Reaction To Last Night’s Debate And Theories of Media Bullying Clinton

It was exciting. At first. That prolonged debate on health care during which Hillary rolled over the moderators’ shushing attempts like that Clear Lake dentist rolls over cheating husbands. I don’t understand why the whole wide world is all pissed off at Russert for throwing her fastballs later when she so pointedly treats moderators like inconveniences at debates. She has a potent of history of open combativeness with and disrespect of the press for over a decade and then resorts to the role of victim and claims she doesn’t get a fair shake. Gag, you know? Just gag.

Sure, Russert didn’t ask Obama once to “commit right here and now” to do whatever he said over and over the way he did Clinton. He didn’t launch Sumo attacks at Obama the way he did Clinton to pry a clear answer from her cold, thin lips. But, then Obama doesn’t react to them with the condescending arrogance she does and doesn’t have the history of kicking them out of The White House when her husband became president.

I have news, people. Clinton has a lot more baggage than he does – she has many more decisions to answer for than he does, more fuckups, more disingenuous and politically calculated speeches. She is perpetually fake, with her friends and close supporters saying they wish she would show the public the manner she uses in private. Obama is politically calculating, no doubt, but you don’t get that feeling that he’s dramatically different in private. I’m just not resentful that I don’t see that side of him the way, at least I am when I see her. She’s legendary for the disconnect between her private self and public self. This is one of the core reasons the public trust doesn’t gravitate toward her full-cheeked smile. And let me tell you, I bet I’d like her private personality a lot. Even if she looked at porn. I’d probably like her more. She should throw some cuss words into those speeches. Even a “hell yeah!” here and there would push those public approval numbers up, I’m sure of it! Let’s get some shots of her gambling and throwing back some tequila! That’s how you rise in the polls. At least here in Texas. She tried that whole, “I eat hot peppers a lot” line, but that just gives everyone visual images I will not go into.

The bottom line is, like I heard an analyst on MSNBC say recently in response to Clinton’s interview where she said she felt misunderstood, that Clinton has been in the national public eye since essentially 1992 and if she’s still misunderstood, who’s fault is that really? It her fault, dagnabit! It’s the fact that every word, every look, every piece of jewelry, every laugh, and smile, and eye-contact, and hair placement is a political calculation that includes side-stepping reporters’ questions and failing to knock that feeling of “well, I think she could do the job…but I don’t know…” from those of us who pay attention and will show up to the polls.

Last night was no different and we were all expecting more. I mean, come one, it’s go time! All she could come up with was a McCain line that Obama wanted to bomb Pakistan – which was ridiculous and garnered a small, immediate laugh from B.O. Her jumping in after the Farrakhan question lowered her score when she said, “Well, something like this has happened to ME as well when I was supported by an anti-Semitic group and REJECTED their support!” Nice try, hon. Not gonna make it.

And she still refused to answer his accusations about the negative effects of her plan to mandate health care – which I have serious concerns about! She hasn’t even addressed once what would happen to a person who didn’t fall in line with her plan and that really pisses me off. People are living paycheck to paycheck and in huge debt – even if health care costs were decreased dramatically, many millions would still not be able to afford it and the answer is to criminalize them? Or what? Because I don’t know how a mandate is enforced in her plan. She won’t tell us.

As far as Obama goes, he was good, but less than stellar. There were a couple of Fred Thompson-esque responses to questions that lacked depth and were fairly short. It’s great that he is comfortable with himself politically enough to agree with her on issues, but other times his answers were as simplistic as a 12th graders. It’ll be good once the nomination process is over and he can take a little time to bone-up in areas where he doesn’t have a lot of understanding. Also the word is MASSACHUSETTS, not MASSATOOSETTS. Phonetically: MASSACHOOSETS. God, I hope this isn’t his “nookular.” That would just kill me to have another president who can’t pronounce easy, regularly-used words correctly. He’s supposed to be a good orator…

All in all, he won. He won because he didn’t lose. We didn’t have visions of Hillary Clinton landing on an air-craft carrier with the banner “Mission Accomplished” on full display behind her. It was like she was trying to put out is unstoppable prairie fire with one of those handheld fans you take to the ballpark.
Her “It’s so curious how I always get the first question” immediately followed by the disingenuous “I mean (breathy laugh), I’m happy to answer them, I just think it’s curious!” was just a bomb. I mean BOMB. The first panel member to give his assessment of the debate afterward mocked her by telling Keith Olberman, (paraphrasing) “Fine, Keith, I’ll answer, but you always give me the first question!” If she wanted to give the media a softball to use against her over and over she couldn’t have done any better.

If media coverage of Hillary seems harsher lately, it’s because she’s LOSING. And they are reporting on what’s happening. They’re not reporting on her ideas or the issues. They’re reporting on how the campaigns are going and hers is going shittily, to put it lightly. If Obama’s was sucking ass, they’d be on that like white on rice, too. But he’s doing well for whatever reason and that’s what the media is saying. “Her campaign isn’t going well.” “His campaign is picking up steam.” OHMYGOD, call in the media patrol, Hillary’s the last one picked for kickball!

Grow up, suck it up, this is national politics and Hillary, you started the campaign thinking it was in the bag and then you brought out your secret weapon, Bill, who reminded us how much the partisanship of the 90’s sucked. Sure, the media isn’t the unbiased, effective weapon against corruption, valiant body protecting the publics’ interest. But take a good, hard look in the mirror when you’re wondering where the fault lays for your coverage and your political progress. And don’t do it with a flashlight on your face, saying “bloody mary…bloody mary…” Do it with the lights on.


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