Freakonomics Posts Newt Gingrich’s Answers to Reader Questions

You can read his answers here.

Of course, they were boring and politically contrived. The explanations he gives for the partisanship of the 90’s is an example of his delusional excuses for the behavior of him and his ilk. He seems to be reaching into the same bag of untruths and ambiguous explanations that provide Dick Cheney with all his diarrhea of the mouth.


“Q: Do you think that corporations have too much power in government, through lobbyists and monetary incentives? What should be done to correct what I see as an imbalance of power between voters and the rich/powerful?

A: There is a direct relationship between the size, influence, and power of a government and the influence of lobbyists on that government. If we are serious about limiting the ability of lobbyists to dictate government policy, we should be serious about limiting the size and scope of the government’s power. Until that happens, the wealthy and powerful will always be able to have influence through lobbying.”

I disagree wholeheartedly. Anyone can see that through lobbying efforts, corporations receive tax privileges and are not regulated, increasing the burden on consumers. I agree that there is a direct relationship between lobbying and government and it seems very much that the more lobbyists there are, the less government. Blackwater has received no-bid contracts and has answered for only a few of their many criminal actions. Yet, they have a slew of lobbyists and have made more money than god on the war in Iraq.

Gingrich, buddy, you’re on the train going to hell and no amount of old-school Republican dogma cult bullshit followers are going to stop it. I’d recommend you pull your head out of your ass, but it’s probably too swollen.


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