The “Tonya Harding” Strategy

Just when I think primary coverage is getting dry and stale, a nice spicy, amusing bout of creativity enters the foray through a party official or campaign worker and we have enough crumbs to get us through another couple of days during this painful drought to Pennsylvania. Carville’s attempt to “brand” Richardson a betrayer was one of those bouts of creativity, even if it was malicious, without merit, and has no place on a legitimate political playing field.

NOW, now, we have new juicy phrase and I just love it! According to ABC News’ Jack Trapper, an anonymous Democratic official says the only way Clinton can win is take the “Tonya Harding Option,” meaning “break his back” – referring to Obama. Trapper interprets the phrase as “extra-ruthless” steps to ensure Obama doesn’t get the Democratic nomination. But, Trapper implies, this would mean neither Obama, nor Hillary get the gold – the Presidency.

She’ll settle for silver and bid her time until 2012, I assume.

I have little doubt Hillary would resort to knee-capping Obama. At this point, it is clear her personal ambitions reign supreme at Camp Clinton and there is little to which she would resort for the nomination. Its especially true now as a victory requires a very unlikely margin over Obama in the remaining primaries. And she can’t really look to North Carolina or Oregon for those margins. Her conniving team of rabid hyenas are looking relentlessly stalking Obama’s every breath, every association that would give them a clear shot at his jugular. The general election or Democratic enthusiasm be damned!
James Carville says we should all stop our sniveling. This is a grown-up election with adults in the ring and it shouldn’t bother us if a candidate (the one he supports) resorts to bellow-the-belt tactics. According to Carville apparently, there is no bellow-the belt. The belt is around his ankles. Dignity and party unity matter not. The fact is, these two knew what they were getting into and we should sit back and enjoy the mud-wrestling. I bet he enjoys a good cockfight, too. With razor blades.

It’s not about the issues to Carville. Everyone appreciates a debate on the issues. He enjoys the personal attacks – like the one he recently launched against Bill Richardson in which Carville didn’t utter one word in legitimate defense of his “Judas” comment. I certainly think that qualifies as a “Tonya Harding” strategy. Only this time, it was against Richardson.

If Obama’s poll numbers continue to rebound, as they have following the whole Pastor Wright maelstrom, Axelrod and Susan Rice and the rest of that lot better be on guard. Cross the i’s. Dot the t’s. Don’t fart. No prostitutes. No accidental boob photos. Cause the Clinton thugs are coming. They’re tired. They’re hungry. They’re desperate. And if you so much as get the wrong kind of haircut, they’re coming after you and your babies in the night. With a crowbar. Aimed right at that femur.

Trapper adds an amusing conclusion to the end of his piece, saying “In this metaphor, presumably, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., would be Oksana Baiul. Does that make former President Bill Clinton Jeff Gillooly?” Why, yes, little Trapster, it does! A+!

I know who the gold goes to. The pop-culture genius anonymous Democratic official who came up with the “Tonya Harding Option.” I’ll be snickering all day over this!

Long live Nancy Kerrigan!! (remember her sitting there, crying, “WHY? WHY?? WHY?” How god-awful was that? It’s tattooed on my brain)


1 Response to “The “Tonya Harding” Strategy”

  1. 1 Joe
    February 26, 2009 at 11:29 pm

    Depending on the facial expressions, Tonya Harding might make a good double for Hillary Clinton

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