WashPo Says Chiarelli Likely To Replace Patraeus At The End Of The Year

Apparently, Patraeus is looking to head over and revitalize NATO. I wonder if he’s friends with Wes Clark, who is backing Clinton.

“Another possible candidate discussed by administration officials, Lt. Gen. Martin Dempsey, was nominated earlier this month to be the top U.S. Army commander in Europe. Dempsey is currently the deputy chief of the Central Command, the U.S. military headquarters for the Middle East.

Chiarelli, currently the senior military assistant to Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, commanded the 1st Cavalry Division in Iraq in 2004 and early 2005, and then was the No. 2 officer in Iraq in 2006, preceding Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno. Opinions inside the Army are mixed, with some officers noting that Chiarelli was one of the first advocates of shifting course in Iraq and adopting classic counterinsurgency techniques, while others say that in his second tour, he presided over a failing strategy as violence skyrocketed. Some influential insiders are still advocating that Odierno, who was recently nominated to become the Army’s vice chief of staff, replace Petraeus later this year.”

I hope the presidential candidates are picking up the phone and getting to know these people. Iraq still needs to be at the forefront of concern during this election and has been slipping for a while. And Obama certainly needs to build his weak military-leader credentials if he plans to present a rational argument for his qualifications as commander-in-chief. It’s been time to step away from the “I’ve been against the war from the beginning!” We know you have. We’re sick of hearing it (it’s like Chinese water torture for crissakes!) and aren’t quite sure you would have felt the same way if you were a U.S. senator back then and a bit more of your ass was on the line. I understand you’ve worked with the urban poor int he U.S., but the urban poor (and rural poor) in certain other areas of the world can turn into terrorists.


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