“I would rather stand with Obama in defeat, than stand with Clinton in victory”

I don’t know if I fully agree with the above statement, from a blog by Bud McClure on CommonDreams.org, however his opinion piece expresses views I find echoing in my mind as Hillary puts on this working-class ridiculous “I’ll take care of you” front. Titled “Atonement,” the piece states,

“Hillary will get in bed with anybody. She has no internal moral compass. Her only choice is what is politically expedient. Her recent gas tax holiday proposal, an idea borrowed from fellow conservative McCain, is so stupid that I am surprised she can defend it with a straight face. Then I consider that it has no substance, it is just another means to an end for her. There are countless other examples that have made her appear harsh and arrogant, bullying in tone, threatening and menacing, pandering to our fears instead of inspiring our hopes.”

He then goes on to present a white-washed, ideal image of Obama, whom I think deserves a bit more scrutiny:

“He resists the temptation to get in the mud with Clinton when it would be the politically expedient and the expected thing to do. He resists her taunts. He does not infantilize voters. He does not pander to fear and he remains unwavering in his determination to win by the means that he believes will be necessary to govern this country.”

McClure finished by saying an election of Obama will atone for many of the political wrongs perpetrated by political leaders over the past few decades:

“But the most important reason to stand with him is that his election in the fall would give us a chance for atonement, to get back what we have lost over the past 25 years through a politics of division and hatred, where our government has been corrupted for the benefit of the very few; where the common good has been denigrated by a narcissistic worship of individualism and the wealth of our nation has been measured only in economic terms…We could talk to our enemies, find common ground, share the world’s resources, promote the general welfare, and regain our place as a country with a basic regard for the well being of all human beings.”

This may be one of those instances where “the good ol’ days” are remembered better than they actually were. While Dems and Repubs may have gone to church together and had each other over for dinner, public scrapping that go over the rails has always been an ingredient in elected leadership.

Now, I might rather lose with Nader, rather than win Clinton – but I agree with the unspoken premise that Hillary is tricking voters by presenting herself as a candidate that she is not and has never been. Rather being the candidate of the blue-collar, which she is not, she is resorting to duping and pretending and pandering. She’s telling voters what they want to hear rather than presenting appropriate solutions for problems we are facing. And it’s working.


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