Recommended: An Unreasonable Man

ralph nader in front of capitol

An Unreasonable Man” is a documentary of Ralph Nader’s life and pursuits and a must-see for any informed voter this election season. The film captures a fairly objective history of Nader’s endeavors, still portraying the consumer activist in a positive light. I must say, I learned quite a bit – though I hit the pause button many times to discuss with my fiancé the merits of certain postulations, actions and opinions presented. The words from Pat Benatar’s “All Fired Up” give a fairly good description of our spirited debates. He had to tell me to stop “yelling” a few times, but the documentary made me want to strangle more than a few people at the upper echelons (past and present) of both America’s corporate and political universes.

Whether you agree with the man’s decisions or not, want to support the multi-party system in America, feel embittered by his inclusion in the 2000 Presidential race, are a head-up-your-ass staunch conservative or bleeding-heart liberal, this is an at-times riveting and interesting reflection of a controversial, controlling man with good intentions who has benefited American society in more than a few vastly significant ways.

You certainly won’t be a lesser person for having watched “An Unreasonable Man” and will probably learn quite a bit. I simply can’t recommend it enough.


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