VETO: Hillary Has To Stop Saying, “If this were the Republican Primary…”

Very soon, Clinton’s role on the national political stage will diminish and we bloggers will turn our focus to the general election. How wonderful. I’ll start very, very soon.

In the meantime, while Clinton carries out her denouement, I am issuing her a MEREDITH VETO.

She must immediately stops saying, “If this were the Republican Primary, I would be the nominee.”

First of all, honey, this ain’t the Republican Primary and secondly, that’s probably one of the more asinine arguments you have used to justify your remaining presence in the Democratic contest.

Many states in the Republican Primary are winner-take-all states in which the candidate who wins the most votes in the state’s contest is awarded all the state’s delegates at the Republican Convention.

This system seems less democratic than proportional delegate allotment and reeks of back-room political machine negotiation so common at the state level. It’s as undemocratic as awarding all electoral college votes to the winner of the state instead of either awarding them proportionally or simply nominating the president based on – wait for it…wait for it… – popular vote. What a concept!! So novel! So original!

In any case, Hillary. The Democratic Primary is not set on winner-take-all system, nor should it be. And, for that reason, I suggest you halt your childish nanny-nanny-boo-boo, “If this were the Republican Primary” bullshit. It gives you no credibility, makes democrat voters think you prefer the Republican way, and adds to your air of bitterness and desperation. Just like that letter you wrote to Obama’s campaign about Florida and Michigan. Cheezus, what were you thinking? Somebody needs to send Ed Rendell and Rahm Emanuel and Larry King and Nelson Mandela to go have a come-to-jesus with that woman and her rascally husband.


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