Screw The White Working Class

David Axelrod took the words right out of my mouth. According to The Huffington Post, David Axelrod told NPR 4/23, “The white working class has gone to the Republican nominee for many elections, going back even to the Clinton years.”

All day yesterday, as I’m hearing the news stations ask over and over, “Why can’t Obama close the deal? Why can’t Obama close the deal?”, it became even clearer that mainstream media has once again donned the dumbass cap and can’t see the forest for the trees. Again.

You can spin the Pennsylvania results however you like. Hillary won by 10 percent, giving her divine right to continue in the primary and torture the democrat electorate with her negative campaigning and hypocritical criticisms. Obama, however, had been behind in the polls 30 percent when the race for Penn. started and managed to close the gap some 20 percent while being forced off message by the Wright bullshit and Bittergate. Take your pick. They’re both right and irrelevant.

The only guarantee we have is that the race will continue on its U-G-L-Y, YOU AIN’T GOT NO ALIBI, YOU UGLY, YOU UGLY, YO MOMMA SAY YOU UGLY course. Hillary effectively paralyzes Obama when she attacks him and he still has not been able to reach the “everyday man” with specific policies that will better the lives of the lower-middle, white working class.

So, the white working class stays with Hillary. Just like they did in Pennsylvania and possibly will in Indiana and definitely will in Kentucky. The silly white working class! Gotta love ’em! Right?

Give me a freaking break! Let’s talk about these white working class. They’re the ones who picked Bush. They’re the ones who picked Bush AGAIN. They’ll probably head over McCain’s direction in the general ANYWAY.

I say screw ’em! They’ve jacked this country up enough. Why don’t we let the educated, young people who will inherit this nation decide this presidency. We’re the ones who are entering the workplace and finding decent salaries and ethical treatment and good management sacrificed in the name of the almighty dollar by the whores who went before us. We’re the ones who will die from black lung as unfair trade with China and others vastly increases pollution in the U.S. because we’re not holding them to our same environmental standards as we hold our own factories. We’re the ones who see inflation, commodity prices, and housing prices double and triple while pay rates go down. Congress has given themselves what, eight?, pay-raises since the last time they increased minimum wage. Thanks, whitey.

You can thank the white working class for giving Bush the free pass to continue Iraq with failed polices. You can thank the white working class for prejudicial Constitutional Amendments across the country against gay marriage. Amendments that would make founding fathers cringe. You can thank the white working class for continued government support for abstinence-only programs that have never proven to be effective and are possibly harmful. You can thank the white working class for ensuring that semi-automatic weapons and other needless, non-hunting fire-arms stay on the street and continue to wreak havoc in poor neighborhoods with ever-spreading tentacles.

I say it’s time the white working class stepped aside and retire their failed philosophies. We are worse as a nation – and as a world – than we were eight years ago. And, you know what I think, peeps? It’s only going to get worser. Especially in the last 270 days of the Bush presidency. Especially if McCain is elected president. They the white working class is truly insane if for no other reason than they keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting things to change or improve. Talk about tyranny of the masses – or, at least, the majority. The rest of us suffer because of their inadequate critical analysis and decision-making.

Forget political correctness. The white working class as a demographic, as an electorate, and as a decider has failed themselves and failed the rest us.

Let us pick this one, White Working Class, and I bet your life will improve. The Republicans have tricked you into thinking they’re looking out for your best interests by holding poor people accountable for their poorness. They haven’t. They’ve just ceded power to the multi-billion dollar corporations in exchange for campaign contributions and free golf games while your kids go without health care. It’s not your fault. You didn’t know. But if the reprehensible actions of Bush and Cheney and a whole slew of Congressional members haven’t taught you anything, I don’t know what will. You’re losing your homes. You can’t afford your medicine. You’re overweight and unhappy. Well, take a seat. Sit back. Put the Depends on. And give the rest of us a chance to right your wrongs.

And OBAMA – for CHRISSAKES – start giving specific examples of policy you will enact instead of simply saying You’re Going To Change Washington. We’ve heard that shit over and over before. We want specifics and we want them now. Definable, tangible solutions. Not generalities. Not campaign rhetoric. It’s time to get with the g.d. program. And if you lose Indiana, so help me, I’m voting for Nader!


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