News of the Day 080305

  1. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson would do away with pennies but doesn’t think it’s “politically doable.” I think we should get rid of pennies too. They take up too much room and it would be so much easier for me to do math in fives.
  2. According to AP, “FBI Director Robert Mueller says an upcoming Justice Department report will show the bureau improperly used national security letters to obtain personal data on Americans during terror and spy investigations.” How unsurprising that the more power the government is given to spy on us, the more they abuse it. Under a Republican administration. Go figure.
  3. McCain likely won’t investigate any possible criminal activity perpetrated by Bush and Cheney if elected. I really don’t think Obama or Hillary would either. Whoever wins the election likely wants to just get on with running the country and Bush and Cheney will get away with years of criminal an unconstitutional behavior on many, many levels.
  4. Obama lawyer crashes Clinton Campaign conference call. Haha – why haven’t they done this before and when they do do it, they only bring up Clinton’s attacks of the caucus process. Well, the caucus process is seriously flawed and needs to be reformed. Why couldn’t they bring up how she’s pissing on the Democrats’ chances in November by spouting slimy rhetoric about Obama?

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