News of the Day 080304

Here are some articles that caught my eye.

  1. A whistleblower at the Bureau of Arms, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives claims officials at the Department of Justice ignored him and later retaliated against him. Question: Does he know Bush is president and Cheney is Vice President? Shouldn’t it have been clear from the get go that justice was the last thing happening under the supervision of Alberto Gonzales? Any government agency that answers to the executive branch is pretty much, at this point, as effective as doing the naughty in water is at preventing pregnancy.
  2. The FCC wants to investigate “technical problems” that prevented the airing in parts of Alabama of a 60 Minutes piece on the imprisonment of a former Alabama governor. Wow, and we’re not even in China or Iran. Have you heard about this – the former governor’s prosecution is under extreme question and they’re not even letting him out on bail while the case is under appeal. If you want to watch the 60 Minutes report, you can watch it here. I recommend watching it. There is significant evidence Karl Rove, otherwise known as The Repugnant Doughboy, is involved and Newsweek has even said it will rethink it’s hiring of him if the allegation against Rove is legally proven. Of course, the dickheads at Newsweek never should have hired someone who has worked methodically for years to thwart quality journalism. You sold your soul, Newsweek! No, I’m not over it.
  3. Howard Dean, DNC Chairman, won’t say it publicly, but reports say he’s privately issuing warnings about the negative effects of a lengthy Democratic primary season. The longer this thing goes on, the more disenchanted Democrats become as Hillary continues to hurl invectives at Obama and they fail to stick to the teflon candidate. Weren’t we so excited only a couple months ago? I think Hillary will do significant damage to herself the longer she stays in it if she doesn’t win big in TX and Ohio. But, more than that, she’ll do damage to Democratic sentiment and she has to do something she has never done and think about the big picture rather than herself. Someone needs to give her a bottle of wine and when she’s good and soused, say, FYI, babe – good job. You were great. No, you were! But it’s over.
    I’ll supply the wine.

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