German Arms Co. Halts Cooperation w/ Blackwater

It’s good to  know that not everyone is so money hungry, they’re willing to look past the U.S. government’s outsourcing of the war in Iraq. German arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch says it will end its relationship with mercenary firm Blackwater (legally answerable to no one, btw) after a media report in Germany that the Blackwater was using H&K’s arms in Iraq. The report went on to say that the German government had not issued permission to H&K to provide Blackwater with arms.

Aaaahhh, we don’t need not steenking laws! Perhaps one day when the birds once again sing and The White House no longer subverts the American legal system for its own gain, indictments will naturally gravitate to all those involved in the no-bid contract work in Iraq (Halliburton, Cheney, Bush, Blackwater, etc.). Hopefully, this will not happen before Goober Bush is out so he can’t pardon ever Tom, Dick and Shithead (pronounced Shi-theed) he helped make rich with his baseless war.


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