Ray Nagin – What A Baffoon!

Nagin pitches a fit during this live interview and threatens to have a “one on one” in a parking lot with the station’s news director. Watch the video here. He talks bad about bloggers, too, that bastard. After he blows up, the interviewers start kissing his ass. Way to positively reinforce such bratty behavior! And if you haven’t seen the picture he’s talking about – here it is:

ray nagin with gun

In 2006, my boyfriend and I were walking around the French Quarter and we hear all this commotion on the street and stick our heads out of the store. It was right before the run-off mayoral election in New Orleans and a small crowd was walking with Ray Nagin and a small marching band. And I didn’t have an effing camera or recording device or anything!!

The crowd stopped and gathered for Nagin to make a little campaign speech, during which he claimed, “We’re going to have the best school system in the world in four years!” and “We’re going to turn thugs into entrepreneurs!” Yeah, he really said that. I’m serious as a mofo.

Progress Report? F

What a tard.


1 Response to “Ray Nagin – What A Baffoon!”

  1. 1 Paige
    February 23, 2008 at 6:41 pm

    And we are surprised by this??!?!?!? I wonder what he’s done to take the NO school system from about last in the nation to the best in the world? I’ve met a great teacher from that system, so I know they are out there. There are probably a great many. They are just hamstrung by the corruption and inefficacy of a system beholden to idiots like Nagin, who listened to the hotel industry rather than to the needs of his poorer constituents.

    Good luck NOLA. You have many folks who love you, but way more who just want to pillage you.

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