Recommendation: Documentary “Bush’s Brain”

Not too long ago, I decided to rent the documentary “Bush’s Brain” – a documentary version of the book taking look at the political history of Karl Rove. Being from Texas, I was curious about his involvement with the Bushes before the fatal 2000 election. I suppose I could search for a more objective book on the subject, but I just don’t think I could stomach the time spent absorbing information on this slimy Repub dough-boy.

bush's brain

This documentary was short and sweet, if a little one-sided. They did have a couple interviewees who weakly offered a bit of defense of Karl, but overall, camera-time was given with those who might harbor grudges. One as to ask themselves, however, if they could NOT hold a grudge after interacting with Karl Rove. The morally defunct strategist gives a new meaning to the word “ruthless”. Even if I were Republican, I’d be wary of hitching my star to his wagon. Because when Karma pulls his card, it’s going to be ugly. We’re talking apocalyptic universal nastiness heading his way – maybe not in this life, but if he’s reborn a dung beetle, let’s just say I wouldn’t be surprised.

Overall, I think Karl Rove, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh were probably the pimply, picked-on loners in their youth who had little friends better than their right hand. Instead of forming the trench-coat mafia and taking their anger out on innocent peer bystanders, they’ve fed their anger, festered and finally decided to utilize their entire adulthoods to attack reason and common sense on the political playing field, amassing their power by preying on the mindless masses who establish the right-wing Republican and Christian Conservative groups. They’re the strangers with candy to these church-goers who are continually, falsely convinced their lifestyles and livelihoods alike are at risk if they don’t fall in line and fill out those straight-ticket ballots. The gays will ruin marriage worse than Britney Spears or Liz Taylor! The guvnmint will force yer chiren to have unmarried relations! Them raggedy mooslims will steal yer pictures of jeezus off the walls of yer livin rooms! Praise Bush!


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