Clinton’s Experience Exaggerations Just Keep Coming

The Washington Post publishes an article questioning the veracity of Clinton’s account of her trip to Bosnia in 1996, well disproving the veracity, actually. You can read the article here.

What’s really funny is that the voters who vote for Clinton largely defend their decision by saying their voting for her experience. Yet, she’s exaggerated her experience repeatedly. China, Ireland, etc. What about her experience as a liar? What about her unwillingness to have in-depth documentation of her time in the White House released? She wants to claim this experience as a feather in her cap, yet we have to believe her at her word, which is more than questionable. We have no idea what occurred during the closed meetings she held while trying to reform health care and refused to cooperate or compromise with other Democrats, which killed any progress when they could have achieved at least some movement in the right direction. Here we are over a decade later and those little victories compromise would have accomplished would have made a great difference by now. No one ever asks her about her refusal to compromise and she never addresses it.

I do question why her repeated falsehoods are not getting any airtime on the cable news channels? Obama’s pastor and his “typical white person” comments are basically on a loop – but all these holes in Clinton’s speeches are receiving no attention. Apparently, her complaints about media bias are influencing their coverage. Though, that doesn’t surprise me.

In any case, her candidacy may be DOA by the convention anyway. More and more print and internet media outlets are saying it’s getting harder for her to get the Dem. nomination (see links below). Perhaps my Clinton kvetching is merely an exercise in futility. Wouldn’t that be grand?! Then we can sit back and have fun watching the Republican media try to rip Obama from limb to limb. CAN’T wait for that!

NYTimes: Clinton Facing Narrower Path To Nomination

Politico: The Story Behind The Clinton Myth


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