Unimportant Notes About the CNN Debate 2/21

Remind me to write CNN and request that they never schedule a debate the same time as “Survivor” ever again. For those of us who play Fantasy Survivor, it was just too much! I had to digitally record the Fans vs. Faves – so don’t tell me who was kicked off!- we’re watching it tonight. Come one, James!

Now, let me ask you, can you recall any other, out of the tens of presidential political debates held during this campaign season, seeing the audience sitting on bleachers??? NO! I love my alma mater – especially this year’s basketball team – but COME ON! I discussed earlier that holding the debate in the Rec. Center would add a WT element, but seeing the bleachers just brought it all home. Of all the venues in all of Texas and Austin alone, they chose one in which the majority of the audience would be hunched over, uncomfortable and waiting for the discussion (these are not debates) to end. And it did end earlier than usual – it didn’t even last a whole two hours. (it was neat seeing William Powers, the president of UT, onstage with the candidates – I used work for his secretary when he was a professor at the UT School of Law. I wonder if he still walks around with an unlit cigar in his mouth wearing soccer sandals…)

And poor Hillary, that TX humidity had really gotten to hair – all flat and unflattering – but she made up for it by treating the moderators like annoying gnats and asserted her own topic schedule many times during the night. Personally, I think it’s great when the moderators shut up for a bit and let the candidates go at it – that’s a debate! In any event, Chris Matthews said something on MSNBC last night to the effect that they wouldn’t be able to pull those shenanigans next Tuesday during their debate with Brian Williams and Tim Russert at the helm. He’s probably right.

Hillary did comment about how amused she was when she watched “some show” this week and an Obama supporter couldn’t name his legislative accomplishments. I’m pretty sure Kirk Watson was in the audience, but I wouldn’t be my life on it, and he was probably wishing the Earth would swallow him. That comment kind of made me want to pop her in the mouth, but she was booed for her “change you can xerox” comment and that made it better. I wish before all this broo-ha-ha someone had asked one of her smaller surrogates about her legislative accomplishments. Something tells me the word “litany” would not apply to their answer.

There were not fireworks, no surprises, other than her conciliatory “I’m honored to be sitting up here with Barack” and “no matter what happens, we’ll be fine” comments. He seems so appreciative, I thought they were going to start making out then and there. She did set herself up for an honorable exit from the race March 5, however.

I think she’s pretty much out of it now, and thinks it’s best to maintain solidarity in the Democratic party and that’s so sweet of her. Texas and Ohio are not going to give her the delegates she needs – probably because she hasn’t had a good campaign since Feb. 5 – and, as Obama pointed out last night, every major newspaper in TX has endorsed him. I’ve been seeing Obama ads since then and Hillary’s only started up here a couple days ago. And the background guitar on one of his ads is awesome, so I actually like seeing it over and over as opposed to almost all other political ads I’ve ever been subjected to.

The only other thing I found noticeable about the debate is the great detail with which MSNBC covered it. It was, after all, a CNN debate and MSNBC has shown resistance in their coverage of debates on other networks in the past. Last night, they showed clip after clip with CNN all big and bright behind the candidate’s heads. CNN had covered MSNBC debates in the past – now I guess they’re getting chummy with their quid pro quo.

PS. The phrase “after all” needs to be one word. Afterall. That’s how I automatically write it and then spell check kicks in and tells me what an idiot I am. Afterall. Like nobody and another and nevertheless. Am I right? Webster’s? Anybody? Bueller?


1 Response to “Unimportant Notes About the CNN Debate 2/21”

  1. February 22, 2008 at 11:32 am

    Sen. Kirk Watson is a SNAKE and Karma is a bitch. It’s just too bad that it has to make a presidential candidate look bad.

    In October, Sen. Kirk Watson voted to ignore the public and divert nearly a Billion tax dollars to convert portions of Austin existing freeways (183, 290W, 290E, 71E, and 71W) into tollways.

    This double tax, of tolling drivers to use public expressways to drive to work, school and shop, benefits Watson contributors, developers he was hired to lobby for and the City of Austin, who pays Watson $450 an hour to do land deals.


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