More On The Evolution Teachings In Schools – This Time In Texas

The March 4 primary isn’t just a big deal in Texas because for one of the first times, the Lone Star State will have a hand in deciding a presidential nominee, an election for a members of the State Board of Education is also a hot topic. The decisions Texans in District 2 and District 11 will set the scientific agenda for the state’s schools, including whether to scale back teachings of evolution and increasing the notion of “intelligent design” and abstinence vs. contraception, etc. Echoes of the Wild, Wild West still linger in this diverse state and the School Board is no exception.

If you’ve read my blog, you already know how I stand on this issue. The teaching of evolution is merely a factual presenation of the evidence we have found as to the Earth’s origins and its development. “Intelligent Design” – or the notion that there is a specific designer of the universe and we humans are merely too “unintelligent” to explain it. Well, I’m not.

First of all, the idea that science will never discover how or why the Earth came into existence is insanity defined. Science grows by leaps and bounds all the time. Look at how much we can explain scientifically of the Earth’s history, molecular structures, the biological mechanics of the human body and the “why”s that accompany these discoveries. Humans have discovered an exponential amount in the areas of technology, physics, chemistry, etc. than even 100 years ago. That science is somehow handicapped and limited is freaking ridiculous and a myth Christians hold on to because to disprove the bible would undo all that they’ve based their souls on. They are biased. Science is not biased. Science wants to discover, not destroy. Christians want to destroy all that is separate and disagrees with them. Their behavior is shameful and embarrassing.

I’m not worried about the development of the School Board. You cannot stop progress. To teach intelligent design in schools will simply prove the “conservatives” imbeciles and the children whose education they choose to forsake will understand this in time. Information is everywhere and boundless and unstoppable.

And, FYI – if all you intelligent designers want to know how the Earth came into existence, watch Naked Science “Birth of the Solar System” on National Geographic. That should clear up a lot of questions you might have.

And if you live in District 2 or District 11 – please research the candidates and vote INTELLIGENTLY. There is no Democrat Running for School Board in District 11, so I cannot vote as I will be voting in the Democratic Primary. You Republicans out there will have 2 choices and I suggest PAT HARDY- who is Christian, but does not endorse the teaching of Intelligent Design.


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