Talk About Just “A Speech”

You know, she’d be dead if lightning really did strike people who lied. Or she’d have a reeaallllly long nose. Or her pantsuit would be aflame. Take your pick of the idioms. They all apply.

When Hillary claimed that she and McCain had lifetimes of experience and Obama had “a speech,” she was inferring that he was unqualified to be president. When asked if Obama was a Muslim and she answered, “not as far as I know,” she was inferring her could be a Muslim – an incredibly important statement when considering many Ohioans’ belief that he actually was a Muslim, which they allowed to influence their votes.

Hillary’s inferences, however, apply to herself as well.

She has repeatedly claimed her experience includes working for women’s rights in China and helping bring peace to Northern Ireland. Now, as someone who watches the news quite a bit and was raised on nightly news before my parents would change the channel to torture me with “Wheel of Fortune,” I have paid attention. And having a decent grasp on past events, these claims she made raised red flags – small red flags – but flags nonetheless.

Her working for women’s rights in China is pretty much limited to giving a speech in Beijing in 1995. Granted, it was a groundbreaking speech, but she hasn’t really been back in that bullpen since.

Furthermore, she claims she helped bring about peace in Northern Ireland. Parties involved in the peace process have come out and corrected her claims, saying it is an exaggeration to infer she was a principal player in the peace process, rather than on the sidelines and present simply because her husband was U.S. president.

Does she have experience? Sure she does. Hell, it’s no small matter being first lady. I’ll give it to her. She did a lot more than just pick dishes and wallpaper.

But when she’s making mountains out of her own molehills while strategically, deliberately and unfairly diminishing Obama’s credibility, she’s presenting a false idea of who she she is and what she’s done.

She has not, indeed, helped to speed the release of White House documents to help give a better understanding of her role in the White House. She is just now claiming she will release her tax returns on April 15.

A lot of people voted for Hillary because of her experience. She has lot of it. Experience in misleading, inferring lies, being less-than-transparent and open to the public. No wonder she can’t find her voice. It’s hard when you’re making it up as you go along.

It’s not all about experience. It’s about character. And since we never actually see the “real” Hillary that Carville says is wonderful and Dee Dee Myers has faith in, I’d say her character as a politician is more than in question. And, after Bush, I’d rather have a president who told the truth than an ambitious, power-hungry shell of a “civil servant.”

I will not vote Republican in the general election, but if Hillary receives the Democrat nomination, Nader has a much better chance of getting my vote. Much better.


1 Response to “Talk About Just “A Speech””

  1. 1 gasdocpol
    March 10, 2008 at 8:03 am

    (Yup Hillary is a monster all right. Samantha Powers was right and should get her job back.)

    Obama is smart,cool and logical and has common sense. Put those things together with the amount of experience that Obama has had and the result is the kind of superb judgement that he had when he opposed the Iraq invasion.

    Far from it being a lucky guess, it was based on a solid understanding of foreign affairs and grasp of the political consequences of military action. (one can google obama oct 2002 iraq for the text of his entire speech)

    BTW I Think that Nader would be a superb President, even at his age. HOWEVER THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN BECAUSE THE VESTED INTERESTS WHO ARE RUINING THIS COUNTRY WOULD COME UP WITH BILLIONS IF NECESSARY TO STOP HIM. And unfortunately Nader gave us GW Bush and iraq in 2000. Life is complicated.

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