Wow, the face of political campaigning is a-changin. The Democrat Party has established a Wiki (what an odd noun), McCainpedia.org, to offer their version of John McCain’s record. The site covers all major campaign issue categories and tries to present the latest news on the senator (I’m not sure they succeed in this capacity). They also bring their funny bone to the effort (surely to entice the young’uns out there who are drawn to the none-too-serious “The Daily Show” and “Colbert Report” and The Onion) with headlines such as, “No Lobbyists Were Harmed in the Drafting of This Blog Post”.

I absolutely encourage the research of any candidate seeking a vote in any election. But, beware that this website will bring you partisan information about McCain and thus should be viewed with a grain of salt. More like golf ball. However, McCain has flip-flopped on tax cuts, immigration, torture, the extreme religious right, speaking with Hamas, as well as much more, which lends credibility to the criticisms – subtly or not-so-subtly – by McCainpedia. If you’d like to view a fairly comprehensive list of McCain’s retractions and political 180’s, visit the Carpetbagger’s master list. It’s awesome and everything is well-sourced.

I do think McCainpedia.org is clever, however, and congratulate the Democratic Party on being the first out of the shoot to find a relevant way to reach the new younger voting bloc. The Internet is allowing all of us to be as educated a voter as we wish and it’s important to provide facts and information rather than just pop up a feel-good ad on Youtube (though, I really like that will.i.am one).

It’s going to be a good year.

And, speaking of flip-flopping:

And I can’t get enough of this – though that’s cause I always liked James Rubin when he worked under Madeleine Albright:


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