Dems Souring On Dem Candidate They DON’T Support

The AP published an article yesterday asserting that the longer this nasty democratic primary season continues, the more democrats sour on the opponent they do not support. Meaning Obama supporters are less and less inclined to vote for Hillary should she get the nomination and will probably stay home on November 5. And Hillary supporters are more and more likely to vote for McCain should Barack get the nomination.

It makes sense to me. One should never say never, but Hillary lost my vote the second she said she and McCain both had lifetimes of experience and Obama just had a speech. If she weren’t hypocritical enough, her campaign later attacked Obama when he said he thought McCain would be a better president than Bush. The list of reasons the first serious female presidential candidate won’t get my vote has grown long and detailed since January. How disappointing when I was giving her much consideration before she showed her true colors.

Obama hasn’t secured my vote, but if Hillary gets the nomination, I’m definitely voting for Nader. She has serious character deficiencies and I fail to see how anyone could think someone of her uncontrollable political ambition would make an appropriate leader for this country. Especially when our current leader and his underlings are so ethically challenged, it has led to disaster here and around the world.

The problem with Obama is that he is not offering solutions. His speeches are full of slogans and rhetoric. While on the campaign trail, clips of his speeches never show him giving solid proposals, specific campaign promises. Now, anyone who paid attention in 2000 knows Bush and Cheney didn’t give a rat’s ass about his campaign promises. Once they got to 1600 Pennsylvania, they did whatever the hell they wanted and made sure Congressional members knew it.

It is clear Obama did not intend to run for president so soon after becoming a U.S. senator. The democratic passions swept him up after 2004 as their new Kennedy – their new mascot and savior. The problem is, Obama has not proven through the course of this campaign that he is little more than a shell of a candidate prioritizing oratory skills over soluble ideas and substantive pledges. We need to hear more about housing foreclosures, the credit bubble bursting, the student loan crisis, Iran, oil prices. He needs to talk about balancing the Supreme Court and alternative fuel sources and food prices. Discuss the ridiculous amount of money going to defense contractors rather than arming our military appropriately and actually finding bin Laden. Public schools are a mess, prisons are overcrowded and we’re wrecking the environment. We haven’t heard about Putin or Russia’s growing influence. April was the most deadly month for U.S. troops since September.

When he’s on the national stage and not at a debate, all we hear is about how he wants to change Washington. First of all, I seriously doubt his ability to change Washington. Secondly, he’s friendly with a lot of lobbyists. So, that whole “change” thing is in question.

I am hopeful, but not that hopeful. Yes, Obama has had to address the whole Wright-thing over and over and I’m sooo over it. It really doesn’t interest me that much and is such a side-issue that shouldn’t be an overarching consideration in this primary. Obama has been off-point. But even when he’s on-point, he’s not talking about issues enough to knock Hillary off her soap-box.

At this point, all I know is that I’m against McCain. But, I’m not really for anybody.


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