What Would You Do If Your Neighbor’s Dog Bit You?


  • Your neighbor is a good person and is not irresponsible.
  • The dog is a deaf blue heeler, that the neighbor exercises by throwing a tennis ball for it, unleashed in the front yard.
  • You were speaking to your neighbor when the dog led a sneak attack that wasn’t necessarily aggressive – just a blue heeler, doing what it does, which is keep things in line.
  • The bite didn’t break the skin, just caused bruising around the ankle.
  • The neighbor apologized multiple times, legitimately felt bad and had her nurse roommate come over to look at the wound.

I don’t think I can get all self-righteous on her and say I think her dog should be on leash whenever it isn’t in the backyard. At the same time, I always keep my dog on leash when it’s not in the back yard. But, I don’t want to sour relations between us, we’ll probably live here for a while and have a few loud parties from time to time (like this weekend – St. Patty’s Day, hell yeah!). And one time, when I was grilling, the lid to my Grill Pam (love that shit!) popped off and over the fence onto their driveway and I forgot to go the next day and apologize. Maybe god was punishing me. Discipline by deaf blue heeler.


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