Interesting Quotations From a Haaretz Article On McCain

Here’s the article. I like to read the international headlines to see how the rest of the world is reacting to our presidential candidates. This is from Israel.

“At the time the senator was in the midst of a battle against the forms of interrogation supported by the Bush administration. This is one of the many issues over which McCain upset his Republican colleagues, when he ignored the party line and joined the Democratic legislators. McCain is a man of many sides, many enemies, and many friends.” I wonder if anyone has told Shmeul Rosner, the article’s author, that McCain recently flipped on torture and voted “no” to ban waterboarding and supports a Bush veto on the ban…

An old Washington hand, familiar with all the candidates for the presidency, offered yesterday an interesting way of differentiating between them. Barack Obama is a complete mystery, he said. We cannot tell who his choice of aides will be, and also not necessarily what his policies will be. Hillary Clinton is surrounded by persons that are well known in Israel – and she will bring with her a team that is known, but it is difficult to tell what her policies will be. Clinton is a woman who keeps her cards close.”

McCain is the opposite of Clinton – his policy is open or at least better known, but who will be the persons he will select to fill the posts in his administration are difficult to tell in advance.

One of the factors contributing to this is the fact that McCain is divided by two worlds. There is the realist McCain, whose friends are Brent Scowcroft, from the Ford and Bush Sr. administration, Henry Kissinger and Senator Chuck Hagel, who was not a fervent supporter of Israeli government policies, and many military and security figures, like Norman Schwartzkopf, former deputy secretary of state Richard Armitage, former secretary of the Navy, John Lehman, and many others.”

McCain’s official stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is similar to that of the Bush administration in its current form: zero tolerance for terrorism, but at the same time in favor of efforts to progress toward a diplomatic solution.

It is this latter McCain who will be easier for Israel to get along with. It is the McCain who was favored by the neo-conservative faction during the 2000 elections, because of his support (once more to the chagrin of the party) for Bill Clinton’s interventionist policy in the Balkans. “

Many sides to McCain? Divided by two worlds? Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?…. No to Bush tax cuts! Yes to Bush tax cuts! I’m against special interests, yet I surround myself with lobbyists!! I hate Bush! I’d get on my knees for Bush!!

Looks like Haaretz has McCain down, but you can tell they don’t know what to think about Obama. It is hard to read him on Middle East policy. Maybe that’s because he doesn’t talk about it that much. Perhaps the words “hope” and “change” don’t apply, so the Middle East doesn’t fit into his vernacular. Here’s hoping his depth on the issues increases. In the meantime, I need to write Haaretz and let them know about the discrepancy in voter turnout in the Democrat and Republican primaries.


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