She Might Stay In It For A While Yet

While many of us are beginning to suffer the effects of Democratic Primary Fatigue (turning the TV off for whole hours on end, beginning to dislike both candidates when you liked both of them before, wanting to take all the campaign signs you see on the side of the road force them into the wood chipper, having images of squeezing Chris Matthews’ head like a ripe cantaloupe), The Huffington Post’s Sam Stein reported The Hillary Camp’s regular conference call with reporters said today that:

If Obama does not win four-for-four on March 4, she could very well stay in the race until the Pennsylvania Primary, scheduled for April 22.

“On the conference call, anger and accusations were certainly in abundance. But so too was standard-issue campaign spin. The Clinton camp, playing off of a memo it had sent to reporters earlier in the day, insisted that if Obama was unable to pull off a four-for-four day in Tuesday’s primary, it would signal ‘buyer’s remorse’ with his candidacy as well as ‘interest in having this campaign go on, at least to Pennsylvania.'”

I need a beer.

And I recommend reading the comments beneath Sam’s piece. Some of them are priceless.


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