MUST SEE VIDEO: Clinton Aide Calls Indianans “shit” in ’92

The video also claims he says, “How would you like to be a worthless white ni**er?” Now, I’ve listened to it a few times and can’t tell if he actually says that, but he does call Indianans “shit.” If this had happened in the Obama camp, it would be all over the news.

Now, an aide calling names does not a bad candidate make. However, this guilt-by-association game the Hillary people are hurling at Obama over Wright and Ayers and more is reprehensible. If you need to read more about it, check out this post (by clicking on the link below) on the HUFFPO about Sidney Blumenthal using his former enemy, the right wing media, to attack Obama. Karma’s a bitch and remember, Sid was caught Driving Under the Influence a few months back (wasn’t it in New Hampshire). What a rotten apple.


Lovely how the mainstream media is ignoring this video and the Indiana primary is fast approaching. The longer this democratic fight goes on, the better their ratings. After Bittergate, they practically owe it to the Obama camp to give Hillary the same treatment.

UPDATE: The HuffPo says they’ve spoken to Mickey Kantor and he claims the video is doctored and is contacting a lawyer.


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