Voter Totals: Obama vs. Clinton

I keep hearing the news say that Obama has 600,000 more of the popular votes than Clinton and that made me curious, so I decided to add up all the primary votes each of the Democratic candidates has received.

Obama: 12,435,042 votes

Clinton: 11,940,795 votes

That’s a difference of: 494,247

So, the news must be counting each of the caucus group votes as one vote. I hate caucuses and nominating contests and territory meetings. They are fairly undemocratic, discriminate against older voters and shift workers – plus it makes it much more difficult for those of us with a lot of time on our hands to add up all the individual votes and try to extrapolate any meaning in the numbers.

Obama has won all but 3 of the 16 funky elections. Clinton took Nevada, New Mexico, and American Samoa (wooohoo!). Obama won the TX caucus even though Clinton won the TX primary. I wonder if she would take New Mexico now that Bill (complete with Just For Men-dyed beard) has endorsed Obama because Clinton only took it by a smidgen.

That being said, Clinton could possibly be in the lead if Florida and Michigan counts voted, but those bastards decided screw the DNC – we’re moving our elections up! And now we’re in this mess. Jackasses – the whole lot of ’em.

And if you didn’t get my Just For Men comment, please continue reading:

Richardson during the Superbowl:

bill richardson during superbowl

Bill Richardson March 14:

bill richardson endorses obama

Personally, I think he looks GREAT with a beard. Sigh, what could have been…


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