Candidates’ Aides Take Center Stage

As Democratic Primary Fatigue sets in, we voters are settling in for the long haul of drama and nail-biting anxiety over whether Clinton will actually devour Obama alive, diminishing enthusiasm and threatening Democratic chances for the White House. The messages of both the candidates seem to be stagnating and the major primaries have passed, leaving the media grasping at straws to maintain viewer interest. So, they’re resorting to daily death-matches between the candidates’ aides. And why not? Probably going on little sleep, imbibing untold amounts of caffeine, high fructose corn syrup and beef by-products, those aides are having enough brain-farts to make it seem like Jerry’s Kids are running both circuses.

Shall we count the feet in mouths?

  1. Someone in the Clinton campaign leaks picture of Obama dressed in Muslim garb. Even if they didn’t do it, it’s blamed on a Clinton aide.
  2. Obama aide tells the Canadian government not to fret their passive little heads over NAFTA comments. Major mistake. Major.
  3. Clinton aides Mark Penn and Harold Ickes have shouting match on conference call replete with expletives. Awesome.
  4. Clinton aid Harold Wolfson compares Obama to Ken Starr. Now anyone who attacks Clinton can be compared to Ken Starr. Smart move? Not bloody likely.
  5. Obama foreign policy adviser Susan Rice says neither Obama or Clinton are ready for the 3 a.m. phone call. Wow, that’ll have the Republicans heading over to the Democrat side, Rice. That was about as smart as taunting a tiger in San Fransisco on Christmas.
  6. Obama aide Samantha Powers calls Clinton a Monster. Off the record. But, the quotation is still used and Powers is booted.

Has anyone seen the Japanese movie “Battle Royale” in which 8th grade students are dumped on an island, each given a different tool or weapon, where they face all types of challenges and have to kill each other and only the last one left alive gets off the island? We should do that. But with campaign staffers. And whichever candidate is represented by the last staffer wins the Democrat nominating contest.


2 Responses to “Candidates’ Aides Take Center Stage”

  1. 1 Paige
    March 7, 2008 at 11:19 pm

    I realize the aides seem to have foot-in-mouth disease, but really… take a look at the friggin’ quote in context!! All you damn illiterate, media types!!! ( OK maybe I’m just excusing Samantha Powers because I happen to agree with her. Mea culpa.) But Susan Rice does continue to say that MCCAIN DOES NOT HAVE THE EXPERIENCE EITHER, due to the fact that (thanks to the Rove machine and racist Repubs in 2000) he has never been Pres. Rice probably felt that she had to blog to clear her name. Too bad the media, out for the readership and the quick line, doesn’t tell the whole story. You didn’t seem to make a point of that either…

    What the hell is wrong with American Journalism today? What the hell is wrong with the American people that they demand and reward Entertainment before Truth? Or can they even tell the difference?

    We have serious deficiencies in all the candidates (even, gasp, Ron Paul)! What the hell can we do about it to improve our country and our world?

  2. 2 Paige
    March 7, 2008 at 11:24 pm

    Oh, and I do like the “Battle Royale” / “Lord of the Flies” Analogy – funny and’cause it’s lookin’ pretty reasonable right now. After all, the Roman Empire floated on “bread and circuses” for quite a while…

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