Nader’s In – Suck It, Bitter Democrats

Nader, as we thought he would, announced on “Meet The Press” yesterday that he would enter the 2008 presidential race. Here’s the transcript – it was a good show.

While he will meet a lot of opposition from Democrats who feel as if he “stole” the election from Gore in 2000, I happen to think his presidential endeavors – though predictably fruitless – increase the democratic health of this country. Even the whirlpool of poor judgment Goober Bush’s presidency has been does not preclude the benefits Nader brings by running as a third ticket. Nader says he received quite a few Republican votes that year as well – and I agree that it is far from conclusive his participation in that election kept Gore from The White House. Gore acted like dick during that campaign and he deserved to lose it. VP’s cannot behave as though it is their inalienable right to be president and shun the very president who gave them their VP post in the first place. And that’s the tip of the ice burg when it comes to reasons Gore was not the 43rd president.

Furthermore, the Republican and Democratic parties own the U.S.’ political system and their corruption and poor behavior are frequently intertwined into a single motivation to lengthen careers and increase power. What have the democrats accomplished since taking Congress back? Certainly not pressuring Bush to scale the war back – in fact, he achieved a surge in troop levels under their watch. Have they launched any significant investigations against the impeachable president and his V.P.? Not at all! Sure, they helped bring about Gonzales’ ouster, but who gives a crap? Mukasey won’t even say whether waterboarding is illegal or not – talk about worthless yes men! Congress’ approval rating is in the outhouse and they’re hardly more beneficial than the rubber stamp Congress that preceded them.

It has long been time for third-party candidates to raise their voice. Ceding power to two political parties handicaps our ability to participate in this representative government and demand they represent our best interests. More choice means a healthier democracy. I’m not delusional enough to think Nader could win the election (unlike the Ron Paul suckers), but he just might get my vote on principal. The simple back and forth negotiating between Republicans and Democrats has created a quagmire of corruption and inefficacy that bleeds power to the mega-corps who really run the country today. I don’t want to participate in that.

If you’re still upset Nader’s entering the race, give a good research to the guy and take a hard look at his past. You might find something you like and can get behind. Haha. I said “behind.”

Bring it Nader! Bring it good!


1 Response to “Nader’s In – Suck It, Bitter Democrats”

  1. 1 Paige
    February 25, 2008 at 10:32 am

    Ya know, I can’t WAIT till we see him on TV in actual debate/discussion/distillation of real viewpoints with the Dems and Reps! (Hmmm…how long will I be waiting?)

    Also if we had a more representative way of counting votes, like PREFERENTIAL BALLOTING, and MULTIPLE PARTIES, the USofA would actually be a better representative democracy. And all those Dem votes in Florida that went to Nader and “cost” Gore the election, would likely have gone back to Gore and he would have been prez – unless the Reps stole the ballot boxes -wouldn’t put it past ’em.

    I am concerned about the age thing – mortality being what it is. Who is his running mate going to be?

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