all very tawdry and shameful and undemocratic – which is what you get when you refuse to support a viable multi-party system and cede our government to big-government Democrats or Corporatocracy-Republicans.

In any case, I found myself having much more sympathy with Michigan today than I did yesterday. However, I still agree with the punishments meted out by the DNC Rules Committee to Michigan and Florida because one simply cannot have states running around willy-nilly, flotsam-jetsam setting their primaries whenever they may.

Primary Scheduling

Obviously, someone needs to be the voice of reason in this whole clusterf*#k and I kindly offer myself up for such a position – even though I am not a Democrat (I research all candidates and tend to vote all over the place and am, therefore, Independent).

1. Move all primaries back to March. It is ridiculous to have the primaries sneaking up every election season, lengthening the campaign season and wasting hundreds of millions of dollars when people should be saving for their retirement or their children’s college educations rather than donating to lost-cause campaigns. Some of you may think the Democrat Party would do themselves a disservice by moving their primaries back and allowing the Republicans to hold their primaries first. I disagree. Without doubt, this prolonged Democratic primary season has kept John McCain largely on the second-page of the news cycle. This would continue to happen as coverage follows the Democratic primaries, the lone Republican candidate is forgotten. Yay.

2. Rotate the schedule among the states so that each year, states take a different place of influence on the calendar. To give Iowa and New Hampshire the position of privilege every year is at most undemocratic and at the least illogical and beyond reason.

3. All primaries must be primaries. None of the caucus bullscheiβe! Old people, people who are working, etc. cannot attend caucuses and cannot have their voices heard through their presence. Either have a mail-in vote (sketchy) or have an ID-required vote. That is the best way to ensure democracy is actual and we are not hypocritical in our claim of having the best electoral system (although, we are anyway because of the presence of the electoral college).

Basic Reaction to the DNC Rules Committee Meeting Itself

Allow me to preface this section by saying that due to the Saturday designation of the meeting, I missed all that happened before 11:30 a.m. and didn’t catch any of the debate regarding the Florida situation. I heard it was good, though. Also, because they came back so late from lunch and I ate a huge one myself, I missed a bit of the debate before the Florida vote. Whatever.

Best line of the day: Carl Levin quoting Will Rogers, “I belong to no organized party. I’m a Democrat.” Hear! Hear! Well said.

Former Michigan Governor Blanchard, when addressing the rules committee on behalf of Sen. Clinton, was way annoying in his intro. I mean, here they are trying to decide how naughty Michigan was and he has to take up all this time talking about how he was raised by a single mother. What???? Exit stage left, guv. jeez.

Michigan and Florida peeps keep claiming the voters have been punished enough. How have they been punished? By having national media attention heaped on the ineptitude of their states’ party leadership? Give me a break. Now, if they had each been tasered when they entered the voting booth, we could talk about how they’ve been punished. Politically, I would equate the last four months as a day at the spa for those leap-froggers.

Um…Can anyone tell me why there aren’t young people on the rules committee? Yeah, yeah, I saw a few members that were probably in their 40’s. But, I’m 30, so 40 is old and if they want to be appropriately representative of the U.S. demographic, there definitely needed to be more Hispanics, more Asians, and more young people, yo! I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to find a young, deserving sprite with an intelligent opinion. For real!

Lastly, did anyone catch those Hillary protesters?! I’m embarrassed. I really am. Seriously, they were all white, female and over 50. It was ubiquitous jiggles as they raised their hands in the air and chanted “Denver! Denver!” First of all, yawn. Second of all, come up with a better slogan, like “The Committee Sucks!” or “Michigan Rules!” or, my personal favorite, “Your mother is a whore!” And, at the end, there were only about 25 of these menopausal renegades left standing at the base of the escalator shouting and watching as no one paid attention to them. Babes, you picked the wrong horse. You chose a candidate that matched your demographic rather than one with character and good judgement. Face the music and eat shit. Is that harsh? Hmmm. Somehow, I don’t care.

Really, though. Even if Clinton appeals the decision and takes it further, she will still lose. Even if hell freezes over and the DNC seats Michigan in full as the votes were cast in the primary – which they shouldn’t – she would still lose. But hey, way to divide the party and anger Democrat voters so they can’t rally around Obama the way they want. Way to distract Obama from his real task of kicking McCain’s ass. Way to place personal ambition over national progress. Way to go, Hillary. You’re hypocritical, dishonorable and, more than anything, you have a mullet. Go away. Really, just go.

Well, GREAT Saturday! One of the best Saturdays ever. They need to televise these meeting more often. It’s time for a margarita and, being from Texas, throwin some ribs on the grill! Yeeee-friggin-haw, people!

(and i don’t give a shit what my teacher-sister says, I am NOT checking my spelling on this blog. it’s party time)


6 Responses to “Reaction to DNC Rules Committee Meeting”

  1. 1 ZenNonna
    May 31, 2008 at 7:22 pm

    Love your blog! I am way over 50 and I think those Clinton supporters chanting “Denver” should take some medication or have a drink. If all else fails read a book, or Wikipedia. If they did no way would they support a lying bi@#% like Hillary.

    I do my homework before I vote. This has been the most entertaining primary season ever. But it is also kind of sad. So many stupid people.

  2. 2 ZenNonna
    May 31, 2008 at 7:22 pm

    I forgot to say I am also female.

  3. 3 commentspage
    June 1, 2008 at 6:04 am

    Yesterday DNC said to Floridians: you are only a half people. And today we respond to DNC: go to hell, we then chose McCain!

  4. 4 Marc
    June 1, 2008 at 5:25 pm

    Nice blog, and I’d like to mention we blogged the same thing and mr. or mrs. comments page above here had to the same to say. obnoxious spammers with a cause.

    I’ll put you on my blogroll.


  5. 5 Paige
    June 1, 2008 at 9:07 pm


    Wow! That’s not even 3/5ths a person! Too bad you guys have Repubs deciding your primary schedule. The folks in Florida set the Dems up to fail and unfortunately, your state Democratic party allowed them to do it. Man, that really screws you up as far as the DNC is concerned AND THEN you want to go and vote for one of the Repubs? Hmmmmmm…….
    Even if you don’t want to vote for Obama, you don’t have to vote for McCain. What about Nader or the Libertarian dude (Barr? Can’t remember at the moments and I blame it on my darling children…) or even Mickey Mouse. We so have to embrace a multi- (as in more than two!) party system.

  6. 6 Paige
    June 1, 2008 at 9:09 pm

    To all the grammarians out there, that smiley should have ben a close parentheses. Mere, watch your capitalization!

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