News In Obama Endorsements

In the most important endorsement yet of the campaign, Ben and Jerry of Ben of Jerry’s ice cream, have endorsed Obama and will give away scoops of “Cherries for Change” ice cream from two “ObamaMobiles that will tour the state. The priorities of Ben and Jerry have served as examples to us all over the years, naming flavors after Jerry Garcia, Willie Nelson and Stephen Colbert. While I have not solidified my position on either candidate, this endorsement motivates me on a spiritual and gastrointestinal level to pull the lever for the Obama-Man and I will meditate greatly on the matter in the days ahead. I would buy the Cherries for Change ice cream were it sold in my local grocery, but I prefer only ice cream with chocolate flavors.

In other news, Spike Lee gave his endorsement to Obama as well, but that was a given, right?


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